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Sixty years of experimental studies on the blastogenesis of the colonial tunicate Botryllus schlosseri 74
Myocardial overexpression of ANKRD1 causes sinus venosus defects and progressive diastolic dysfunction 73
Common and divergent pathways in alternative developmental processes of ascidians 72
Morphological evidence that the molecularly determined Ciona intestinalis type A and type B are different species: Ciona robusta and Ciona intestinalis 72
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New findings in ATP supply in rod outer segments: insights for retinopathies. 67
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The juxtatesticular body of Jawfishes (Teleostei:Opistognathidae):comparative morphology and fine structure. 64
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Armando Sabbadin 1920-2016 (in memoriam) 60
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Extramitochondrial energy production in platelets 57
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Differential expression of the five redox complexes in the retinal mitochondria or rod outer segment disks is consistent with their different functionality 51
The diterpene manool extracted from Salvia tingitana lowers free radical production in the retinal rod outer segments by inhibiting the extramitochondrial F1Fo ATP synthase 50
A simple model for studying angiogenesis 45
The colonial ascidian Botryllus schlosseri model for developmental and evolutionary studies. 45
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Hair cells in ascidians and vertebrates: homology or convergent evolution? 39
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L'evoluzione (D.J. Futuyma) 38
Functional expression of electron transport chain complexes in mouse rod outer segment. 38
Spawning induction, development and culturing of the solitary ascidian Polycarpa mytiligera, an emerging model for regeneration studies 38
The ontology of the anatomy and development of the solitary ascidian Ciona: the swimming larva and its metamorphosis 38
Amphioxus neuroglia: molecular characterization and evidence for early compartmentalization of the developing nerve cord 37
Cell reorganization during epithelial fusion and perforation: the case of ascidian branchial fissures. 37
null 36
Effect of polyphenolic phytochemicals on ectopic oxidative phosphorylation in rod outer segments of bovine retina 36
Differentiation and induced sensorial alteration of coronal organ in asexual life of a tunicate 36
Mouth opening is mediated by separation of dorsal and ventral daughter cells of the lip precursor cells in the larvacean, Oikopleura dioica 36
Dati preliminari sull'angiogenesi nell'ascidia coloniale Botryllus schlosseri. 35
Cell dynamic and differentiation during perforation of branchial fissures in ascidians 35
Embryonic versus blastogenetic development in the compound ascidian Botryllus schlosseri: Insights from Pitx expression patterns 34
N-cadherin espresion during sexual reproduction in Botryllus schlosseri (Tunicata) 34
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