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Nome #
N-Phosphorylated Azolylidenes: Novel Ligands for Dinuclear Complexes of Coinage Metals 138
Insights into the Halogen Oxidative Addition Reaction to Dinuclear Gold(I) Di(NHC) Complexes 132
Psychiatric Disorders and Oxidative Injury: Antioxidant Effects of Zolpidem Therapy disclosed In Silico 125
Dinuclear Di(N-heterocyclic carbene) iridium(III) complexes as catalysts in transfer hydrogenation 121
Advances in Transition-Metal-Catalysed Alkyne Hydroarylations 119
Structural and Luminescent Properties of Homoleptic Silver(I), Gold(I), and Palladium(II) Complexes with nNHC-tzNHC Heteroditopic Carbene Ligands 116
Platinum(II) Complexes with Novel Diisocyanide Ligands: Catalysts in Alkyne Hydroarylation 114
Metal complexes with di(N-heterocyclic carbene) ligands bearing a rigid ortho -, meta or para -phenylene bridge 114
Cobalt Spinel Nanocubes on N-Doped Graphene: A Synergistic Hybrid Electrocatalyst for the Highly Selective Reduction of Carbon Dioxide to Formic Acid 109
Reactions of Diazo Compounds with Alkenes Catalysed by [RuCl(cod)(Cp)]: Effect of the Substituents in the Formation of Cyclopropanation or Metathesis Products 108
Possible synthetic approaches for heterobimetallic complexes by using NNHC/TzNHC heteroditopic carbene ligands 106
Synthesis and biological assays on cancer cells of dinuclear gold complexes with novel functionalised di(N-heterocyclic carbene) ligands 103
Palladium nanoparticles supported on graphene acid: a stable and eco-friendly bifunctional C–C homo- and cross-coupling catalyst 102
Efficient catalysis of Ullmann-type arylation reactions by a novel trinuclear copper(I) complex with a chelating tricarbene ligand 101
Probing Conformational Variation in Luminescent Dinuclear Gold(I) N-Heterocyclic Carbene Complexes 101
Polynuclear Copper(I) Complexes with Chelating Bis- and Tris-N-Heterocyclic Carbene Ligands: Catalytic Activity in Nitrene and Carbene Transfer Reactions 100
Single-Step Synthesis of Dinuclear Neutral Gold(I) Complexes with Bridging Di(N-heterocyclic carbene) Ligands and Their Catalytic Performance in Cross Coupling Reactions and Alkyne Hydroamination 100
Dinuclear complexes of silver(I) and gold(I) with macrocyclic dicarbene ligands bearing a 2,6-lutidinyl bridge: synthesis, structural analysis and dynamic behaviour in solution 96
Reactivity of chelating dicarbene metal complex catalysts, I: An investigation on the Heck reaction 92
Reaction of platinum acetate with phosphines and molecular structure of trans-[Pt(OAc)(2)(PPh3)(2)] 92
Synthesis and Reactivity of Cationic Bis(N-Heterocyclic Dicarbene) Ruthenium(II) Complexes 92
Alkyne hydroarylation with Au N-heterocyclic carbene catalysts 91
Mononuclear and dinuclear gold(i) complexes with a caffeine-based di(N-heterocyclic carbene) ligand: synthesis, reactivity and structural DFT analysis 90
Alkyne Hydroarylations with Chelating Dicarbene Palladium(II) Complex Catalysts: Improved and Unexpected Reactivity Patterns Disclosed Upon Additive Screening 88
Novel scorpionate-type triscarbene ligands and their silver and gold complexes 88
Di(N-heterocyclic carbene) gold(III) imidate complexes obtained by oxidative addition of N-halosuccinimides 86
Chloro and acetato complexes of platinum(II) with functionalized thioethers 83
Cationic carboxylato complexes of dirhodium(II) with oxo thioethers: catalysts for silane alcoholysis under homogeneous and liquid-liquid biphasic conditions 82
Gold(III) Bis(di-N-heterocyclic carbene) Square Planar Trication with Axial Ligand Interactions with Bromides from Ag/Br Counteranion Assemblies 82
Electronic properties of chelating dicarbene palladium complexes: A combined electrochemical, NMR and XPS investigation 81
Trinuclear copper(I) complexes with triscarbene ligands: catalysis of C-N and C-C coupling reactions 81
