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A Comparative Analysis and Review of lysyl Residues Affected by Post-translational Modifications 144
Re-evaluation of protein kinase CK2 pleiotropy: new insights provided by a phosphoproteomics analysis of CK2 knockout cells 136
A proteomics analysis of CK2β(-/-) C2C12 cells provides novel insights into the biological functions of the non-catalytic β subunit 135
Glycyrrhetinic acid as inhibitor or amplifier of permeability transition in rat heart mitochondria 132
A journey through the cytoskeleton with protein kinase CK2 132
CK2 is a key regulator of SLC4A2-mediated Cl-/HCO3 (-) exchange in human airway epithelia 129
Design, validation and efficacy of bisubstrate inhibitors specifically affecting ecto-CK2 kinase activity 127
Protein kinase CK2 phosphorylates and upregulates Akt/PKB 124
Protein kinase CK2 subunits exert specific and coordinated functions in skeletal muscle differentiation and fusogenic activity 121
Interaction of genistein with the mitochondrial electron transport chain results in opening of the membrane transition pore 118
Tyrosine phosphatase activity in mitochondria: presence of Shp-2 phosphatase in mitochondria. 118
Agmatine is transported into liver mitochondria by a specific electrophoretic mechanism 117
Fam20C is under the control of sphingolipid signaling in human cell lines 114
The acidophilic kinases PLK2 and PLK3: structure, substrate targeting and inhibition 114
Dependence of HSP27 cellular level on protein kinase CK2 discloses novel therapeutic strategies 108
Catalase takes part in rat liver mitochondria oxidative stress defense. 106
Oxidative stress is responsible for mitochondrial permeability transition induction by salicylate in liver mitochondria 105
Membrane binding and transport of N-aminoethyl-1,2-diamino ethane (dien) and N-aminopropyl-1,3-diamino propane (propen) by rat liver mitochondria and their effects on membrane permeability transition 103
Identification of new tyrosine phosphorylated proteins in rat brain mitochondria. 103
Activity of CK2α protein kinase is required for efficient replication of some HPV types 103
Characterization and location of Src-dependent tyrosine phosphorylation in rat brain mitochondria 101
Phosphorylation of recombinant human spermidine spermine N-1-Acetyltransferase by CK1 and modulation of its binding to mitochondria: A comparison with CK2 100
The biological functions of polyamine oxidation products by amine oxidases: Perspectives of clinical applications 99
Superiority of PLK-2 as α-synuclein phosphorylating agent relies on unique specificity determinants. 99
Inhibition of agmatine transport in liver mitochondria by new charge-deficient agmatine analogues. 98
Protective effect of N-(2-propynyl)-2-(5-benzyloxy-indolyl) methylamine (PF9601N) on mitochondrial permeability transition 96
Interaction of biologically active amines with mitochondria and their role in the mitochondrial-mediated pathway of apoptosis 95
Exploring the CK2 paradox: Restless, dangerous, dispensable 95
Biogenic amines and apoptosis: Minireview article 93
Proteomics perturbations promoted by the protein kinase CK2 inhibitor quinalizarin. 93
The physiological role of biogenic amines redox reactions in mitochondria. New perspectives in cancer therapy. 90
Polo-like kinase 2 modulates α-synuclein protein levels by regulating its mRNA production 89
Effects of polyamines on mitochondrial Ca2+ transport 88
Variable contribution of protein kinases to the generation of the human phosphoproteome: a global weblogo analysis 87
Tools to discriminate between targets of CK2 vs PLK2/PLK3 acidophilic kinases. 87
Discrimination between the activity of protein kinase CK2 holoenzyme and its catalytic subunits 86
Identification of the flavoprotein of succinate dehydrogenase and aconitase as in vitro mitochondrial substrates of Fgr tyrosine kinase 85
Generation and quantitative proteomics analysis of CK2α/α'(-/-) cells 85
Investigation on PLK2 and PLK3 substrate recognition. 84
Programmed cell death protein 5 (PDCD5) is phosphorylated by CK2 in vitro and in 293T cells 82
On the mechanism of mitochondrial permeability transition induction by glycyrrhetinic acid 81
Structural characterization of agmatine at physiological conditions 81
Receptor Tyrosine Kinases Take a Direct Route to Mitochondria: An Overview 81
Dissecting the Role of K61/K59 Residue in VPS4 Functions 81
Carbenoxolone induces oxidative stress in liver mitochondria, which is responsible for transition pore opening. 79
