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Age-related alterations of hyaluronan and collagen in extracellular matrix of the muscle spindles 2022 Fan C.Pirri C.Fede C.Guidolin D.Biz C.Petrelli L.Porzionato A.Macchi V.De Caro R.Stecco C. JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE - -
Fascial Innervation: A Systematic Review of the Literature 2022 Fede, CaterinaPirri, CarmeloPetrelli, LuciaDe Caro, RaffaeleStecco, Carla + INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES - -
Evidence of a new hidden neural network into deep fasciae 2021 Fede, CaterinaPetrelli, LuciaGuidolin, DiegoPorzionato, AndreaPirri, CarmeloFan, ChengleiDe Caro, RaffaeleStecco, Carla SCIENTIFIC REPORTS - -
Dynamic ultrasonography for assessing the nerve-fasciae relationship in entrapment syndromes 2021 Pirri C.Stecco C.Fede C.De Caro R. + MEDICAL ULTRASONOGRAPHY - -
Ultrasound Imaging of Crural Fascia and Epimysial Fascia Thicknesses in Basketball Players with Previous Ankle Sprains Versus Healthy Subjects 2021 Pirri, CarmeloFede, CaterinaGuidolin, DiegoFan, ChengleiDe Caro, RaffaeleStecco, Carla + DIAGNOSTICS - -
A closer look at the cellular and molecular components of the deep/muscular fasciae 2021 Fede C.Pirri C.Fan C.Petrelli L.Guidolin D.De Caro R.Stecco C. INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES - -
Diabetic foot: The role of fasciae, a narrative review 2021 Pirri C.Fede C.Petrelli L.Fan C.De Caro R.Stecco C. + BIOLOGY - -
Fascia lata alterations in hip osteoarthritis: An observational cross-sectional study 2021 Fantoni I.Biz C.Fan C.Pirri C.Fede C.Petrelli L.Ruggieri P.De Caro R.Stecco C. LIFE - -
Ultrasound Imaging of Head/Neck Muscles and Their Fasciae: An Observational Study 2021 Pirri, CarmeloFede, CaterinaFan, ChengleiGuidolin, DiegoMacchi, VeronicaDe Caro, RaffaeleStecco, Carla FRONTIERS IN REHABILITATION SCIENCES - -
Ultrasound imaging of Brachial and antebrachial Fasciae 2021 Pirri C.Guidolin D.Fede C.Macchi V.De Caro R.Stecco C. DIAGNOSTICS - -
Sensitivity of the Fasciae to the Endocannabinoid System: Production of Hyaluronan-Rich Vesicles and Potential Peripheral Effects of Cannabinoids in Fascial Tissue 2020 Fede, CaterinaPirri, CarmeloPetrelli, LuciaGuidolin, DiegoFan, ChengleiDe Caro, RaffaeleStecco, Carla INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF MOLECULAR SCIENCES - -
Effects of cesarean section and vaginal delivery on abdominal muscles and fasciae 2020 Fan C.Guidolin D.Ragazzo S.Fede C.Pirri C.Gaudreault N.Porzionato A.Macchi V.De Caro R.Stecco C. MEDICINA - -
Dynamic Ultrasound examination of the Paratenon and Fascia in Chronic Achilles Tendinopathy 2020 Pirri, CarmeloStecco, CarlaFede, CaterinaDe Caro, Raffaele + AMERICAN JOURNAL OF PHYSICAL MEDICINE & REHABILITATION - -
Quantitative evaluation of the echo intensity of paraneural area and myofascial structure around median nerve in carpal tunnel syndrome 2020 Fan C.Fede C.Pirri C.Guidolin D.Biz C.Macchi V.de Caro R.Stecco C. DIAGNOSTICS - -
An anatomical comparison of the fasciae of the thigh: A macroscopic, microscopic and ultrasound imaging study 2020 Pirri C.Fede C.Petrelli L.Guidolin D.Fan C.De Caro R.Stecco C. JOURNAL OF ANATOMY - -
Variations in contents of hyaluronan in the peritumoral micro-environment of human chondrosarcoma 2019 Fede, CaterinaStecco, CarlaAngelini, AndreaFan, ChengleiBelluzzi, ElisaPozzuoli, AssuntaRuggieri, PietroDe Caro, Raffaele JOURNAL OF ORTHOPAEDIC RESEARCH - -
The crural interosseous membrane re-visited: a histological and microscopic study 2019 Fan, ChengleiFede, CaterinaStecco, Carla + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MYOLOGY - -
Inter-rater reliability and variability of ultrasound measurements of abdominal muscles and fasciae thickness. 2019 Carmelo PirriSilvia TodrosCaterina FedeSilvia PianigianiChenglei FanCarla SteccoPiero Pavan + CLINICAL ANATOMY - -
Ultrasound imaging of a scar on the knee: Sonopalpation for fascia and subcutaneous tissues 2019 Pirri, CFede, CDe Caro, RStecco, C + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF TRANSLATIONAL MYOLOGY - -
Quantification of hyaluronan in human fasciae: variations with function and anatomical site 2018 Fede, CAngelini, AMacchi, VPorzionato, ARuggieri, PDe Caro, RStecco, C + JOURNAL OF ANATOMY - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 53
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