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Pisa 5
Redmond 5
Salerno 5
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Fuzhou 4
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Getafe 4
Hefei 4
Ortonovo 4
Venezia 4
Andover 3
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Concordia Sagittaria 3
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Cremona 3
Eraclea 3
Legnano 3
Lissone 3
Madrid 3
Malo 3
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Monfalcone 3
Mountain View 3
Nuremberg 3
Pune 3
San Giuliano Milanese 3
Southend 3
Taiyuan 3
Taizhou 3
Torino 3
Barcelos 2
Bari 2
Chongqing 2
Corridonia 2
Dearborn 2
Esmeraldas 2
Ewa Beach 2
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Nome #
Constraint therapy nella forma emiplegica di paralisi cerebrale infantile: sperimentazione sulla efficacia e sicurezza del trattamento. 230
Osservatorio Regionale della Patologia in Età  Pediatrica. Registro Nascite. Rapporto Tecnico Attività, Regione Veneto, Azienda Ospedaliera di Padova; Università di Padova, Dipartimento di Pediatria 196
Scala Besta. Analisi della concordanza interosservatore 126
Children's needs: key figures from the Veneto Region, Italy 114
The epidemiology of transition into adulthood of rare diseases patients: results from a population-based registry 112
A population-based registry as a source of health indicators for rare diseases: the ten-year experience of the Veneto Region's rare diseases registry 110
Developmental sequence of postural control in prone position in children with spastic diplegia. 97
Genital trauma and vaginal bleeding: is it a lapse of time issue? A case report of a prepubertal girl and review of the literature. 97
Indications to upper gastrointestinal endoscopy in children with dyspepsia. 93
Hospitalization of children with sickle cell disease in a region with increasing immigration rates. 92
Standard originali di pliche tricipitali e sottoscapolari e circonferenze braccio e polpaccio in bambini veneti da 6,5 a 12 anni 91
Visual, motor, and psychomotor development in small-for-gestational-age preterm infants 87
Evaluation of anaphylaxis in a pediatric emergency department In Italy. 84
Adolescent health needs in Veneto Region, Northeast of Italy - year 2011 80
Characteristics of children with vomiting after minor head trauma: a case-control study 79
Observational study of suspected maltreatment in Italian paediatric emergency departments 78
Long-term outcome and morphology/function correlates in cases of shaken baby syndrome 78
Growth Hormone Veneto Region Registry for surveillance and therapy monitoring since 2013 77
Dentists' perceptions, attitudes, knowledge, and experience about child abuse and neglect in northeast Italy 76
Management of dietary therapy for rare diseases in Veneto Region: appropriateness and sustainability 76
Case-control study of risk factors for accident repetition and child abuse 75
Long term outcome and morphology/function correlates in cases of shaken baby syndrome 75
L’aldolasi epatica nell’intolleranza ereditaria al fruttosio: studio di 4 casi 75
The role of a Registry in Familial Adenomatous Polyposis 74
A feasibility study to estimate global prevalence of child abuse and neglect 72
The state of the art of child protection in Europe: an international comparison 71
CAN in kilos - CAN Literature's "weight" in the major data-banks 70
Computer diagnosis of Primary headaches in children 70
Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy vs Bimanual Intensive Training in Hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy: preliminary results 70
Further definition of lipid lipoprotein abnormalities in children with various degrees of chronic renal insufficiency 68
Systolic and diastolic performance late after the Fontan Procedure for a single ventricle and comparison of those undergoing operation at 12 months of age 68
Child abuse: current problems and key public health challenges 67
A program for blind and partially sighted children and adolescents in the Veneto region 66
Italian experience of pediatric liver transplantation 66
Munchausen's Syndrome By Proxy at a Glance: Twisting an Old Tale 66
"Vaginal" bleeding in prepubertal age: a rare scaring riddle, a case of the urethral prolapse and review of the literature 66
Stato dell'assistenza alle persone con malattia rara in Italia: il contributo delle Regioni 65
Multi-source study for the identification of congenital malformations at birth 65
Digeorge syndrome: cognitive and behavioural development from birth to adolescence 64
Inflammatory bowel disease developing in paediatric and adult age 64
Locomotion patterns in cerebral palsy syndromes 64
Locomotion patterns in cerebral palsy syndromes 64
Diagnosis of pervasive developmental disorders: when and how? An area-based study about health providers 64
