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Nome #
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Interactions between infections and immune-inflammatory cells in type 1 diabetes mellitus and inflammatory bowel diseases: evidences from animal models 35
Effects of eight weeks of vibration training at different frequencies (1 or 15 Hz) in senior sportsmen on torque and force development and of one year of training on muscle fibers. 35
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Miopatia Subclinica in pazienti affetti da neoplasia del colon-retto: ipotesi sulla patogenesi delle miositi paraneoplastiche 34
Serological testing in myositis patients: diagnostic accuracy of a commercial line blot assay. 34
Delay of nephritis in NZB/NZWF1 mice injected with pentraxin 3 34
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Anti-MI-2 antibodies 33
clinical profile and skeletal muscle histopathology of patients affected with early diagnosed colorectal diagnostic and prognostic markers of disease? 33
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