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Nome #
A database for climatic conditions around Europe for promoting GSHP solutions 149
Analysis of operating modes of a ground source heat pump with short helical heat exchangers 149
An analysis of solar assisted ground source heat pumps in cold climates 145
ARIA UMIDA: teoria e applicazioni 138
Empirical modeling of maps of geo-exchange potential for shallow geothermal energy at regional scale 134
Energy performance and cost analysis of some borehole heat exchanger configurations with different heat-carrier fluids in mild climates 129
A multi-objective optimization strategy to reduce correlation and uncertainty for thermal response test analysis 128
A European Database of Building Energy Profiles to Support the Design of Ground Source Heat Pumps 121
A computational capacity resistance model (CaRM) for vertical ground-coupled heat exchangers 120
Analysis and application of a lumped-capacitance model for urban building energy modelling 118
An evaluation of the suitability of lumped-capacitance models in calculating energy needs and thermal behaviour of buildings 109
A sensitivity analysis on the heating and cooling energy flexibility of residential buildings 108
Archetype definition for analysing retrofit solutions in urban areas in Europe 107
New tools to support the designing of efficient and reliable ground source heat exchangers: The Cheap-GSHPs databases and maps 105
Two software tools for facilitating the choice of ground source heat pumps by stakeholders and designers 103
Performance of heat pumps with direct expansion in vertical ground heat exchangers in heating mode 103
DIGITHON: A numerical model for the thermal balance of rooms equipped with radiant systems 101
Analysis of vertical ground heat exchangers: The new CaRM tool 101
The validation of a novel lumped parameter model for photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar collectors: a new TRNSYS type 100
Retrofit solutions for an historic building integrated with geothermal heat pumps 100
Analysis of short helical and double U-tube borehole heat exchangers: A simulation-based comparison 97
Simulation-Based Comparison Between the Thermal Behavior of Coaxial and Double U-Tube Borehole Heat Exchangers 95
Thermal Response Testing Results of Different Types of Borehole Heat Exchangers: An Analysis and Comparison of Interpretation Methods 90
Evaluating the cost of heat for end users in ultra low temperature district heating networks with booster heat pumps 87
Long-term analysis of two GSHP systems using validated numerical models and proposals to optimize the operating parameters 86
An appropriate use of the thermal response test for the design of energy foundation piles with U-tube circuits 86
A comparison of numerical simulation methods analyzing the performance of a ground-coupled heat pump system 85
The design and environmental evaluation of earth-to-air heat exchangers (EAHE). A literature review 83
Thermal and electrical performance of an integrated PV-PCM system in double skin façades: A numerical study 83
A revised capacitance resistance model for large diameter shallow bore ground heat exchanger 83
Radiant cooling and dehumidification system coupling: comfort and energy analysis for residential buildings 82
Radiant floor cooling coupled with dehumidification systems in residential buildings: A simulation-based analysis 82
Evaluation of energy recovery of multiple skin facades: The approach of DIGITHON 81
A simplified mathematical model for transient simulation of thermal performance and energy assessment for active facades 80
Dynamic energy evaluation and glazing layers optimization of façade building with innovative integration of PV modules 80
A heat pump coupled with photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar collectors: A case study of a multi-source energy system 79
Thermal performance of two types of energy foundation pile: Helical pipe and triple U-tube 75
Performance analysis of short helical borehole heat exchangers via integrated modelling of a borefield and a heat pump: A case study 74
Primary air treatment vs energy saving: Comparison between different design solutions 74
Ground source heat pump performance in case of high humidity soil and yearly balanced heat transfer 74
Possible applications of ground coupled heat pumps in high geothermal gradient zones 73
Short time step analysis of vertical ground-coupled heat exchangers: the approach of CaRM 73
Energetic and economic aspects of a heating and cooling district in a mild climate based on closed loop ground source heat pump 73
A new air handling unit system for residential buildings: Experiment and simulation-based analysis 73
Use of municipal solid waste landfill as heat source of heat pump 71
A simulation-based analysis of variable flow pumping in ground source heat pump systems with different types of borehole heat exchangers: A case study 70
