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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autori Rivista Serie Titolo libro
Effects of graphite nano-particle additions on dry sliding behaviour of plasma-electrolytic-oxidation-treated EV31A magnesium alloy against steel in air 2018 Luca PezzatoPaolo DolcetManuele DabalàMARTINI, CARLA + WEAR - -
Friction of rough surfaces on ice: Experiments and modeling 2016 Berardo, Alice + WEAR - -
Graphene nanoplatelets as additives to MQL for improving tool life in machining Inconel 718 alloy 2021 Bertolini R.Ghiotti A.Bruschi S. WEAR - -
Hybrid lubricating/cooling strategies to reduce the tool wear in finishing turning of difficult-to-cut alloys 2017 Sartori, S.Ghiotti, A.Bruschi, S. WEAR - -
Influence of matrix hardness on the dry sliding behaviour of 20%vol Al2O3 particulate reinforced 6061 Al metal matrix composite 1997 TIZIANI, ALBERTOBONOLLO, FRANCO + WEAR - -
Influence of process parameters on tribological behaviour of AA7075 in hot stamping 2019 Ghiotti, A.Simonetto, E.Bruschi, S. WEAR - -
A new machine for testing ferrofluids lubrication performances by reciprocating sliding wear 2023 Simonetto E.Ghiotti A.Brun M.Bruschi S. WEAR - -
Plastic flattening of a sinusoidal metal surface: A discrete dislocation plasticity study 2012 Nicola, Lucia + WEAR - -
The use of Raman spectroscopy in the analysis of UHMWPE uni-condylar bearing systems after run on a force and displacement control knee simulators 2013 CARMIGNATO, SIMONE + WEAR - -
Tool wear analysis in high-frequency vibration-assisted drilling of additive manufactured Ti6Al4V alloy 2021 Sorgato M.Bertolini R.Ghiotti A.Bruschi S. WEAR - -
Tool wear assessment when drilling AISI H13 tool steel multilayered claddings 2023 Sorgato M.Bertolini R.Ghiotti A.Bruschi S. WEAR - -
Tool wear reduction in ultrasonic vibration-assisted turning of SiC-reinforced metal-matrix composite 2023 Bertolini R.Andrea GhiottiBruschi S. + WEAR - -
Tribological behaviour of DLC coatings for sheet metal forming tools 2011 GHIOTTI, ANDREABRUSCHI, STEFANIA WEAR - -
Uncertainty evaluation of volumetric wear assessment from coordinate measurements of ceramic hip joint prostheses 2011 CARMIGNATO, SIMONESAVIO, ENRICO + WEAR - -
Wear onset in hot stamping of aluminium alloys sheets 2017 Ghiotti, A.Bruschi, S.Medea, F. WEAR - -
Mostrati risultati da 8 a 22 di 22
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