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TitoloData di pubblicazioneAutoriRivistaSerieTitolo libro
1Non-invasive assessment and quantitation of renal parenchyma perfusion by using contrastenhanced ultrasound after sulfur hexafluoride-filled microbubble injection: A proposal for a new mathematical model2008QUAIA, EMILIO  ; ECR 2008 - Book of Abstracts
2Painless penile induration: Imaging findings and management2008QUAIA, EMILIO  ; RSNA 2008 - Book of abstracts
3Characterization of benign focal liver lesions after injection of SonoVue, a sulphur hexafluoride-filled microbubble-based agent: evaluation of diagnostic accuracy in comparison to baseline US scan2004QUAIA, EMILIO  ; Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting Program
4Assessment of diagnostic confidence in renal malignancies diagnosis at contrast-enhanced US2005QUAIA, EMILIO  ; ESUR 2005
5Comparison of Contrast Material-enhanced Ultrasound versus Baseline Ultrasound and Contrast Material-enhanced Computed Tomography in Liver Metastases Diagnosis2006QUAIA, EMILIO  ; ARRS 2006 - book of abstracts
6Detection of renal perfusion defects in rabbits using non-linear contrast-specific mode with low transmit power imaging and SonoVue2005QUAIA, EMILIO  ; ESUR 2005
7Predictors of Malignancy in Hepatic Nodules Identified in Patients with Chronic Liver Disease and Scanned by Contrast-enhanced Ultrasound with Low Transmit Power Insonation2006QUAIA, EMILIO  ; Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting Program
8Contrast Enhancement Patterns in Benign Liver Tumors Insonated after Microbubble Contrast Agent Injection: Comparison of Diagnostic Performance of Baseline and Contrast-enhanced US in the Histotype Diagnosis2005QUAIA, EMILIO  ; Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting Program
9Differentiation of Hepatocellular Carcinoma from Other Tumoral Histotypes in Patients with Cirrhosis or Chronic Liver Disease after Microbubble Contrast Agent Injection2005QUAIA, EMILIO  ; Scientific Assembly and Annual Meeting Program
10The diagnostic value of small bowel wall vascularity after sulphur hexafluoride – filled microbubble injection in patients with Chron’s disease: Correlation with the disease activity and therapeutic effectiveness of specific anti inflammatory treatment2007QUAIA, EMILIO  ; Scientific assembly and annual meeting program