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Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 2
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SA - Sud America 2
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CN - Cina 298
UA - Ucraina 244
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SE - Svezia 150
IT - Italia 116
VN - Vietnam 64
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IE - Irlanda 11
IN - India 8
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NL - Olanda 5
BE - Belgio 4
RU - Federazione Russa 4
TR - Turchia 4
CA - Canada 2
CO - Colombia 2
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MX - Messico 2
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KR - Corea 1
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NZ - Nuova Zelanda 1
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PT - Portogallo 1
TN - Tunisia 1
TT - Trinidad e Tobago 1
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Jacksonville 1015
Woodbridge 793
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Houston 682
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Chandler 507
Wilmington 378
Princeton 314
Seattle 267
Ashburn 260
Cambridge 252
Roxbury 127
Nanjing 95
San Diego 89
Boardman 76
Beijing 72
Dong Ket 63
Medford 52
Helsinki 50
Des Moines 29
Norwalk 25
Shenyang 25
Hebei 23
Redwood City 18
Nanchang 17
Padova 16
Guangzhou 15
Tianjin 15
Changsha 14
Jiaxing 14
Dublin 11
Kharkiv 10
Rapino 10
Borås 7
Auburn Hills 6
Nürnberg 6
Trieste 6
Brussels 4
Catania 4
Chicago 3
Costa Mesa 3
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Forlì 3
Indiana 3
New York 3
Redmond 3
Rockville 3
Stuttgart 3
Vicenza 3
Yenibosna 3
Augusta 2
Bergamo 2
Bremen 2
Credaro 2
Dallas 2
Easton 2
Fremont 2
Frigole 2
Fuzhou 2
Jinan 2
Munich 2
Padergnone 2
Palermiti 2
Palermo 2
Pefki 2
Perugia 2
Rimini 2
San Francisco 2
Urbino 2
Aix-en-provence 1
Almere 1
Baguio City 1
Bologna 1
Boston 1
Cerano 1
Coimbra 1
Dearborn 1
Eraclea 1
Ferrara 1
Florence 1
Geislingen an der Steige 1
Grado 1
Groningen 1
Göteborg 1
Hanoi 1
Hyderabad 1
Izhevsk 1
Kazan 1
Lanzhou 1
Leawood 1
Lincoln 1
London 1
Los Angeles 1
Luxembourg 1
Manti 1
Medolla 1
Messina 1
Ningbo 1
Nocera Inferiore 1
Orange 1
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Nome #
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