The effect of discretization on the accuracy of two district heating network models based on finite-difference methods 70
Efficiency in Heating Operation of Low-Temperature Radiant Systems Working under Dynamic Conditions in Different Kinds of Buildings 69
A simplified model for large spaces 68
Solar assisted ground source heat pump in cold climates 68
L’uso del terreno come sorgente termica 67
Effect of axial heat transfer and atmospheric conditions on the energy performance of GSHP systems: A simulation-based analysis 67
Investigations on the influence of aquifers on the ground temperature in ground-source heat pump operation 67
Experimental and Theoretical Energy Analysis of Two Types of Radiant Floor Heating Systems 66
Energetic and economic aspects of a heating and cooling district in a mild climate based on closed loop ground source heat pump 65
Ground source heat pump systems in historical buildings: two Italian case studies 64
Heat transfer analysis of short helical borehole heat exchangers 63
Analysis of a wastewater based low temperature district heating system with booster heat pumps for new and existing residential buildings 63
Load-shifting strategies in district heating networks with constant supply temperature: the case study of Verona 63
Multi-source heat pump coupled with a photovoltaic thermal (PVT) hybrid solar collectors technology: a case study in residential application 61
Assessment of the Urban Heat Island Impact on Building Energy Performance at District Level with the EUReCA Platform 61
Application of artificial neural networks to near-instant construction of short-term g-functions 60
A double source heat pump: A case study 60
EU project “Cheap-GSHPs”: the geoexchange field laboratory 59
Design of borehole heat exchangers for ground-source heat pumps: A literature review, methodology comparison and analysis on the penalty temperature 58
Comparison between simplified and detailed models for vertical ground-coupled heat exchangers 54
LCA e edifici residenziali - Possibilità e limiti applicativi della metodologia: un caso di studio 54
Increasing the energy flexibility of existing district heating networks through flow rate variations 54
A dynamic analysis of a SAGSHP system coupled to solar thermal collectors and photovoltaic-thermal panels under different climate conditions 53
Management of a district heating network using model predictive control with and without thermal storage 52
Energia dal terreno 51
Analysis of a double source heat pump system in a historical building 51
A simulation-based analysis of photovoltaic thermal hybrid solar collectors with a new TRNSYS type model 50
Radiant floor heating in historical churches: a case study in Bassano del Grappa 49
People's clothing behaviour according to external weather and indoor environment 49
Italian prototype building models for urban scale building performance simulation 49
Variability of clothing according to external temperature 48
Techno-economic parametric analysis of large diameter shallow ground heat exchanger in California climates 47
EUReCA: An open-source urban building energy modelling tool for the efficient evaluation of cities energy demand 46
Analysis of the Energy Flexibility of Residential Buildings in the Heating and Cooling Season 46
Pompe di calore geotermiche - Codice di calcolo e valutazione comparativa 45
Monitoraggio di uno scambiatore di calore aria – terreno in un edificio scolastico 45
Analysis of Retrofit Solutions of a Ground Source Heat Pump System: An Italian Case Study 45
Influenza della variabilità  del vestiario sul fabbisogno energetico di un edificio 44
Valutazione energetica di un edificio per uffici integrato con celle fotovoltaiche 44
Definition of standardized energy profiles for heating and cooling of buildings 44
All-air system and radiant floor for heating and cooling in residential buildings: A simulation-based analysis 43
Impianti solari termici. Un caso di studio. 42
UTES Capability Evaluation and Mapping 41
Possible ground energy uses in zones with anomalous gradient of temperature 41
Impianti solari termici. Applicazione al riscaldamento di ambienti nell'area mediterranea 40
The role of mechanical ventilation for efficient radiant cooling in residential applications 39
A data base for European climatic data for energy potentials and mapping 39
Valutazione delle prestazioni energetiche annuali di un impianto di climatizzazione di tipo satellitare 38
Solar ground energy storage coupled with heat pumps in cold climates 38
Experimental and simulation analysis of vertical borehole heat exchangers in geothermal basin 37
Pompe di calore geotermiche, prestazioni energetiche e costi 37
Short time-step performances of coaxial and double U-tube borehole heat exchangers: Modeling and measurements 37
In-Situ Testing of Shallow Depth Helical Heat Exchangers for Ground Source Heat Pump Systems 37
Efficienza energetica e comfort termico: l'abbigliamento nella regolazionedell'impianto 33
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