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Nome #
Validation of a gold standard method for iodine quantification in raw and processed milk, and its variation in different dairy species 128
Development and validation of a near infrared spectrophotometric method to determine total antioxidant activity of milk 124
Phenotypic analysis of milk composition, milk urea nitrogen and somatic cell score of Italian Jersey cattle breed 120
Variation of detailed protein composition of cow milk predicted from a large database of mid-infrared spectra 113
Development of infrared prediction models for diffusible and micellar minerals in bovine milk 108
Milk coagulation properties of cattle breeds reared in Alpine area 104
Total antioxidant activity of bovine milk: Phenotypic variation and predictive ability of mid-infrared spectroscopy 103
Are cheese-making properties of dual purpose cattle impaired by highland grazing? A case study using Aosta Red Pied cows 100
Technical note: Development and validation of a new method for the quantification of soluble and micellar calcium, magnesium, and potassium in milk 99
Phenotypic characterisation of milk technological traits,protein fractions,and major mineral and fatty acid composition of Burlina cattle breed 98
Short communication: Characterization of soluble thiols in bovine milk 90
Short communication: Phenotypic characterization of total antioxidant activity of buffalo, goat, and sheep milk 90
Short communication: Selecting the most informative mid-infrared spectra wavenumbers to improve the accuracy of prediction models for detailed milk protein content 87
Genetic (co)variances between milk mineral concentration and chemical composition in lactating Holstein-Friesian dairy cows 85
Phenotypic characterisation of major mineral composition predicted by mid-infrared spectroscopy in cow milk 82
Study of milk protein composition and coagulation properties of Burlina local cattle breed 81
Technical note: Development and validation of an HPLC method for the quantification of tocopherols in different types of commercial cow milk 78
Consumers’ sensory analysis of beef hamburger and tartare 72
Genetic parameters for linear type traits including locomotion in Italian Jersey cattle breed 64
Effectiveness of mid-infrared spectroscopy to predict bovine milk minerals 54
Genome-wide analyses identifies known and new markers responsible of chicken plumage color 52
Repeatability and reproducibility of measures of bovine methane emissions recorded using a laser detector 47
Variation of iodine content in bovine milk and predictive ability of mid-infrared spectroscopy 44
Genetic characterization of five Italian poultry species 43
Characterizing the fecal bacteria and archaea community of heifers and lactating cows through 16S rRNA next-generation sequencing 43
Genetic and non-genetic variation of milk total antioxidant activity predicted from mid-infrared spectra in Holstein cows 42
Contenuto di iodio nel latte di diverse specie lattifere 41
Mid-infrared spectroscopy prediction of total antioxidant activity of bovine milk 40
Technical note: Repeatability and reproducibility of curd yield and composition in a miniaturized coagulation model 40
New quantification method for soluble and micellar minerals in milk and application in Holstein cows 39
Mineral equilibrium in commercial curd and predictive ability of near-infrared spectroscopy 39
Total antioxidant activity of milk from different dairy species 38
Dairy cows’ health during alpine summer grazing as assessed by milk traits, including differential somatic cell count: A case study from Italy 34
Development of analytical methods for phenotypic characterization of antioxidant compounds and antioxidant activity of milk 34
Short communication: Iodine content in bovine milk is lowly heritable and shows limited genetic variation 33
Effect of cheesemaking with microparticulated whey proteins on the concentration of low molecular thiols in cheese 28
Utili informazioni dal latte analizzando nuovi parametri 28
Le analisi del latte che misurano l’attitudine casearia 26
Antiossidanti e radicali: la frontiera nel lattiero-caseario 23
Summer pasture in mountainous area affects milk fatty acid profile of dual-purpose cows 23
Comparing cheese making properties of milk from lowland and highland farming systems 22
Proteine, la nuova frontiera è l'analisi fine della composizione 21
La spettroscopia di risonanza magnetica nucleare per lo studio del metaboloma del latte e dello stato di salute della mammella 20
Centro genetico e gli studi sull'impatto ambientale 18
Characterization of feed efficiency in young Holstein bulls 16
Milk total antioxidant activity (TAA) 14
Residual feed intake of genomic tested young Holstein bulls 14
Nuclear magnetic resonance spectroscopy to investigate the association between milk metabolites and udder quarter health status in dairy cows 13
Protein profile of cow milk from multibreed herds and its relationship with milk coagulation properties 13
E-Glocal-Dairy, la sostenibilità dei prodotti caseari locali 12
Greenhouse gas emissions, dry matter intake and feed efficiency of young Holstein bulls 9
Effects of preservative, storage time, and temperature of analysis on detailed milk protein composition determined by reversed-phase high-performance liquid chromatography 3
Grazing affects metabolic pattern of individual cow milk 3
Assessment of the ED-XRF technique to quantify mineral elements in nonlyophilised milk and cheese 2
Application of UV-visible and near-infrared spectroscopies for the assessment of lysozyme addition, season of production and cow feeding in Grana Padano PDO cheese 1
Lactoferrin concentration in bovine milk: validation of radial immunodiffusion technique, sources of variation, and association to udder health status 1
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2022/2023415 846532 8555 630 5412460
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