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17-Italian Foot Function Index with numerical rating scale: Development, reliability, and validity of a modified version of the original Foot Function Index 38
Immunological Events, Emerging Pharmaceutical Treatments and Therapeutic Potential of Balneotherapy on Osteoarthritis 34
The relationship between clinical tests, ultrasound findings and selected field-based wheelchair skills tests in a cohort of quadriplegic wheelchair rugby athletes: A pilot study 31
Total Ankle Replacement: Indications, Rehabilitation and Results 30
Influence of pain-related psychological factors on therapeutic outcomes in patients with chronic low back pain after oxygen-ozone treatment: a case-series 30
Revisiting the Instrumented Romberg Test: Can Today's Technology Offer a Risk-of-Fall Screening Device for Senior Citizens? An Experience-Based Approach 27
Therapeutic Exercise and Conservative Injection Treatment for Early Knee Osteoarthritis in Athletes: A Scoping Review 27
Re: Ultrasound-guided corticosteroid injection for the treatment of de quervain's tenosynovitis 26
Post COVID-19 persistent fatigue: a proposal for rehabilitative interventions in the spa setting 26
Groin pain and iliopsoas bursitis: Always a cause-effect relationship? 25
Motor imagery and rehabilitation of a professional soccer player after anterior cruciate ligament injury: A case report 25
Clinical improvement and resorption of calcifications in calcific tendinitis of the shoulder after shock wave therapy at 6 months' follow-up: A systematic review and meta-analysis 24
Treatment of medial collateral ligament injuries of the knee with focused extracorporeal shockwave therapy: A case report 24
Effect of Intensive Rehabilitation Program in Thermal Water on a Group of People with Parkinson’s Disease: A Retrospective Longitudinal Study 23
Neuropathic Pain and Rehabilitation: A Systematic Review of International Guidelines 22
Ultrasound-guided corticosteroid injection for the treatment of de Quervain's tenosynovitis 21
Myofascial points treatment with focused extracorporeal shock waves (f-ESW) for plantar fasciitis: an open label randomized clinical trial 21
Clinical Impact of Balneotherapy and Therapeutic Exercise in Rheumatic Diseases: A Lexical Analysis and Scoping Review 7
Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on injection-based practice: report from an Italian multicenter and multidisciplinary survey 6
Water-Based Rehabilitation in the Elderly: Data Science Approach to Support the Conduction of a Scoping Review 5
Impact of Covid-19 pandemic on injection-based practice: report from an Italian multicenter and multidisciplinary survey 4
“Nothing completely goes away”. Dissociation between imaging and neurophysiology in the chronic phase after neuralgic amyotrophy 4
Dextrose prolotherapy for chronic tendinopathy: A scoping review 2
The use of pain drawing in medicine. A literature analysis based on graph theory 1
Validity of ultrasound rectus femoris quantitative assessment: A comparative study between linear and curved array transducers 1
Could the Improvement of Supraspinatus Muscle Activity Speed up Shoulder Pain Rehabilitation Outcomes in Wheelchair Basketball Players? 1
Efficacy of Ultrasound-Guided Percutaneous Lavage and Biocompatible Electrical Neurostimulation, in Calcific Rotator Cuff Tendinopathy and Shoulder Pain, A Prospective Pilot Study 1
Chapter 23: Prolotherapy. 1
"The little things that matter". The high resolution of ultrasound to study small nerve branches 1
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