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Inverse probability weighting to estimate causal effect of a singular phase in a multiphase randomized clinical trial for multiple myeloma 2016 Biggeri A + BMC MEDICAL RESEARCH METHODOLOGY - -
Differences in the carcinogenic evaluation of glyphosate between the international agency for research on cancer (IARC) and the european food safety authority (EFSA) 2016 BIGGERI, ANNIBALE + JOURNAL OF EPIDEMIOLOGY AND COMMUNITY HEALTH - -
Preferential sampling and Bayesian geostatistics: Statistical modeling and examples 2016 CATELAN, DOLORESBIGGERI, ANNIBALE + STATISTICAL METHODS IN MEDICAL RESEARCH - -
Preferential sampling in veterinary parasitological surveillance 2016 Biggeri, AnnibaleCatelan, Dolores + GEOSPATIAL HEALTH - -
Fine airborne particles: when alarming levels are the standard 2016 BACCINI, MICHELABIGGERI, ANNIBALE + PUBLIC HEALTH - -
Patterns and determinants of receipt of follow-up mammography and/or clinical examination in a cohort of Italian breast cancer survivors 2016 BIGGERI, ANNIBALE + BREAST CANCER RESEARCH AND TREATMENT - -
Daily peer review of abnormal cervical smears in the assessment of individual practice as an additional method of internal quality control 2016 BIGGERI, ANNIBALE + CYTOPATHOLOGY - -
Efficacy of ketamine in refractory convulsive status epilepticus in children: A protocol for a sequential design, multicentre, randomised, controlled, open-label, non-profit trial (KETASER01) 2016 Biggeri A.Bianchi R.Battaglia D.Sartori S.Mora D.Mastrangelo M. + BMJ OPEN - -
Air pollution exposure, cause-specific deaths and hospitalizations in a highly polluted italian region 2016 CATELAN, DOLORESBIGGERI, ANNIBALEBACCINI, MICHELA + ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH - -
Geostatistical integration and uncertainty in pollutant concentration surface under preferential sampling 2016 CATELAN, DOLORESBACCINI, MICHELABIGGERI, ANNIBALE + GEOSPATIAL HEALTH - -
Spatial analysis of incidence of cutaneous melanoma in the Friuli Venezia Giulia region in the period 1995-2005 2016 Biggeri, AnnibaleCatelan, Dolores + GEOSPATIAL HEALTH - -
Sheep and Fasciola hepatica in Europe: the GLOWORM experience 2015 Biggeri, AnnibaleCatelan, Dolores + GEOSPATIAL HEALTH - -
Information and Communication Technologies, Genes, and Peer-Production of Knowledge to Empower Citizens’ Health 2015 BIGGERI, ANNIBALE + SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING ETHICS - -
Early diagnosis and monitoring of neurodegenerative langerhans cell histiocytosis 2015 BIGGERI, ANNIBALE + PLOS ONE - -
Heptadecanoylcarnitine (C17) a novel candidate biomarker for newborn screening of propionic and methylmalonic acidemias 2015 BIGGERI, ANNIBALELA MARCA, GIANCARLO + CLINICA CHIMICA ACTA - -
Exocyclic DNA adducts in sheep with skeletal fluorosis resident in the proximity of the Portoscuso-Portovesme industrial estate on Sardinia Island, Italy 2015 Catelan, DoloresBiggeri, Annibale + TOXICOLOGY RESEARCH - -
Monitoring immigrants’ health in Italy within the network of the Metropolitan Longitudinal Studies 2015 Biggeri, ACanova, C + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PUBLIC HEALTH - -
Dysgraphia as a mild expression of dystonia in children with absence epilepsy 2015 BIGGERI, ANNIBALE + PLOS ONE - -
Mapping and modelling helminth infections in ruminants in Europe: Experience from GLOWORM 2015 Biggeri A.Catelan D. + GEOSPATIAL HEALTH - -
Commuting-Adjusted Short-Term Health Impact Assessment of Airborne Fine Particles with Uncertainty Quantification via Monte Carlo Simulation 2015 BACCINI, MICHELACATELAN, DOLORESBIGGERI, ANNIBALE + ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH PERSPECTIVES - -
Mostrati risultati da 41 a 60 di 458
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