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Etiological beliefs, treatments, stigmatizing attitudes toward schizophrenia. What do Italians and Israelis think? 72
Profiling cancer-related needs and the role of physical, practical and psychological difficulties: A latent class analysis approach 61
When the loss of spirituality leads to the loss of the path: The moderating role of spirituality in a multiple-step-mediation process from physical suffering to distress 59
Structural validity, measurement invariance, reliability and diagnostic accuracy of the Italian version of the Yale Food Addiction Scale 2.0 in patients with severe obesity and the general population 45
Effectiveness of psychological distress reduction with cognitive behavioral therapy for oncological patients: A one-year follow-up study 44
Drunkorexia: Empirical investigation and analysis of the characteristics of the phenomenon in an Italian sample of adolescents and young adults 43
Profiling cancer-related distress and problems: A latent class analysis approach. 43
Assessing mental illness stigma: A complex issue 42
Development and factorial validity of the Psychological Skills Inventory for Sports, Youth Version – Short Form: Assessment of the psychometric properties 39
Behavioural and emotional profiles of children and adolescents with disorders of arousal 34
From fear to hopelessness: The buffering effect of patient-centered communication in a sample of oncological patients during covid-19 31
The actyourchange in teens study protocol: An acceptance and commitment therapy-based intervention for adolescents with obesity: A randomized controlled trial 30
Stages of change in obesity and weight management: factorial structure of the Italian version of the University of Rhode Island Change Assessment Scale 29
Development and Validation of a Self-Determination Theory-Based Measure of Motivation to Exercise and Diet in Children 26
How do education and experience with mental illness interact with causal beliefs, eligible treatments and stigmatising attitudes towards schizophrenia? A comparison between mental health professionals, psychology students, relatives and patients 25
The Italian version of the attitudes toward seeking professional psychological help scale – short form: The first contribution to measurement invariance 24
The Anxiety-Buffer Hypothesis in the Time of COVID-19: When Self-Esteem Protects From the Impact of Loneliness and Fear on Anxiety and Depression 24
Assessing Psychometric Properties of the Italian Version of the Heartland Forgiveness Scale 23
Mental Health Through the COVID-19 Quarantine: A Growth Curve Analysis on Italian Young Adults 23
Effectiveness of brief-focused cognitive behavioral therapy in the reduction of cancer-related distress and emotive problems: A comparative study 23
Web-based interventions for weight loss or weight loss maintenance in overweight and obese people: A systematic review of systematic reviews 17
What is the role of the placebo effect for pain relief in neurorehabilitation? Clinical implications from the Italian consensus conference on pain in neurorehabilitation 16
Social support, psychological distress and depression in hemodialysis patients 16
Feasibility, Validity, and Reliability of the Italian Pediatric Quality of Life Inventory Multidimensional Fatigue Scale for Adults in Inpatients with Severe Obesity 16
Factorial structure and preliminary validation of the Schema Mode Inventory for Eating Disorders (SMI-ED) 15
The MOTIV-HEART study: A prospective, randomized, single-blind pilot study of brief strategic therapy and motivational interviewing among cardiac rehabilitation patients 15
Validation of the Italian Yale Food Addiction Scale in postgraduate university students 15
Brief strategic therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy for women with binge eating disorder and comorbid obesity: A randomized clinical trial one-year follow-up 15
Different methods of assessment, food addiction, emotional eating, and binge eating behaviors: Comparing the total model effects of sequential mediation analysis 14
Brief strategic therapy for bulimia nervosa and binge eating disorder: A clinical and research protocol 14
Correction to: Evaluation of the reliability and validity of the Italian version of the schema mode inventory for eating disorders-short form for adults with dysfunctional eating behaviors (Eating and Weight Disorders - Studies on Anorexia, Bulimia and Obesity, (2019), 10.1007/s40519-019-00644-5) 14
Cognitive behavioral therapy to aid weight loss in obese patients: Current perspectives 13
Intergenerational Transmission of Relational Styles: Current Considerations 13
Extreme sleep state misperception: From psychopathology to objective-subjective sleep measures 13
Ecological and construct validity of a new technical level cuban dance field test 13
ACTonHEALTH study protocol: Promoting psychological flexibility with activity tracker and mHealth tools to foster healthful lifestyle for obesity and other chronic health conditions 13
Evaluation of the reliability and validity of the Italian version of the schema mode inventory for eating disorders: short form for adults with dysfunctional eating behaviors 12
Women and violence: alexithymia, relational competence and styles, and satisfaction with life: A comparative profile analysis 12
Can online assessment be trusted? A pilot study of computer-based - Vs. 'Paper and pencil' - Version of the adult self-report 18-59 11
'Paper and pencil' vs. 'online' assessment: Exploring measurement invariance of the Yale Food Addiction Scale 2.0 in inpatients with severe obesity and the general population 10
Weight stigma in patients with overweight and obesity: validation of the Italian Weight Self-Stigma Questionnaire (WSSQ) 10
Screening for Distress in Oncological Patients: The Revised Version of the Psychological Distress Inventory (PDI-R) 1
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