Applicazione della DTI nella valutazione degli esiti neurobiologici nella sindrome del bambino scosso 63
Cross-border health care represents a key issue in the field of rare diseases 62
Diagnostic factors in pediatric primary headache 61
Optimal planning of a pediatric semi-intensive care unit via simulation 61
Predictors of indipendent walking in children with spastic diplegia 60
Assessing upper extremity skills in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy: the agreement among examiners 59
The importance of helplines in National Plans 59
Workload analysis and models in a hospital system 58
Granulomatosi epatica di tipo tubercolare 57
Italian experience of pediatric liver transplantation 57
Parent information for the prevention of accidents in children: the Veneto Regional Program (Italy) 57
Abusive head trauma (AHT) outcome at long-term follow-up and the role of elective neurosurgical approach: a report of 22 cases 57
A study on the efficiency of community to hospital referral system in the catchment area of Dodoma Hospital, Tanzania 57
Optimal allocation of urban nuclei to hospital birth centres in a geographical region 56
ICIDH e ICF: due classificazioni a confronto 56
Predictors of presence and relapse of uveitis in EOPA juvenile chronic arthritis 55
Rapporto Tecnico del Registro Regionale delle Malattie Rare del Veneto. Regione del Veneto, Azienda Ospedaliera di Padova; Università di Padova, Dipartimento di Pediatria 55
Child Protection as a Critical Balance between Health and Juridical Perspective 55
Critical Newborn Assistance in Intensive Care Units: Model and Simulation 55
Early predictors at severe course of uveitis in oligoarticular Juvenile idiopathic arthritis 55
Socio-economic and health impact of chronic diseases on families: patients opinion in Italy - 2013 55
International Master on Community Protection and Safety Promotion: a key challenge to world wide phenomenon 54
A web-based system globally monitoring rare diseases: the experience of the Veneto Region, Italy 54
La valutazione dei servizi e dei programmi di abilitazione psicoeducativa per bambini e adolescenti autistici 53
[Rehabilitation in the Veneto Region: towards a logic of clinical governance]. 53
Paediatric palliative care planning: models and simulation 53
Systolic and Diastolic Performance late after fontan procedure for a single ventricle and comparison of those undergoing operation at < 12 months of age and at > 12 months of age 53
Child Sexual Abuse. Pitfalls in the Substantiation Process 53
Emergency department generalized flexible simulation model. 53
Emergency Service Generalized Flexible Simulation Models 52
Regional policies in Veneto Region 52
The Italian “baby Moses” law: shadows and lights in Veneto Region (North-East of Italy) 52
Pianificazione di una rete di consultori pediatrici: un nuovo approccio metodologico 50
Multisite trial on efficacy of constraint-induced movement therapy in children with hemiplegia: study design and methodology. 50
Skull fractures in the first year of life: comparing history and imaging 50
Exposure to PFAS and small for gestational age new-borns: A birth records study in Veneto Region (Italy) 50
Analysis of the visual function: tractography and visual outcome in abusive head trauma 49
Shaken Baby Syndrome: the Role of Ophthalmologist. 48
Protective and risk factors of child abuse 48
Optimal planning of a pediatric semi-intensive care unit via simulation 48
Optimal planning of a pediatric semi-intensive care unit via simulation 48
Emergency department generalized flexible simulation model 48
Pediatric palliative care organization simulation model 47
Shaken Baby Syndrome from suspect to discharge: main clinical characteristics, injury timing and neuro-developmental outcome of cases. 47
Unimanual and bimanual intensive training in children with hemiplegic cerebral palsy and persistence in time of hand function improvement: 6 months follow-up results of a multisite clinical trial 47
A new scale for the assessment of Performance and Capacity of hand function in children with hemiplegic Cerebral Palsy: reliabilty and validity studies 47
Mapping The Burden of Injuries Across The European Union: An Inventory Of Rules And Outcomes 46
Outcome after inflicted traumatic brain injury in Shaken Baby Syndrome 46
Chi ha tempo non aspetti tempo: la certificazione di malattia rara 46
[Palliative care for children] 46
First days project: an experience of care continuity between hospital and territorial community paediatry 45
CAN You Be a CAN Author? 45
Are there first and second class maltreatment? The neglect querelle 45
Paediatric palliative care planning: a simulation based decision support 45
Pediatric palliative care planning: models and simulation. 45
Visual field defects in children with epilepsy treated with vigabatrin 45
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