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Effective strategies of metamodeling and optimization of hot incremental sheet forming process of Ti6Al4Vartificial hip joint component 2022 Ghiotti A.Bruschi S. + JOURNAL OF COMPUTATIONAL SCIENCE - -
FATIGUE STRENGTH OF LPBF Ti6Al4V MACHINED UNDER FLOOD AND CRYOGENIC LUBRI-COOLING CONDITIONS 2022 Bertolini, RacheleCampagnolo, AlbertoSorgato, MarcoGhiotti, AndreaBruschi, StefaniaMeneghetti, Giovanni INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF FATIGUE - -
Severe plastic deformation by Constrained Backward Flowforming 2022 Ghiotti, AndreaBruschi, StefaniaSimonetto, EnricoMagro, Tommaso + CIRP ANNALS - -
Numerical modelling of Direct Hot Tube Rotary Draw Bending of 22MnB5 High Strength Steel 2022 Simonetto E.Ghiotti A.Bruschi S. CIRP - JOURNAL OF MANUFACTURING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - -
The effect of direct electric current on the plastic behavior of aa7075 aluminum alloy in different states of hardening 2021 Bruschi S.Simonetto E.Ghiotti A. + MATERIALS - -
High accuracy direct hot bending of hollow profiles 2021 Simonetto E.Ghiotti A.Bruschi S. MANUFACTURING LETTERS - -
Surface Integrity Evaluation When Turning Inconel 718 Alloy Using Sustainable Lubricating-Cooling Approaches 2021 Bertolini R.Bruschi S.Ghiotti A. + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRECISION ENGINEERING AND MANUFACTURING GREEN TECHNOLOGY - -
Turning of Additively Manufactured Ti6Al4V: Effect of the Highly Oriented Microstructure on the Surface Integrity 2021 Lucia LizzulRachele BertoliniAndrea GhiottiStefania Bruschi MATERIALS - -
Surface Treatment to Promote Joining of Glass Fiber Reinforced Plastic and AZ31 Magnesium Alloy for Fiber Metal Laminates via Hot Metal Pressing 2021 Lizzul, LuciaSorgato, MarcoGhiotti, AndreaBruschi, Stefania - KEY ENGINEERING MATERIALS Key Engineering Materials
Active control of blankholder in sheet metal stamping 2021 Brun M.Ghiotti A.Bruschi S. + - PROCEDIA CIRP Procedia CIRP
Numerical design of load response in magneto-rheological actuators for sheet metal stamping 2021 Bruschi, StefaniaSimonetto, EnricoGhiotti, AndreaBrun, Michele - - ESAFORM 2021
Tribological Conditions in Hot Bending of 22MnB5 Tubes 2021 Simonetto E.Ghiotti A.Bruschi S. - THE MINERALS, METALS & MATERIALS SERIES Minerals, Metals and Materials Series
Enhancing the accuracy of in-process springback measurements of complex tube bending processes using cost-effective embedded sensors 2021 Ghiotti A.Simonetto E.Bruschi S.Savio E. MEASUREMENT SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY - -
Surface texturing to enhance sol-gel coating performances for biomedical applications 2021 Ghiotti A.Bertolini R.Pezzato L.Savio E.Bruschi S. + CIRP ANNALS - -
Surface finish of additively manufactured Ti6Al4V workpieces after ball end milling 2021 lucia lizzulMarco SorgatoRachele BertoliniAndrea GhiottiStefania Bruschi - - Procedia CIRP
Simultaneous bonding and forming of Mg fibre metal laminates at high temperature 2021 Ghiotti, AndreaBruschi, StefaniaLizzul, LuciaSimonetto, Enrico + JOURNAL OF MANUFACTURING PROCESSES - -
In-process measurement of springback in tube rotary draw bending 2021 Simonetto Enricoandrea ghiottistefania bruschi INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL, ADVANCED MANUFACTURING TECHNOLOGY - -
Insights on tube rotary draw bending with superimposed localized thermal field 2021 Ghiotti A.Simonetto E.Bruschi S. CIRP - JOURNAL OF MANUFACTURING SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY - -
Anisotropy effect of additively manufactured Ti6Al4V titanium alloy on surface quality after milling 2021 Lizzul L.Sorgato M.Bertolini R.Ghiotti A.Bruschi S. PRECISION ENGINEERING - -
Incremental roller-flanging of thick metal sheets 2021 Ghiotti A.Del Tito B. M.Simonetto E.Bruschi S. + - KEY ENGINEERING MATERIALS Key Engineering Materials
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 255
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