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Nome #
A new adaptive membership function with CUB uncertainty with application to cluster analysis of Likert-type data 20
Permutation Tests for Model Selection 18
A multivariate permutation test for the analysis of paired samples: the mixed data scenario 17
Repeat visits and intentions to revisit a sporting event and its nearby destinations 17
Fuzzy Clustering in Travel and Tourism Analytics 17
Changes in Chinese work values: A comparison between the one-child, social reform and cultural revolution generations 16
National Food Consumption Patterns: Converging Trends and the Implications for Health 16
A multivariate analysis of tourists’ spending behaviour 15
A copula model for tourists’ spending behavior 15
A Tourist Segmentation Based on Motivation, Satisfaction and Prior Knowledge with a Socio-Economic Profiling: A Clustering Approach with Mixed Information 15
The Effect of Tourism Taxation on International Arrivals to a Small Tourism-Dependent Economy 14
Permutation tests for C-sample problems: A multivariate scenario 13
Consumers' Willingness to Pay for Quality and Safety in Clams 13
Portfolio frontier analysis: Applying mean-variance analysis to health technology assessment for health systems under pressure 13
The Migration Project in Veneto Region: Evaluation of the Epidemiological Impact of Tuberculosis, HIV, HBV, HCV Infections and Syphilis (Marco Polo Project) 13
Responses of macroeconomy and stock markets to structural oil price shocks: New evidence from Asian oil refinery 13
Demand for the quality conservation of Venice, Italy, according to different nationalities 13
Fuzzy clustering with spatial-temporal information 13
Bagged Clustering and its application to tourism market segmentation 13
Satisfaction and Tourism Expenditure Behaviour 13
Analysing cluster evolution using repeated cross-sectional ordinal data 13
Conservation and recreational values from semi-natural grasslands for visitors to two italian parks 13
Clustering Consumer Based on Text Sentiment Analysis and Fuzzy Rating 12
Copula-based fuzzy clustering of spatial time series 12
Fuzzy segmentation of postmodern tourists 12
ICZM and WTP of stakeholders for beach conservation: Policymaking suggestions from an Italian case study 12
Do Satisfied Cellar Door Visitors Want to Revisit? Linking Past Knowledge and Consumption Behaviors To Satisfaction and Intention to Return 12
Me, My Girls, and the Ideal Hotel: Segmenting Motivations of the Girlfriend Getaway Market Using Fuzzy C-Medoids for Fuzzy Data 12
Tourists' expenditure behaviour: The influence of satisfaction and the dependence of spending categories 12
Visitors' expenditure behaviour at cultural events: The case of Christmas markets 11
A copula-based clustering algorithm to analyse EU country diets 11
Characteristics of production and consumption of organic trout in Italy 11
Bagged fuzzy clustering for fuzzy data: An application to a tourism market 11
Reliability of craniometric traits in reflecting biological affinities among populations 11
Perceptions of authenticity of cultural events: A host-tourist analysis 11
Youtube as Communication Tools for Sport Companies: An Analysis of Success of Videos 11
Visitors’ preferences about the defence of Venice from high water 10
Evaluating Biodiversity of an Italian Beach in Different Seasons: A Value of Biodiversity 10
Visitors to two types of museums: Do expenditure patterns differ? 10
The visitors' perception of authenticity at the museums: Archaeology versus modern art 9
A fuzzy approach for clustering international tourists 9
Why wine tourists visit cellar doors: Segmenting motivation and destination image 9
Employing FAHP to de-codify the determinants of trade agreements: A case of the EU-India trade talks 9
The migration project in Veneto Region: evaluation of epidemiological impact of Tubercolosis, HIV, HBV, HCV infections and syphilis 9
Does country of origin affect brand associations? The case of Italian brands in China 9
Content and Feedback Analysis of YouTube Videos: Football Clubs and Fans as Brand Communities 9
Segmenting visitors of cultural events: The case of Christmas Market 9
A novel active learning criterion for experiments with multiple responses 8
La spesa dei visitatori dei mercatini di Natale: un approccio double-hurdle 8
Segmenting visitors of cultural event: the case of the Christmas Market visitors in Merano, Northern Italy 8
Bagged fuzzy clustering 8
Does Country of Origin Affect Brand Associations? The Case of Italian Brands in China 8
Economic Evaluation of the Gras- slands in two regional parks in Italy 8
Qualità e sicurezza nel consumo del prodotto vongola 7
Italian Wine Demand Segmentation 7
Segmenting visitors of cultural events by motivation: A sequential non-linear clustering analysis of Italian Christmas market visitors 7
Visitors of two types of museums: A segmentation study 7
Visitors' awareness of ICZM and WTP for beach preservation in four European Mediterranean regions 7
Copula-based fuzzy clustering of time series 7
Segmenting Markets by Bagged Clustering: Young Chinese Travelers to Western Europe 7
Residents' perceptions of tourism impacts and attitudes towards tourism policies 6
The effect of authenticity on visitors' expenditure at cultural events 6
Consumers’ willingness to pay for organic trout 6
Does Country of Origin Affect Brand Associa- tions? The Case of Italian Brands In China 6
The behaviour of repeat visitors to museums: Review and empirical findings 6
Coping, rumination, and electronic word-of-mouth: Segmenting consumer responses to service failure via fuzzy clustering 5
Visitor satisfaction at the museum: Italian versus foreign visitors 5
Dynamic time warping-based fuzzy clustering for spatial time series 5
Segmenting the Italian Tourists: a Neural Network Approach 5
The visitors’ authenticity perception at the museums: archeology versus modern art museums 5
Tourism Market Segmentation with Imprecise Informa- tion 5
Fuzzy clustering with spatial-time information 4
Segmentazione della domanda di vino in Italia mediante mappe di Kohonen 4
Do Country of Origin and Translation methods really matter for foreign brands in the Chinese market? 3
Analysing cluster evolution using repeated cross-sectional ordinal data 1
The challenge of publishing research about a never-ending subject for marketing scholars: The country of origin 1
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