Distribuzione geografica
Continente #
NA - Nord America 9.526
EU - Europa 1.836
AS - Asia 749
AF - Africa 10
OC - Oceania 6
SA - Sud America 5
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 3
Totale 12.135
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 9.513
CN - Cina 591
IT - Italia 550
FI - Finlandia 339
DE - Germania 289
UA - Ucraina 285
SE - Svezia 169
GB - Regno Unito 77
VN - Vietnam 55
TR - Turchia 33
FR - Francia 24
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 22
IE - Irlanda 21
IN - India 15
PK - Pakistan 12
IR - Iran 11
RU - Federazione Russa 11
NL - Olanda 9
TH - Thailandia 9
CA - Canada 8
DK - Danimarca 7
JP - Giappone 7
RO - Romania 5
ZA - Sudafrica 5
AU - Australia 4
BR - Brasile 4
KR - Corea 4
BE - Belgio 3
CH - Svizzera 3
NG - Nigeria 3
PH - Filippine 3
PL - Polonia 3
PT - Portogallo 3
RS - Serbia 3
SG - Singapore 3
AT - Austria 2
EU - Europa 2
GT - Guatemala 2
HK - Hong Kong 2
LU - Lussemburgo 2
MX - Messico 2
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 2
SI - Slovenia 2
TW - Taiwan 2
A1 - Anonimo 1
BG - Bulgaria 1
CO - Colombia 1
EE - Estonia 1
EG - Egitto 1
ES - Italia 1
GL - Groenlandia 1
GR - Grecia 1
HR - Croazia 1
HU - Ungheria 1
ID - Indonesia 1
IM - Isola di Man 1
MM - Myanmar 1
TN - Tunisia 1
Totale 12.135
Città #
Fairfield 1.259
Jacksonville 1.106
Woodbridge 936
Houston 850
Ann Arbor 718
Chandler 633
Wilmington 573
Ashburn 479
Seattle 448
Cambridge 446
Princeton 300
Medford 175
Roxbury 157
Nanjing 156
Helsinki 122
Beijing 112
San Diego 111
Padova 110
Boardman 93
Des Moines 91
Dong Ket 54
Shenyang 49
Hebei 44
Redwood City 37
Guangzhou 35
Nanchang 35
Milan 34
Changsha 33
Norwalk 30
Jiaxing 21
Brno 20
Tianjin 19
Dublin 18
Rome 18
New York 17
Jinan 14
Shanghai 14
London 13
Ogden 13
Ulan-Ude 11
Verona 11
Chicago 9
Detroit 9
Kharkiv 9
Villafranca Padovana 9
Bologna 8
Atakum 7
Borås 7
Copenhagen 6
Hefei 6
Indiana 6
Konya 6
Kunming 6
Modena 6
Nürnberg 6
Tehran 6
Brugine 5
Centro 5
Hangzhou 5
Indore 5
Kilburn 5
Multan 5
Simi Valley 5
Toronto 5
Zhengzhou 5
Auburn 4
Bari 4
Castel San Lorenzo 4
Dallas 4
Foggia 4
Islamabad 4
Khon Kaen 4
Phoenix 4
Saint Paul 4
San Francisco 4
San Marcellino 4
Andover 3
Auburn Hills 3
Baotou 3
Carvalhosa 3
Frankfort 3
Fremont 3
Higashinakajima 3
Huddersfield 3
Johannesburg 3
Kadıköy 3
Lexington 3
Lugo 3
Montepulciano 3
Munich 3
Naples 3
Orange 3
Piove Di Sacco 3
Quzhou 3
Ragusa 3
Rockville 3
Rothenbach an der Pegnitz 3
Saltara 3
Samassi 3
San Benedetto Val di Sambro 3
Totale 9.682
Nome #
Confronto tra glicerolo e glicole etilenico usati come crioprotettori nel congelamento del seme di stallone 176
Hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) Seed and Co-Products Inclusion in Diets for Dairy Ruminants: A Review 176
Utilizzo della soia integrale cruda a basso contenuto di fattori antinutrizionali nell'alimentazione di suini e bovini 168
Quanti-qualitative evaluation of pectins in the dietary fibre of 24 foods 161
Nitrogen excretion in dairy cow, beef and veal cattle, pig, and rabbit farms in Northern Italy 160
Methodological factors affecting gas and methane production during in vitro rumen fermentation evaluated by meta-analysis approach 151
Effects of fat supplementations on milk production and composition, ruminal and plasma parameters of dairy cows 148
The effect of in vitro fermentation on specific gravity and sedimentation measurements of forage particles 147
Estimation of the content of pectins in feeds: Fractional extraction and quantitative determination 146
Dose-response and inclusion effects of pure natural extracts and synthetic compounds on in vitro methane production 144
Effect of forage to concentrate ratio on comparative digestion in sheep, goats and fallow deer 138
Effects of total replacement of corn silage with sorghum silage on milk yield, composition, and quality 131
Effects of sugar beet pulp on growth and health status of weaned piglets 130
Effect of slow-release somatotropin on the pattern of milk yield between and within injection intervals 129
Metabolizable energy content of feeds based on 24 or 48 h in situ NDF digestibility and on in vitro 24 h gas production methods 128
Omission of dry period and effects on the subsequent lactation curve and on milk quality around calving in Italian Holstein cows. 128
Effects of physical treatments on the resistant starch content and in vitro organic matter digestibility of different cereals in horses 125
In vitro rumen feed degradability assessed with Daisy(II) and batch culture: effect of sample size 119
Influence of main dietary chemical constituents on the in vitro gas and methane production in diets for dairy cows 119
The allometric partition of whole body protein in lean fraction of growing pigs using information from three different datasets 117
