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Nome #
Ion-beam analysis of mismatched epitaxial heterostructures 144
Investigation of strain relaxation mechanisms in InGaAs/GaAs single layer films 136
Structural study of (100)CdTe epilayers grown by MOVPE on ZnTe buffered and unbuffered (100)GaAs 131
Mechanisms of strain relaxation in III-V semiconductor heterostructures 129
Optimization of the structural and optical properties of ZnS epilayers grown on (100)GaAs by MOVPE 123
Inhomogeneous strain relaxation and defect distribution of ZnTe layers deposited on (100)GaAs by metalorganic vapor-phase epitaxy 123
Influence of a ZnTe buffer layer on the structural quality of CdTe epilayers grown on (100)GaAs by metalorganic vapor phase epitaxy 119
Strong deviation of the lattice parameter in Si1-x-yGexCy epilayers from Vegard's rule 117
Dechanneling cross-section for misfit dislocations 114
Dechanneling by misfit dislocations in III-V semiconductor heterostructures 112
Structural characterization and surface lattice strain determination of ZnS/GaAs heterostructures grown by metalorganic vapour phase epitaxy 105
Zn0.85Cd0.15Se active layers on graded-composition InxGa1-xAs buffer layers 102
Determination of surface lattice strain in ZnTe epilayers on (100)GaAs by ion channeling and reflectance spectroscopy 102
Surface and interface analysis of titanium nitride diffusion barriers 100
Photocurrent spectroscopy of GaN and AlGaN epilayers grown on 6H (0001) silicon carbide 99
Mechanisms of strain release in molecular-beam epitaxy-grown InGaAs/GaAs buffer heterostructures 93
Computation of the strain field generated by dislocations with a position-dependent Burgers' vector distribution 93
Lattice Strain Analysis of VPE-Grown ZnS Epitaxial Layers on (001) GaAs by RBS - Channeling and High Resolution XRD Measurements 93
12C(α,α)12C resonant elastic scattering at 5.7 MeV as a tool for carbon quantification in silicon-based heterostructures 93
Electron and ion-beam analysis of composition and strain in Si1-xGex Si heterostructures 92
Structural study of the influence of different growth parameters on the quality of InxGa1-xN/GaN films grown by MOCVD 90
Lattice curvature of InxGa1-xAs/GaAs [001] graded buffer layers 89
Two-dimensional interstitial diffusion in silicon monitored by scanning capacitance microscopy 89
Matrix Atomic Losses and Oxygen Incorporation Under Ruby-laser Irradiation of Silicon In Gaseous Atmospheres 89
Continuously graded buffers for InGaAs/GaAs structures grown on GaAs 88
Transformation To Amorphous State of Metals By Ion-implantation - P In Ni 88
Lattice curvature generation in graded InxGa1-xAs/GaAs buffer layers 87
Crack formation in tensile InGaAS/InP layers 86
Ion channeling Rutherford backscattering spectrometry structural characterization of CdS/CdTe heterostructures 85
Diffusion of ion beam injected self-interstitial defects in silicon layers grown by molecular beam epitaxy 85
Self Annealing Effects In P+ Implanted Silicon 85
Nitrogen-induced hindering of In incorporation in InGaAsN 85
Determination of lattice parameter and of N lattice location in InxGa1-xNyAs1-y/GaAs and GaNyAs1-y/GaAs epilayers 85
Boron-interstitial clusters in crystalline silicon: stoichiometry and strain 84
Measurement of aluminum concentration in the Ga1-xAlxSb/GaSb epitaxial system 82
Explosive Crystallization of Dilute Amorphous Si-ge Alloys 82
Static and dynamic screening of the polarization fields in nitride nanostructures: a theoretical and experimental study 81
Structural and electronic properties of wide band gap Zn1-xMgxSe alloys 81
Transition from island to continuous InP layer growth on (001)GaAs by MOCVD 81
Matrix effects in SIMS depth profiles of SiGe relaxed buffer layers 80
Lattice parameter in Si1-yCy epilayers: deviation from Vegard's rule 80
Lattice strain relaxation of ZnS layers grown by vapor-phase epitaxy on (100)GaAs 78
Lattice-matched Zn1-yCdySe/InxGa1-xAs(001) heterostructures 78
Strain relaxation in graded composition InxGa1-xAs/GaAs buffer layers 78
Selective ion-channeling study of misfit dislocation grids in semiconductor heterostructures: theory and experiments 77
Investigation by synchrotron radiation X-ray topography of lattice tilt formation in partially released InGaAs/GaAs compositionally graded layers 77
Local lattice distortion in Si1-x-yGexCy epitaxial layers from x-ray absorption fine structure 77
Diffusion and clustering of supersaturated carbon in SiGeC layers under oxidation 76
Carbon precipitation and diffusion in SiGeC alloys under silicon self-interstitial injection 76
Dissolution kinetics of boron-interstitial clusters in silicon 74
Strain effect on interatomic distances in InGaAs/InP epitaxial layers 72
