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Nome #
Estimating soil degradation in montane grasslands of North-eastern Italian Alps (Italy) 122
High-resolution morphologic characterization of conservation agriculture 119
Vegetated ditches for the mitigation of pesticides runoff in the po valley 105
Seed longevity and dormancy of four summer annual grass weeds in turf 102
Dissipation of terbuthylazine, metolachlor, and mesotrione in soils with contrasting texture 100
Evaluation of Weed Emergence Model AlertInf for Maize in Soybean 98
Temperature and Water Potential as Parameters for Modeling Weed Emergence in Central-Northern Italy 96
Phenological observations on shrubs to predict weed emergence in turf 92
Modelling the correlation between plant phenology and weed emergence for improving weed control 90
Estimation of base temperature for Sorghum halepense rhizome sprouting 88
WeedTurf: a predictive model to aid control of annual summer weeds in turf 84
Effect of Vegetative Buffer Strips on Herbicide Runoff from a Nontilled Soil 83
Inhibiting effect of shallow seed burial on grass weed emergence 81
Can alternating temperatures be used to estimate base temperature for seed germination? 77
Seedling emergence and establishment of annual bluegrass (Poa annua) in turfgrasses of traditional and creeping perennial ryegrass cultivars 72
Evaluating weed diversity with indices of varying complexity in north-eastern Italy 72
Estimation and Comparison of Base Temperatures for Germination of European Populations of Velvetleaf (Abutilon theophrasti) and Jimsonweed (Datura stramonium) 69
A Single-Time Survey Method to Predict the Daily Weed Density for Weed Control Decision-Making 68
Thirty-year monitoring of s-triazine herbicide contamination in the aquifer north of Vicenza (north-east Italy) 65
Seed predation intensity and stability in agro-ecosystems: Role of predator diversity and soil disturbance 64
Validation of a model relating yield loss to weed time of emergence and removal in traditional and early-sown maize 64
Weed-Corn Competition Parameters in Late-Winter Sowing in Northern Italy 62
Decyl glucoside surfactant Triton CG-110 does not significantly affect the environmental fate of glyphosate in the soil at environmentally relevant concentrations 62
AlertInf: emergence predictive model for weed control in maize in Veneto 60
Prospects for crowdsourced information on the geomorphic ‘engineering’ by the invasive Coypu (Myocastor coypus) 60
Estimation of base temperature for Sorghum halepense rhizome sprouting 59
Modeling Weed Emergence in Italian Maize Fields 58
Development of a decision support system for integrated weed management 57
Ability of some creeping perennial ryegrasses to suppress annual bluegrass germination 56
Base temperatures for germination of selected weed species in Iran 56
A new rapid procedure for simultaneous determination of glyphosate and AMPA in water at sub μg/L level 56
Studio e modellizzazione della fase di pre-emergenza per migliorare il controllo delle infestanti 55
Effect of sewage amendment on the dissipation of terbuthylazine, its degradation compound desethyl-terbuthylazine, and S-metolachlor in a field study 55
Crop-weed interactions in saline environments 54
Weed seed decay in no-till field and planted riparian buffer zone 50
Influence of crop residues on weed emergence 49
Variability in seedling emergence for European and North American populations of Abutilon theophrasti 47
Phenology to predict weed emergence. 46
Shrub flowering to aid weed control. 46
Valutazione tecnica ed economica delle strategie di diserbo del mais 45
Wildlife impact on cultivated lands: A multi-temporal spatial analysis 45
Estimation of biological parameters for germination of abutilon theophrasti medik 44
WeedTurf: software for improving summer annual weeds control in turf 43
Assessing microclimate conditions of surface soil layers to improve weed emergence modelling. 43
WeedTurf: strumento per migliorare la gestione delle infestanti dei tappeti erbosi 42
Estimation of temperature thresholds of three weed specie in maize in central-northern Italy. 42
Germination a crucial step in plant growth 39
Estimation of grazing-induced erosion through remote-sensing technologies in the Autonomous Province of Trento, Northern Italy 39
Careful choice of insecticides in integrated pest management strategies against Ostrinia nubilalis (Hübner) in maize conserves Orius spp. in the field 39