Blue-Emitting Dinuclear N-heterocyclic Dicarbene Gold(I) Complex Featuring a Nearly Unit Quantum Yield 81
Group 11 Metal Complexes with Electron-poor, 4,5-Disubstituted Diimidazol-2-ylidene Ligands 81
Nucleophilic substitution on a Ru-coordinated Cp ring by a carborane anion 81
Reaction of cyclopentadienyl ruthenium complexes with a carborane anion: Effect of the spectator ligands on the substitution site 80
Mild hydroarylation of alkynes with chelating dicarbene palladium(II) complex catalysts 80
N-Heterocyclic Dicarbene Iridium(III) Catalysts Enabling Water Oxidation Under Visible Light Irradiation 80
Quantitative Selection of the Axially Chiral Conformation in a Flexible Dinuclear Gold(I) di(N-Heterocyclic Carbene) Complex via Chlorine Oxidative Addition 78
Highly efficient alkyne hydroarylation with chelating dicarbene palladium(II) and platinum(II) complexes 77
Oxidative halogenation of dinuclear N-heterocyclic dicarbene gold(I) complexes 75
Synthesis, Structure and Antitumoural Activity of Triazole-Functionalised NHC-Metal Complexes 75
Cationic complexes of dirhodium(II) with 1,8-naphthyridine: Catalysis of reactions involving silanes 74
Coordinating properties of the anionic ligand (MeCO)(2)C(-)C(X)Me (X = O or NH) toward transition metal(II) centers 74
Dinuclear gold(i) complexes with propylene bridged N-heterocyclic dicarbene ligands: synthesis, structures, and trends in reactivities and properties 73
A simple route to novel palladium(II) catalysts with oxazolin-2-ylidene ligands 73
Alkyne hydroarylation with palladium(II) complexes bearing chelating N-heterocyclic ligands: effect of non-coordinated nitrogens on catalyst efficiency 73
Synthesis of dinuclear N-heterocyclic dicarbene Au(III)/Au(III) and Au(II)/Au(II) complexes via oxidative addition of chlorine or bromine to Au(I)/Au(I) species 72
Group 10 Metal Complexes with Chelating Macrocyclic Dicarbene Ligands Bearing a 2,6-Lutidinyl Bridge: Synthesis, Reactivity, and Catalytic Activity 72
Highly selective silylformylation of internal and functionalised alkynes with a cationic dirhodium(II) complex catalyst 71
N,O versus O,O coordination in beta-imino diketonato complexes: Role of the metal center and of the imino substituent 70
Ligand Effects in Pd-Catalyzed Intermolecular Alkyne Hydroarylations 70
Light-Driven Water Oxidation with the Ir-blue Catalyst and the Ru(bpy)32+/S2O82- Cycle: Photogeneration of Active Dimers, Electron-Transfer Kinetics, and Light Synchronization for Oxygen Evolution with High Quantum Efficiency 70
Alkyne Hydroarylation in Ionic Liquids Catalyzed by Palladium(II) Complexes 69
C-H activation: a facile process? 68
Heterogeneous copper-based catalysts for the amidation of activated CH bonds 67
Olefin cyclopropanation with aryl diazocompounds upon catalysis by a dirhodium(II) complex 66
Cu-iminopyridine complexes as catalysts for carbene and nitrene transfer reactions 66
Gold(I) complexes with multifunctional phosphane ligands: synthesis and catalysis 65
A florous chiral dirhodium(II) complex as a recyclable asymmetric catalyst 63
Synthesis and thermotropic behaviour of bis(imidazolium) salts bearing long-chain alkyl-substituents and of the corresponding dinuclear gold carbene complexes 63
Hydroalkoxylation of Terminal and Internal Alkynes Catalyzed by Dinuclear Gold(I) Complexes with Bridging Di(N-Heterocyclic Carbene) Ligands 63
Phosphorus precursors reactivity versus hydrogenated Ge surface: towards a reliable self-limited monolayer doping 63
Dinuclear N-Heterocyclic Dicarbene Gold Complexes in I-III and III-III Oxidation States: Synthesis and Structural Analysis 61
N-phosphanyl-imidazolin-2-ylidenes: Novel stable carbenes as bidentate ligands for late transition metals 58
Neutral dinuclear gold(I) complexes with N-phosphanyl, N-heterocyclic carbenes (NHCPs) 58
Formation of N-coordinated 4H-benzo[d][1,3]oxazine from 2-(trimethylsiloxymethyl)- and 2-(hydroxymethyl)-phenyl isocyanides promoted by dirhodium(II) acetate 56
