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Sassari 2
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Verona 2
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Agrigento 1
Augusta 1
Bangalore 1
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Brentford 1
Bronx 1
Capivari 1
Casalecchio di Reno 1
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Nome #
Factorized Sparse Approximate Inverses on GPUs 128
Geomechanics of subsurface water withdrawal and injection 124
FSAIPACK: A software package for high-performance factored sparse approximate inverse preconditioning 120
Modeling saltwater intrusion in the lowlying catchment of the Southern Venice Lagoon, Italy 118
On the possible contribution of clayey inter-layers to delayed land subsidence above producing aquifers 117
Parallel preconditioners for saddle-point problems 114
The Use of Supernodes in Factored Sparse Approximate Inverse Preconditioning 112
Estimate of a spatially variable reservoir compressibility by assimilation of ground surface displacement data 106
Nested iterations for symmetric eigenproblems 101
Modelling ground rupture due to groundwater withdrawal: applications to test cases in China and Mexico 101
Mathematical simulation of the subsidence of Venice. 2. Results 100
Coastline regression of the Romagna Region, Italy, due to natural and anthropogenic land subsidence and sea level rise 99
Testing a data assimilation approach to reduce geomechanical uncertainties in modelling land subsidence 96
A Numerical Eigenvalue Study of Preconditioned Nonequilibrium Transport Equations 94
CO2 injection below the Venice Lagoon: a numerical study 93
Geomechanical response to seasonal gas storage in depleted reservoirs: A case study in the Po River basin, Italy 93
A boundary element solution to land subsidence above 3 D gas/oil reservoirs, 93
Gradient Eigenanalysis on nested finite elements 93
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Geomechanical issues of anthropogenic CO2 sequestration in exploited gas fields 91
Can Venice be raised by pumping water underground? A pilot project to help decide 91
Multi-level incomplete factorizations for the iterative solution of non-linear finite element problems 91
Accelerated simultaneous iterations for large finite element eigenproblems 91
Reordering for the Iterative Solution of Hybrid Elastic Structures 90
Land surface uplift above compacting overconsolidated reservoirs 90
Land uplift due to subsurface fluid injection 89
A comparison of numerical integration rules for the Meshless Local Petrov-Galerkin method 89
A century of land subsidence in Ravenna, Italy 89
A fully coupled 3-D mixed finite element model of Biot consolidation 88
3D nested eigenanalysis on finite element grids 88
Numerical performance of projection methods in finite element consolidation models 87
Data assimilation of SAR-based measurements for geomechanical characterization 87
High Performance Computing preconditioners for the efficient solution of geomechanical models 87
A block iterative finite element model for non-linear leaky aquifer systems 85
Stochastic poromechanical modeling of anthopogenic land subsidence 85
Scaling improves stability of preconditioned CG-like solvers for FE consolidation equations. 84
Hydrological Effects of Bounding the Venice (Italy) Industrial Harbor by a Protection Cutoff Wall: Modeling Study 84
A meshless method for axi-symmetric poroelastic simulations: Numerical study 83
Radioactive marker measurements in heterogeneous reservoirs: a numerical study 83
A Novel Factorized Sparse Approximate Inverse Preconditioner with Supernodes 83
On the importance of the heterogeneity assumption in the characterization of reservoir geomechanical properties 83
Reservoir compaction and land subsidence 82
Arnoldi and Crank-Nicolson methods for integration in time of the transport equation 82
Estimate of subsidence in Venice using a one dimensional model of the subsoil 82
A 3-D finite element conjugate gradient model of subsurface flow with automatic mesh generation. 82
Basin-scale compressibility of the Northern Adriatic by the radioactive marker technique 81
Numerical comparison of preconditionings for large sparse finite element problems 81
Predictive simulation of the subsidence of Venice 81
A comparison of projective and direct solvers for finite elements in elastostatics 81
Importance of poroelastic coupling in dinamically active aquifers of the Po river basin, Italy 80
A new hydrogeologic model to predict anthropogenic uplift of Venice 80