Influence of the N2/H2 ratio on the structural features of InxGa1-xN/GaN films grown by MOCVD 72
Correlation between defects, residual strain and morphology in continuously graded InGaAs/GaAs buffers 72
Local structure in semiconductor superlattices and epilayers 71
Metastability of Si1-yCy epilayers under 2 MeV alpha particle irradiation 71
Mechanism of Ion Induced Amorphization 71
Direct observation of two-dimensional diffusion of the self-interstitials in crystalline Si 70
On the Dynamic Annealing Mechanism In P+-implanted Silicon 70
Stranski-Krastanow MOVPE growth of nanoscale ZnTe islands on (0 0 1)GaAs 68
Structural characterization techniques for the analysis of semiconductor strained heterostructures 68
Silicon Loss During Tisi2 Formation 68
'Experimental Evidence of 2D-3D transition in the Stranski-Krastanow coherent growth' 67
Dose-rate Effects On the Dynamic Annealing Mechanism In P+-implanted Silicon 67
Structural and analytical characterization of Si(1-x)Gex/Si heterosturcures by Rutherford backscattering spectrometry and channeling and double-crystal X-ray-diffractometry 66
12C(a,a)12C resonant elastic scattering at 5.72 MeV as a tool for carbon quantification in Silicon-based heterostructures 66
Assessment of Vegard's law validity in the Ga1-xAlxSb/GaSb epitaxial System 66
On the Mechanisms of Strain Release In Molecular-beam-epitaxy-grown Inxga1-xas/gaas Single Heterostructures 65
High precision structural measurements on thin epitaxial layers by means of ion-channeling 65
Lattice parameter of Si1-x-yGexCy alloys 64
Suppression of boron transient enhanced diffusion by C trapping 64
Deep blue emitting ZnS/ZnSe multiple quantum well laser grown by MOVPE on (100)GaAs 64
Composition and structure of Si-Ge layers produced by ion implantation and laser melting 63
Hydrogen-nitrogen complexes in dilute nitride alloys: origin of the compressive strain 62
A systematic investigation of strain relaxation, surface morphology and defects in tensile and compressive InGaAs/InP layers 62
Titanium silicide formation: Effect of oxygen distribution in the metal film 61
Transient Annealing As A Tool For the Investigation of Thin-film Substrate Solid-phase Reactions 60
Elastic Distortion Field In Single Layer Heterostructures In the Presence of Misfit Dislocations 60
Carbon diffusion and clustering in SiGeC layers under thermal oxidation 60
Interaction between self-interstitials and substitutional C in silicon: Interstitial trapping and C clustering mechanism 59
Modeling of self-interstitial diffusion in implanted molecular beam epitaxy silicon 59
Electronic structure and morphology of SiC films grown on Si(111) using C-60 as a precursor 59
Self-organized growth of ZnTe nanoscale islands on 001 GaAs 58
Influence of As incorporation on the deviation from Vegard's law in the AlxGa1-xSb/GaSb system 56
Bond lenght variation in In0.25Ga0.75As/InP epitaxial layers thicker than the critical thickness 55
New insight on the interaction and diffusion properties of ion beam injected self-interstitials in crystalline silicon 55
Lattice distortion in InxGa1-xAs/InP epitaxial films: a second- and third-shell XAFS study 53
Lattice strain and composition of boron-interstitial clusters in crystalline silicon 52
Transmission electron microscopy, high-resolution X-ray diffraction and Rutherford backscattering study of strain release in InGaAs/GaAs buffer layers 52
Behaviour of metastable Si/sub 1 y/C/sub y/ epilayers under 2 MeV alpha particles irradiation 51
TEM and X-ray diffraction studies of III-V lattice mismatched multilayers and superlattices 51
Anomalous low-temperature dopant diffusivity and defect structure in Sb-implanted and Sb/B-implanted annealed silicon samples 51
MOVPE growth of wide band-gap II-VI compounds for near-UV and deep-blue light emitting devices 51
Optical and transport properties of GaN/Al0.15Ga0.85N quantum wells 50
Experimental evidence of two-dimensional-three-dimensional transition in the Stranski-Krastanow coherent growth 47
Broad-area optical characterization of well-width homogeneity inGaN/AlxGa1-xN multiple quantum wells grown on sapphire wafers 46
Lattice Stress and Electrically Active Defects Induced By Ion Channeling In the Initial Layers of Iii-v Compounds 46
The thermal corrosion of ion-implanted zirconium 45
Self interstitials diffusion and clustering with impurities in crystalline silicon 44
Structural characterization and stability of Si1-xGex/Si(100) heterostructures grown by molecular beam heteroepitaxy 44
Lattice strain analysis of VPE-Grown ZnS epitaxial layers on (001) GaAs by RES - Channeling and high resolution XRD measurements 44
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