Weed emergence under simulated arable and no-till conditions: first year results 37
Research yearbook 2014 37
AlertInf: modello di previsione delle emergenze per il controllo delle infestanti del mais in Veneto. 36
Research yearbook 2015 35
La previsione delle emergenze ed il controllo delle piante infestanti dei tappeti erbosi 34
Il ruolo della gestione agronomica nella lotta alle malerbe 34
Modeling weed emergence of Polygonum lapathifolium L. and Solanum nigrum L. in maize 32
Innovazione per ottimizzare il diserbo del mais 31
High-temperature effects on seed germination of fourteen Kentucky Bluegrass (Poa pratensis L.) cultivars 31
Evaluation of runoff and soil erosion under conventional tillage and no-till management: A case study in northeast Italy 31
Germination Parameters of Selected Summer Weeds: Transferring of the AlertInf Model to Other Geographical Regions 31
Effect of chilling duration on seedling emergence of green foxtail, johnsongrass and velvetleaf: first year results 30
Quantificare i danni da nutria con lo smartphone 28
Organic contaminants in Ganga basin: from the Green Revolution to the emerging concerns of modern India 28
Effect of late winter sowing on critical period of competition in maize. 27
Weed-poplar competition in the first season of crop growth 27
Confronto tra soluzioni di pre e post-emergenza con o senza terbutilazina nel diserbo del mais nella Pianura Padana 27
Germination response of local Southern European populations of Datura stramonium at a range of constant temperatures 27
Research yearbook 2016 26
Seedling emergence under no-till conditions from increasing seed burial depth. 25
Research yearbook 2012-2013 25
Research yearbook 2017 24
Can Commercial Low-Cost Drones and Open-Source GIS Technologies Be Suitable for Semi-Automatic Weed Mapping for Smart Farming? A Case Study in NE Italy 24
La gestione delle malerbe in agricoltura conservativa 23
Short-term responses to salinity of soybean and chenopodium album grown in single and mixed-species hydroponic systems 23
Germination and seedlings response of bermudagrasses under water submersion 23
Opzioni e strategie operative nella gestione delle malerbe per la mitigazione del rischio di contaminazione delle acque superficiali da ruscellamento e deriva 22
Drainage channels under pressure from invasive animal species: investigation on the regional and local impact of Coypu (Myocastor coypus) damages 21
AlertInf: modello di previsione delle emergenze per il controllo dell infestanti del mais in Veneto 20
Effect of Crop Residues on Weed Emergence 20
GIS dei danni da fauna selvatica per pianificare la mitigazione 20
Effetti del cambiamento climatico sulla dinamica evolutiva delle malerbe. 18
Segnali premonitori - Fenologia e controllo delle infestanti 18
Innovazioni nel controllo delle piante infestanti nei tappeti erbosi 18
Smartphone imagery to analyze animal-induced erosion in riverbanks 18
Diserbo di precisione, il punto di vista malerbologico 18
Confronto tra equazioni per la modellizzazione della fioritura 17
Study of germination parameters of summer weeds: transferability of AlertInf model to Croatia 17
Effect of soil tillage system on weed emergence dynamics in field. 17
Predictive weed emergence models and bioeconomic models as a tool for integrated weed management. 17
Variability of germination response of European populations of Abuliton theophrasti as a function of seed maturing season. 16
Barnyardgrass shows sensitivity to reduced doses of topramezone at different growth stages 16
Botanical composition of tall fescue-kentucky bluegrass turfgrass mixtures is sustained in long-term study 16
Intrapopulation variability in morphological and functional properties of Ambrosia artemisiifolia l. seeds 16
Efficacia delle fasce tampone per ridurre la contaminazione da runoff in Italia, con particolare riferimento agli erbicidi 15
Is emergence pattern of Sonchus oleraceous affected by soil tillage system? A study conducted on bare soil, maize and soybean. 15
Weed seed decay In no-till soil 15
La modellizzazione delle emergenze delle infestanti:approcci e possibili applicazioni 14
Protezione delle acque superficiali da ruscellamento e deriva: efficacia delle fasce tampone e di altre misure di mitigazione. 14
Ex-ante assessment of herbicide reduction by implementing early precision weed control in spring crops 13
Influence of field margin strip and no-till management on weed seed decay in soil 13
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