Oxidized protein biomarkers in the blood and milk of cows supplemented with flaxseed during the dry period 116
Meat quality of calves obtained from organic and conventional farming 114
Relationships between deuterium dilution space and estimated energy balance in lactating goats 111
Effect of proteinate or sulphate mineral sources on trace elements in blood and liver of piglets 109
The content of proteic and nonproteic (free and protein-bound) tryptophan in quinoa and cereal flours 108
In vitro rumen fermentation: Effect of head space pressure on the gas production kinetics of corn meal and meadow hay 106
Effects of low-protein diets and rumen-protected conjugated linoleic acid on production and carcass traits of growing double-muscled Piemontese bulls 105
In vitro degradability, gas production, and energy value of different hybrids of sorghum after storage in mini-silos 105
Effect of monensin on milk production and efficiency of dairy cows fed two diets differing in forage to concentrate ratios 102
Effects of yeast culture addition on digestion in sheep fed a high concentrate diet 98
Change in body condition score of Holstein cows as affected by parity and mature equivalent milk yield 97
Traceability of Asiago Mountain Cheese: A Rapid, Low-Cost Analytical Procedure for its Identification Based on Solid-Phase Microextraction 96
Study of the chemical and nutritional characteristics of commercial dog foods used as elimination diet for the diagnosis of canine food allergy 90
Rumen fermentation and microbial yield of high- or low-protein diets containing ground soybean seeds or homemade rapeseed expellers evaluated with RUSITEC 90
Oxidative stress indicators and metabolic adaptations in response to the omission of the dry period in dairy cows 90
In vivo performance of Italian Heavy Draft Horse weanlings fed two protein levels and slaughtered at two ages 88
Protein and non-protein (free and protein-bound) tryptophan in legume seeds 87
Chemical and fermentative characteristics of agricultural byproducts and their mixtures with roughages incubated with rumen fluid from slaughtered dromedaries 86
Associative effects of poor-quality forages combined with food industry byproducts determined in vitro with an automated gas-production system 85
Teaching4Learning@UNIPD to promote faculty development at the University of Padua, Italy: the experience of the Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine School 85
Recovery of n-3 polyunsaturated fatty acids and conjugated linoleic acids in ripened cheese obtained from milk of cows fed different levels of extruded flaxseed 83
Energy and protein allowances and requirements in stallions during the breeding season comparing different nutritional systems 83
Effect of high or low protein ration combined or not with rumen protected conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) on meat CLA content and quality traits of double-muscled Piemontese bulls 82
Comparison Between Stainless Steel and Titanium Snaffle Bits in Sport Horses During Show Jumping Exercise 82
Changes of particle size distribution and chemical composition of a hay-based ration offered once or twice daily to dairy cows 80
Organic farming of dairy goats in the Veneto region: feeding management and milk quality 79
Chemical composition and in vitro fermentation of silages from different sorghum hybrids cultivated in three pilot farms 79
Non-protein (free and protein-bound) tryptophan content in cereal and legume seed flours 78
Effect of concentration of cold acidified milk replacers, breed and rearing season on the performance of goat kids 74
Effect of source and level of iron, copper, zinc and manganese on metabolic parameters and milk production of dairy cows. 73
Technical note: In vitro total gas and methane production measurements from closed or vented rumen batch culture systems 73
In vitro rumen feed degradability assessed with DaisyII and batch culture: effect of sample size 73
Feeding dairy cows with full fat extruded or toasted soybeans seeds as repalcement of soybean meal and effects on milk yield, fatty acid profile and CLA content 72
Effects of five additives with antimicrobial properties on in vitro rumen fermentation and methane production of a commercial diet for dairy cows 71
Effect of different animal protein sources on digestive and metabolic parameters and milk production in dairy goats 69
Comparison among soybean seeds and rapeseed cake included in diets with two different protein levels using gas production technique 68
Evaluation of behaviour in stabled draught horse foals fed diets with two protein levels 68
