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An image-based kinematic model of the tibiotalar and subtalar joints and its application to gait analysis in children with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, file e14fb26d-9c1d-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 5
Muscular and cortical activation during dynamic and static balance in the elderly: A scoping review, file e14fb26e-5d03-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 4
Foot-floor contact pattern in children and adults with Dravet Syndrome, file e14fb26d-6e1b-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 3
Foot-floor contact pattern in children and adults with Dravet Syndrome, file e14fb26d-cea2-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 3
Cortical correlates in upright dynamic and static balance in the elderly, file e14fb26f-1a49-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 3
A Systematic Review Establishing the Current State-of-the-Art, the Limitations, and the DESIRED Checklist in Studies of Direct Neural Interfacing With Robotic Gait Devices in Stroke Rehabilitation, file e14fb26d-21e3-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 2
Fractal Analysis of Lower Back Acceleration Profiles in balance tasks, file e14fb26f-3f88-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 2
Foot-floor contact pattern in children and adults with Dravet Syndrome, file cab81d09-b436-4d50-a992-998dcc3bf43b 1
Concurrent repeatability and reproducibility analyses of four marker placement protocols for the foot-ankle complex, file e14fb26d-73ed-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
How to choose and interpret similarity indices to quantify the variability in gait joint kinematics, file e14fb26d-7b91-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Linking Joint Impairment and Gait Biomechanics in Patients with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, file e14fb26d-9cee-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Inter-laboratory and inter-operator reproducibility in gait analysis measurements in pediatric subjects, file e14fb26d-9cf0-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
A Patient-Specific Foot Model for the Estimate of Ankle Joint Forces in Patients with Juvenile Idiopathic Arthritis, file e14fb26d-a73e-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Effect of the calibration procedure of an optoelectronic system on the joint kinematics, file e14fb26d-a798-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Effects of the calibration procedure on the metrological performances of stereophotogrammetric systems for human movement analysis, file e14fb26d-adb1-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Technical quality assessment of an optoelectronic system for movement analysis, file e14fb26d-c3d5-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Virtual reality and feeling of falling: a physiological wearable tool for virtual reality sickness, file e14fb26e-6795-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Experimental Protocol to Assess Neuromuscular Plasticity Induced by an Exoskeleton Training Session, file e14fb26e-e278-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
EEG Fractal Analysis Reflects Brain Impairment after Stroke, file e14fb26e-f5f4-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Impact of social and mobility restrictions in Parkinson's disease during COVID-19 lockdown, file e14fb26f-0971-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Age-related differences in visual P300 ERP during dual-task postural balance, file e14fb26f-46eb-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Quantitative Characterization of Motor Control during Gait in Dravet Syndrome Using Wearable Sensors: A Preliminary Study, file e14fb270-01ae-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
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