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Lake Forest 3
Morwell 3
Pensacola 3
Porto Alegre 3
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Nome #
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Essenzialismo tra psicologia sociale e studi di genere: paradossi italiani intorno alla differenza, file e14fb26d-c9c0-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Lack of truth-telling in palliative care and its effects among nurses and nursing students, file e14fb26d-cb86-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Dentro i centri di accoglienza per richiedenti asilo: i conflitti di ruolo degli operatori, file e14fb26d-f8be-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Improving dignity of care in community-dwelling elderly patients with cognitive decline and their caregivers. The role of dignity therapy, file e14fb26e-7836-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Mourning and Management of the COVID-19 Health Emergency in the Priestly Community: Qualitative Research in a Region of Northern Italy Severely Affected by the Pandemic, file e14fb26e-9396-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Students’ Confidence and Interest in Palliative and Bereavement Care: A European Study, file e14fb26e-93c9-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
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