Palladium(ii) complexes with electron-poor, 4,5-disubstituted diimidazol-2-ylidene ligands: Synthesis, characterization and catalytic activity 54
Chloro and acetato complexes of platinum(II) with functionalized thioethers (vol 358, pg 659, 2004) 54
Poly-NHC Complexes of Transition Metals: Recent Applications and New Trends 53
Chelating di(N-heterocyclic carbene) complexes of iridium(III): Structural analysis, electrochemical characterisation and catalytic oxidation of water 53
Homoleptic mono- and dinuclear complexes of platinum(II) with 1,8-naphthyridine 50
A square planar gold(III) bis-(1,1′-dimethyl-3,3′-methylene-diimidazol-2,2′-diylidene) trication as an efficient and selective receptor towards halogen anions: The cooperative effect of Au⋯X and X⋯HC interactions 47
Effect of the Sulfonation on the Swollen State Morphology of Styrenic Cross-Linked Polymers 47
Dinuclear group 11 metal complexes with di-N-heterocyclic carbene ligands: catalytic efficiency in nitrene transfer reaction 44
Metal catalysed reactions of beta,beta '-tricarbonyl derivatives with isocyanates 41
Diisocyanide Pt(II) and Au(I) Complexes: Catalytic Activity and Reaction with Amines 41
Synthesis and catalytic activity of poly(N-heterocyclic)carbene complexes of late transition metals 41
Novel iridium complexes with N-heterocyclic dicarbene ligands in light-driven water oxidation catalysis: photon management, ligand effect and catalyst evolution 38
New homoleptic gold carbene complexes: Via Ag-Au transmetalation: Synthesis and application of [Au(diNHC)2]3+ cations as 1H-NMR and UV-vis halide sensors 37
Alkynes hydroarylation catalyzed by Pt(II) di-isocyanide complexes 36
Volatile square planar beta-imino carbonyl enolato complexes of Pd(II) and Ni(II) as potential MOCVD precursors 35
Hydration 35
Synthesis and Biological Studies on Dinuclear Gold(I) Complexes with Di-(N-Heterocyclic Carbene) Ligands Functionalized with Carbohydrates 34
NHC-dicarbene gold complexes with oxidation states I, II and III: synthesis and reactivity 29
Dinuclear d10 complexes with nNHC/tzNHC heteroditopic carbene ligands and their luminescence properties 29
Gold(III) complexes with N-heterocyclic dicarbene ligands: synthesis and catalytic applications 28
Oxidative addition of halogen to dinuclear gold(I) N-heterocyclic dicarbene complexes 25
Gold complexes with N-heterocyclic dicarbene ligands: synthesis and structural analysis 25
Synthesis and Luminescence Properties of Dinuclear Gold(I) and Silver(I) Complexes Bearing Heteroditopic NHC Ligands 23
Gold(III) complexes with N-heterocyclic dicarbene ligands: synthesis and structural analysis 22
C-H bond functionalization of aromatic heterocycles with chelating dicarbene palladium(II) and platinum(II) complexes 22
Gold complexes with di(N-heterocyclic carbene ligands): synthesis and applications 22
Sustainable direct H2O2 synthesis over Pd catalyst supported on mesoporous carbon: The effect of surface nitrogen functionality 22
Synthesis and Characterisation of Dinuclear N-heterocyclic Dicarbene Gold Complexes in (I-I), (I-III) and (III-III) Oxidation States 21
Alkyne hydroarylation in ionic liquids catalysed by chelating dicarbene palladium(II) complexes 20
Recent developments on gold(III) complexes with di(N-heterocyclic carbene) ligands 20
Late Transition Metal Complexes with nNHC/tzNHC Heteroditopic Carbene Ligands: Structural Analysis and Luminescence Properties 20
Dinuclear homo and heterobimetallic complexes bearing heteroditopic NHC ligands 20
Dinuclear gold(I) complexes with N-phosphanyl, N-heterocyclic carbene ligands: synthetic strategies, luminescence properties and anticancer activity 20
Synthesis, Structural Characterization and Antiproliferative Activity of Gold(I) and Gold(III) Complexes Bearing Thioether‐Functionalized N‐Heterocyclic Carbenes 20
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