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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutoriRivistaSerieTitolo libro
1Evaluation of renal cortical perfusion by pulse inversion harmonic imaging with SonoVue: preliminary experience2003QUAIA, EMILIO  ; ECR 2003 - Book of abstracts
2Focal liver lesions characterization by low acoustic power US imaging2003QUAIA, EMILIO  ; Euroson 2003 - Book of abstracts
3Detection of renal perfusion defects in rabbits using non-linear contrast specific mode with low transmit power imaging and SonoVue2004QUAIA, EMILIO  ; ECR 2004 - Book of abstracts
4US and Doppler findings in 10 patients with post-traumatic priapism before and after selective embolization2001QUAIA, EMILIO  ; RSNA 2001 - Book of abstracts
5Characterisation of focal hepatic tumors in chronic liver disease by using low acoustic power mode after injection of sulphur hexafluoride-filled microbubbles2005QUAIA, EMILIO  ; ESGAR 2005 - Book of abstracts
6Characterization of focal hepatic lesions by intermittent ultrasound contrast specific imaging and a second generation ultrasound contrast agent2003QUAIA, EMILIO  ; Euroson 2003 - Book of Abstracts
7Characterization of focal hepatic lesions by contrast specific ultrasound modes and continous low mechanical index stimulation2002QUAIA, EMILIO  ; RSNA 2002 - Book of abstracts
8Assessment of therapeutic effectiveness of specific anti-inflammatory treatment in Corhn’s disease by the quantitative analysis of echo-signal intensity after microbubble contrast agent injection2006QUAIA, EMILIO  ; ESGAR 2007 - Book of abstracts
9Color Doppler appearance of penile cavernosal-spongiosal communications in patients with severe Peyronie’s disease2001QUAIA, EMILIO  ; ECR 2001 - Book of abstracts
10Detection of liver metastases by pulse inversion harmonic imaging in comparison to conventional US and helical CT. Analysis of a numerous patient series2002QUAIA, EMILIO  ; ECR 2002 - Book of abstracts