Solution to large symmetric eigenproblems by an accelerated conjugate gradient technique 80
Compartmentalization effects in geologic CO2 sequestration. A case study in an offshore reservoir in Italy 80
The role of preconditioning in the solution to FE coupled consolidation equations by Krylov subspace methods 78
Anthropogenic land subsidence 78
Groundwater pumping and land subsidence in the Emilia-Romagna coastland, Italy: Modeling the past occurrence and the future trend 78
Simulation of regional subsurface flow by finite element models 78
A conceptual deterministic analysis of the kriging technique in hydrology 78
Stress strain analysis in productive gas/oil reservoirs 77
Modeling regional faults for land subsidence prediction 77
Anthropogenic Venice uplift by seawater pumping into a heterogeneous aquifer system 77
Water-gas dynamics and coastal land subsidence over Chioggia Mare field, Northern Adriatic sea 77
A Numerical Experimental Study of Inverse Preconditioning for the Parallel Iterative Solution to 3D Finite Element Flow Equations 76
Spectral analysis of large finite element problems by optimization methods 76
Can CO2 help save Venice from the sea? 76
Casing influence in reservoir compaction measurement by radioactive markers in the Northern Adriatic, Italy. 75
Performance and robustness of block constraint preconditioners in finite element coupled consolidation problems 75
Land subsidence due to gas/oil production in inhomogeneous transversally anisotropic half space by a boundary element method 75
A novel hybrid FSAI-ILU preconditioner for the efficient parallel solution of large size sparse linear systems. 74
A coupled model of anthropogenic Venice uplift 74
A block FSAI-ILU parallel preconditioner for symmetric positive definite linear systems 74
Numerical models in land subsidence control 74
A comparison of solution approaches for the two-domain model of non equilibrium transport in porous media 74
Conjugate gradient-like methods for the numerical solution of the two site model in sorbing porous media 74
Three-dimensional numerical codes for simulating groundwater contamination LEA3D and NONLEA3D, transport with equilibrium and nonequilibrium adsorption 73
Efficient preconditioners for Krylov subspace methods in the solution of coupled consolidation problems 72
A coupled poroelasticity model by Mixed Finite Elements for aquifer recharge simulations 72
Novel preconditioners for the iterative solution to FE-discretized coupled consolidation equations 72
A coupled MFE poromechanical model of a large-scale load experiment at the coastland of Venice 72
Soil contamination and land subsidence raise concern in the Venice watershed, Italy 71
Three-dimensional numerical codes for simulating groundwater contamination: FLOW3D, flow in saturated and unsaturated porous media 70
Interpretation of radioactive marker measurements to evaluate compaction in the Northern Adriatic gas fields 70
Long Term Peatland Subsidence: Experimental Study and Modeling Scenarios in the Venice Coastland 70
Subsidence due to peat oxidation and impact on drainage infrastructures in a farmland catchment south of the Venice Lagoon 69
A conjugate gradient finite element model of flow for large multiaquifer systems 69
Groundwater contour mapping in Venice by stochastic interpolators. 1. Theory 68
GIS simulations of the inundation risk in the coastal lowlands of the Northern Adriatic Sea 67
On the use of a main trend for the kriging technique in hydrology 67
Coupled and partially coupled Eulerian-Lagrangian model of freshwater-seawater mixing 67
An improved iterative optimization technique for the leftmost eigenpairs of large symmetric matrices 67
Second order theory of flow in three dimensional deforming media 66
Data assimilation of surface displacements to improve geomechanical parameters of gas storage reservoirs 66
Direct, partitioned and projected solution to finite element consolidation models 65
Two-level block preconditioners for contact problems 64
Waterdrive dynamics and enhanced land subsidence over Dosso degli Angeli gas field, Ravenna, Italy 63
3D geomechanics in UGS projects. A comprehensive study in northern Italy. 63
On boundary conditions and point sources in the finite element integration of the transport equation 63
A preliminary numerical model of CO2 sequestration in a normally consolidated sedimentary basin 63
A pilot project using seawater to uplift Venice anthropogenically 63
Surface flow boundary conditions in modeling land subsidence due to fluid withdrawal 62
Totale 8232
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