Effect of pressing and combination of three storage temperatures and times on chemical composition and fatty acid profile of canola expellers 63
Nutrition and equine fertility 61
The effect of dietary supplementation with globin and spray‐dried porcine plasma on performance, digestibility and histomorphological traits in broiler chickens 61
Comportamento di capre in lattazione di razza Camosciata delle Alpi e Saanen allevate in ambiente confinato 59
Impact of animal feeding on the nutritional value and safety of food of animal origin 59
Synthetic and natural polyphenols with antioxidant properties stimulate rumen microbial growth in vitro 59
Dermatiti pruriginose nel cane: rivalutazione clinica di casi con presunta diagnosi di reazione avversa al cibo (RAC) 58
Addition of fermentable fibre in diets for weaning piglets 58
Effect of pure extracts on in vitro CH4 production using rumen fluid of cows fed the same extracts 56
True dry matter digestibility of feeds evaluated in situ with different bags and in vitro using rumen fluid collected from intact donor cows 54
Sete del mais facile ingresso alle micotossine 53
Rumen in vitro gas production of combinations between slowly and rapidly fermentable fibre sources 53
Valutazione della tecnica di diluizione isotopica per lo studio del bilancio idrico di capre in lattazione 52
Effects of dietary fibre on the chemical-physiscal characteristics of pig faeces 52
A new approach to measure methane production from in vitro rumen fermentation of concentrates 52
Impiego dei terpeni e di altri markers per la caratterizzazione dei formaggi tipici 51
Valutazione nutrizionale ed effetti associativi del silomais e della farina di medica disidratata 51
The role of feeding in the maintenance of well-being and health of geriatric dogs 51
Low doses of rumen-protected conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) on dairy cows in mid lactation: effects on milk yield and quality 51
Aspetti generali sui modelli di quantificazione delle escrezioni di azoto e fosforo nelle principali tipologie di allevamento del Veneto 51
Le aflatossine nelle filiere agro-alimentari: dal feed al food 51
Effect of alpine grazing pasture on milk flavour components in Rendena cows 50
Un sistema di filtrazione per migliorare la qualità  del latte 49
Repeatability of in situ and in vitro digestibility measured at 24 or 48 h of incubation 49
A comparison of different laboratory techniques for predicting rumen degradation of feed proteins. 49
Relationship between pasture and nutritional aspects of Fontina cheese manufactured in alpine farms 49
Dairy production and metabolic traits of Fresian cows in continuous lactation 49
Active rumen bacterial and protozoal communities revealed by rna-based amplicon sequencing on dairy cows fed different diets at three physiological stages 49
Assessment of factors Influencing in vitro gas and methane production by meta-analysis 48
Effect of chloroform on in vitro methane production of diets supplemented with nitrate or saponins 48
Effetto del pasto e della dieta sugli scambi respiratori di capre in lattazione 47
Contenuto di metalli pesanti nel latte bovino: risultati di un'indagine condotta presso allevamenti del Veneto 47
Productive and blood traits in dairy goats treated with rbST. 47
Bilancio fermentativo e crescita microbica in vitro di diete miste contenenti amido a diversa degradabilità  46
Colostrum, milk yield and quality of cows supplemented with flaxseed during the dry period 46
The flow of c13 from feed to microbes in an in vitro experiment 45
Comparison between total collection and chromic oxide techniques for the evaluation of pig apparent digestibility with different diets and different adaptation and collection periods 44
Apporto di energia e di proteine in diete destinate al cavallo sportivo da monta western 44
Modelli di quantificazione delle escrezioni di azoto e fosforo negli allevamenti di vitelloni del Veneto 44
Impiego di paglia trattata con ammoniaca e stocchi di mais insilati nell’alimentazione di manze meticce destinate alla produzione del vitello da ristallo 44
Totale 8.409
Categoria #
all - tutte 35.802
article - articoli 21.136
book - libri 252
conference - conferenze 0
curatela - curatele 0
other - altro 548
patent - brevetti 0
selected - selezionate 0
volume - volumi 2.182
Totale 59.920

Totale Lug Ago Sett Ott Nov Dic Gen Feb Mar Apr Mag Giu
2018/2019654 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 147 256 251
2019/20202.950 442 88 78 685 229 191 152 293 226 261 130 175
2020/20211.887 61 162 66 157 66 234 53 197 277 200 266 148
2021/20221.960 39 387 167 116 54 116 61 161 80 25 230 524
2022/20231.736 391 65 22 139 367 216 7 137 230 40 84 38
2023/2024673 61 146 86 94 47 63 47 54 48 27 0 0
Totale 12.236