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Nome #
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Assessing prejudice toward two-father parenting and two-mother parenting: the beliefs on same-sex parenting scale., file e14fb26a-1d3f-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
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L'Osservazione delle interazioni familiari in adolescenza: Studio preliminare sull'applicazione della procedura del Lausanne Trilogue Play, file e14fb26c-6aad-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Mothers’ alexithymia in the context of parental Substance Use Disorder: Which implications for parenting behaviors?, file e14fb26d-1f73-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Maternal–fetal attachment in pregnant Italian women: multidimensional influences and the association with maternal caregiving in the infant’s first year of life, file e14fb26e-e13e-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
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