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Nome #
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Numerical models of salt marsh evolution: Ecological, geomorphic, and climatic factors 85
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Evaluation of sediment properties using wind and turbidity observations in the shallow tidal areas of the Venice Lagoon 84
Spatially integrative metrics reveal hidden vulnerability of microtidal salt marshes 84
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On the cross-sectional evolution of tidal channels 83
Vegetation engineers marsh morphology through multiple competing stable states 83
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Limits on the adaptability of coastal marshes to rising sea level 80
Plant-soil interactions in salt marsh environments: Experimental evidence from electrical resistivity tomography in the Venice Lagoon 80
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Changes in the wind‐wave field and related salt‐marsh lateral erosion: inferences from the evolution of the Venice Lagoon in the last four centuries 68
Recent changes in rainfall characteristics and their influence on thresholds for debris flow triggering in the Dolomitic area of Cortina d'Ampezzo, north-eastern Italian Alps 68
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The Secret Gardener: Vegetation and the Emergence of Bio-geomorphic Patterns in Tidal Environments 64
The secret gardener: vegetation and the emergence of biogeomorphic patterns in tidal environments 63
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A process-based model for the definition of hydrological alert systems in landslide risk assessment 60
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Biogeomorphology of tidal landforms: physical and biological processes shaping the tidal landscape 55
Characterizing marshland compressibility by an in-situ loading test: design and set-up of an experiment in the Venice Lagoon 55
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Tidal Flow Asymmetry and Discharge of Lateral Tributaries Drive the Evolution of a Microtidal Meander in the Venice Lagoon (Italy) 53
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A coupled hydrodynamic and breach formation model to simulate floodplain inundations: the case study of the Bacchiglione River 49
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The Spatial Variability of Organic Matter and Decomposition Processes at the Marsh Scale 46
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Critical rainfall thresholds for debris-flows occurrence and climate changes in the Dolomitic area of Cortina d'Ampezzo (North-Eastern Italian Alps) 44
Watershed and ocean controls of salt marsh extent and resilience 44
Observation and ecogeomorphological modelling of tidal environments 43
Applicazione di Tecniche Geofisiche per il monitoraggio di sponde artificiali di contenimento 43
On the applicability of the tidal prism - inlet area relationship to Northern Adriatic Sea lagoons 42
Biomorphological modeling of tidal landscapes: the role of physical and biological processes in determining equilibrium states and transient dynamics 42
Evoluzione morfodinamica a lungo termine della sezione trasversale di canali a marea 41
Morphodynamic modelling of tidal networks and comparison with laboratory experiments 41
Stratal architecture of tidal meander bend deposits in the NE sector of the Venice Lagoon (Italy) 38
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