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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutoriRivistaSerieTitolo libro
1VBNC induction and resucitation of Sinorhizobium meliloti strain 412001CASELLA, SERGIO  ; POVOLO, SILVANA  ; BASAGLIA, MARINA  ISME-9, 9th International Symposium on Microbial Ecology
2Elucidating the cause and effect of NO accumulation in R. sullae Strain HCNT12004BASAGLIA, MARINA  ; BALDAN, ENRICO  ; CASELLA, SERGIO  Cost Action 856- Ecological aspects of denitrification, with emphasis on agriculture
3A possibile role of nirK in Rhizobium sullae HCNT1.2005BASAGLIA, MARINA  ; BALDAN, ENRICO  ; POVOLO, SILVANA  ; CASELLA, SERGIO  COST Action 856 - Denitrification as a challenge for agriculture, environment and basic research
4Oxygen limitation coupled to the presence of nitrogen oxides lead to VBNC status1997BASAGLIA, MARINA  ; POVOLO, SILVANA  ; CASELLA, SERGIO  
5Distinct mechanisms for entering VNC state by different rhizobial strains1998BASAGLIA, MARINA  ; POVOLO, SILVANA  ; CASELLA, SERGIO  IMPACT II Project Contractors Meeting
6The involvement of nitrite reductase of R. sullae in the reduction of different oxyanions2006BASAGLIA, MARINA  ; BALDAN, ENRICO  ; CASELLA, SERGIO  COST Action 856, New developments in the N-cycle reactions in the first decade of the 21th century
7Energy content and metabolic activities of viable but non colturable rhizobia1998POVOLO, SILVANA  ; BASAGLIA, MARINA  ; CASELLA, SERGIO  
8Cell Energy reduction and resuscitation of different rhizobial strains1999BASAGLIA, MARINA  ; POVOLO, SILVANA  ; CASELLA, SERGIO