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Etiological beliefs, treatments, stigmatizing attitudes toward schizophrenia. What do Italians and Israelis think?, file e14fb26f-82d0-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 27
Brief strategic therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy for women with binge eating disorder and comorbid obesity: A randomized clinical trial one-year follow-up, file e14fb270-1c86-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 20
Screening for Distress in Oncological Patients: The Revised Version of the Psychological Distress Inventory (PDI-R), file c410e25f-dfe1-4bb0-9fcf-d9864608353f 6
Achilles Tendon Rupture and Dysmetabolic Diseases: A Multicentric, Epidemiologic Study, file 82b42852-2629-491b-a2b5-23c534092ec3 2
The Anxiety-Buffer Hypothesis in the Time of COVID-19: When Self-Esteem Protects From the Impact of Loneliness and Fear on Anxiety and Depression, file e14fb26e-59d4-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 2
What is the role of the placebo effect for pain relief in neurorehabilitation? Clinical implications from the Italian consensus conference on pain in neurorehabilitation, file e14fb270-2308-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 2
Cognitive behavioral therapy to aid weight loss in obese patients: Current perspectives, file e14fb270-2c51-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 2
Assessing Psychometric Properties of the Italian Version of the Heartland Forgiveness Scale, file e14fb26e-5681-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Different methods of assessment, food addiction, emotional eating, and binge eating behaviors: Comparing the total model effects of sequential mediation analysis, file e14fb26e-59d8-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
'Paper and pencil' vs. 'online' assessment: Exploring measurement invariance of the Yale Food Addiction Scale 2.0 in inpatients with severe obesity and the general population, file e14fb26e-656c-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Can online assessment be trusted? A pilot study of computer-based - Vs. 'Paper and pencil' - Version of the adult self-report 18-59, file e14fb26e-707c-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Mental Health Through the COVID-19 Quarantine: A Growth Curve Analysis on Italian Young Adults, file e14fb26e-a74a-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
The actyourchange in teens study protocol: An acceptance and commitment therapy-based intervention for adolescents with obesity: A randomized controlled trial, file e14fb26e-f89f-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
From fear to hopelessness: The buffering effect of patient-centered communication in a sample of oncological patients during covid-19, file e14fb26e-f8b6-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Women and violence: alexithymia, relational competence and styles, and satisfaction with life: A comparative profile analysis, file e14fb26f-30c7-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Intergenerational Transmission of Relational Styles: Current Considerations, file e14fb26f-8336-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
The MOTIV-HEART study: A prospective, randomized, single-blind pilot study of brief strategic therapy and motivational interviewing among cardiac rehabilitation patients, file e14fb270-1c88-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Factorial structure and preliminary validation of the Schema Mode Inventory for Eating Disorders (SMI-ED), file e14fb270-230b-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Brief strategic therapy for bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder: A clinical and research protocol, file e14fb270-33bf-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
ACTonHEALTH study protocol: Promoting psychological flexibility with activity tracker and mHealth tools to foster healthful lifestyle for obesity and other chronic health conditions, file e14fb270-39b6-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Ecological and construct validity of a new technical level cuban dance field test, file e14fb270-4692-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Weight stigma in patients with overweight and obesity: validation of the Italian Weight Self-Stigma Questionnaire (WSSQ), file e14fb270-5387-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
Web-based interventions for weight loss or weight loss maintenance in overweight and obese people: A systematic review of systematic reviews, file e14fb270-538b-3de1-e053-1705fe0ac030 1
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