The effect of methylglyoxal-bis(guanylhydrazone) on mitochondrial Ca2+ fluxes 79
Amine oxidases in apoptosis and cancer. 78
The protein kinase CK2 contributes to the protumorigenic properties of cholangiocarcinoma cells 78
The Golgi ‘casein kinase’ Fam20C is a genuine ‘phosvitin kinase’ and phosphorylates polyserine stretches devoid of the canonical consensus 77
Matching up Phosphosites to Kinases: A Survey of Available Predictive Programs 76
Features and potentials of ATP-site directed CK2 inhibitors 74
A new role for sphingosine: Up-regulation of Fam20C, the genuine casein kinase that phosphorylates secreted proteins 74
Gliotoxin induces Mg2+ efflux from intact brain mitochondria 73
Peroxovanadate inhibits Ca2+ release from mitochondria 72
CK2 involvement in ESCRT-III complex phosphorylation 72
Glycyrrhetinic acid as inhibitor or amplifier of permeability transition in rat heart mitochondria. 72
Quantitative analysis of a phosphoproteome readily altered by the protein kinase CK2 inhibitor quinalizarin in HEK-293T cells. 72
Motif Analysis of Phosphosites Discloses a Potential Prominent Role of the Golgi Casein Kinase (GCK) in the Generation of Human Plasma Phospho-Proteome 71
Glycyrrhetinic acid-induced permeability transition in rat liver mitochondria 70
Mitochondrial tyrosine phosphoproteome: New insights from an up-to-date analysis 69
Aroclor 1254 inhibits the mitochondrial permeability transition and release of cytochrome c: A possible mechanism for its in vivo toxicity 67
null 66
The protein kinase CK2 contributes to the malignant phenotype of cholangiocarcinoma cells 66
Effects of CK2β subunit down-regulation on Akt signalling in HK-2 renal cells 65
Extraordinary pleiotropy of protein kinase CK2 revealed by weblogo phosphoproteome analysis 64
A N-terminally deleted form of the CK2 alpha' catalytic subunit is sufficient to support cell viability 62
Tyramine and monoamine oxidase inhibitors as modulators of the mitochondrial membrane permeability transition 61
Menadione induces a low conductance state of the mitochondrial inner membrane sensitive to bongkrekic acid 61
Free radical scavenging action of the natural polyamine spermine in rat liver mitochondria. 61
Tyrosine phosphorylation in mitochondria: a new frontier in mitochondrial signalling 59
“Janus” efficacy of CX-5011: CK2 inhibition and methuosis induction by independent mechanisms 58
Deciphering the role of protein kinase CK2 in the maturation/stability of F508del-CFTR 54
The membrane permeability transition in liver mitochondria of the great green goby Zosterisessor ophiocephalus (pallas) 53
CK2 contribution to the generation of the human phosphoproteome 53
Analysis of tyrosine-phosphorylated proteins in rat brain mitochondria 52
Protein kinase CK2 subunits differentially perturb the adhesion and migration of GN11 cells: A model of immature migrating neurons 52
Identification of the PLK2-dependent phosphopeptidomeby quantitative proteomics. 50
Contribution of the CK2 Catalytic Isoforms α and α’ to the Glycolytic Phenotype of Tumor Cells 47
Comparing the efficacy and selectivity of Ck2 inhibitors. A phosphoproteomics approach 41
Role of CK2 inhibitor CX-4945 in anti-cancer combination therapy - potential clinical relevance 40
Reciprocal effect between spermine and Mg2+ on their movements across the mitochondrial membrane 36
How can a traffic light properly work if it is always green? The paradox of CK2 signaling 30
Protein kinase CK2: a potential therapeutic target for diverse human diseases 29
Non-Histone Protein Methylation: Molecular Mechanisms and Physiopathological Relevance 25
A mutational approach to dissect the functional role of the putative CFTR “PTM-CODE” 25
Editorial of special issue “protein post-translational modifications in signal transduction and diseases” 23
Meet Our Editorial Board Member 18
Development of small cyclic peptides targeting the CK2α/β interface 13
Targeting the E1 ubiquitin-activating enzyme (UBA1) improves elexacaftor/tezacaftor/ivacaftor efficacy towards F508del and rare misfolded CFTR mutants 13
Modulation of protein kinases in the regulation of chaperone machinery leading F508-del-CFTR fate - The Proceedings of the 16th Italian Convention of Investigators in Cystic Fibrosis 12
Targeting CK2 in cancer: a valuable strategy or a waste of time? 12
KDM2A and KDM3B as Potential Targets for the Rescue of F508del-CFTR 2
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