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On the beamforming design of millimeter wave UAV networks: Power vs. capacity trade-offs 2022 Giordani M.Zorzi M. + COMPUTER NETWORKS - -
Hybrid Point Cloud Semantic Compression for Automotive Sensors: A Performance Evaluation 2021 Varischio A.Bullo M.Giordani M.Testolina P.Zorzi M. + - IEEE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON COMMUNICATIONS IEEE International Conference on Communications
On the role of sensor fusion for object detection in future vehicular networks 2021 Rossi V.Testolina P.Giordani M.Zorzi M. - - Proceedings of 2021 Joint European Conference on Networks and Communications and 6G Summit, EuCNC/6G Summit 2021
Accuracy vs. Complexity for mmWave Ray-Tracing: A Full Stack Perspective 2021 Lecci, MattiaTestolina, PaoloPolese, MicheleGiordani, MarcoZorzi, Michele IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS - -
On the Convergence Time of Federated Learning over Wireless Networks under Imperfect CSI 2021 Pase F.Giordani M.Zorzi M. - - Proceedings of 2021 IEEE International Conference on Communications Workshops (ICC Workshops)
The Potential of Multilayered Hierarchical Nonterrestrial Networks for 6G: A Comparative Analysis among Networking Architectures 2021 Giordani M.Zorzi M. + IEEE VEHICULAR TECHNOLOGY MAGAZINE - -
NoBis: A crowd monitoring service against COVID-19 2021 Cisotto G.Giordani M.Ferro N. + - CEUR WORKSHOP PROCEEDINGS Proc. 17th Italian Research Conference on Digital Libraries (IRCDL 2021)
Predictive Quality of Service: The Next Frontier for Fully Autonomous Systems 2021 Giordani, MarcoZorzi, Michele + IEEE NETWORK - -
6G for Bridging the Digital Divide: Wireless Connectivity to Remote Areas 2021 Giordani, MarcoZorzi, Michele + IEEE WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS - -
6G Drivers for B2B Market 2021 Giordani, MarcoPolese, MicheleZorzi, Michele + - - Shaping Future 6G Networks: Needs, Impacts, and Technologies
QUIC-EST: A QUIC-Enabled Scheduling and Transmission Scheme to Maximize VoI with Correlated Data Flows 2021 Chiariotti F.Deshpande A. A.Giordani M.Mahmoodi T.Zanella A. + IEEE COMMUNICATIONS MAGAZINE - -
Integrated Access and Backhaul in 5G mmWave Networks: Potential and Challenges 2020 Polese, MicheleGiordani, MarcoZugno, TommasoZorzi, Michele + IEEE COMMUNICATIONS MAGAZINE - -
Non-Terrestrial Networks in the 6G Era: Challenges and Opportunities 2020 Marco GiordaniMichele Zorzi IEEE NETWORK - -
Toward Standardization of Millimeter-Wave Vehicle-to-Vehicle Networks: Open Challenges and Performance Evaluation 2020 Zugno T.Drago M.Giordani M.Polese M.Zorzi M. IEEE COMMUNICATIONS MAGAZINE - -
An Adaptive Broadcasting Strategy for Efficient Dynamic Mapping in Vehicular Networks 2020 Mason F.Giordani M.Chiariotti F.Zanella A.Zorzi M. IEEE TRANSACTIONS ON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS - -
Satellite Communication at Millimeter Waves: a Key Enabler of the 6G Era 2020 Giordani, MarcoZorzi, Michele - - Proceedings of 2020 International Conference on Computing, Networking and Communications (ICNC)
Coverage Analysis of UAVs in Millimeter Wave Networks: A Stochastic Geometry Approach 2020 Matilde BoschieroMarco GiordaniMichele PoleseMichele Zorzi - - Proceedings of 16th International Wireless Communications & Mobile Computing Conference (IWCMC 2020)
Enabling Technologies for Future Transportation Systems: an End-to-End Performance Evaluation 2020 M. GiordaniA. ZanellaM. Zorzi + - - Proceedings of 26th ITS World Congress
Simplified Ray Tracing for the Millimeter Wave Channel: A Performance Evaluation 2020 Mattia LecciPaolo TestolinaMarco GiordaniMichele PoleseMichele Zorzi + - - Proceedings of 2020 Information Theory and Applications Workshop (ITA)
MilliCar - An ns-3 Module for mmWave NR V2X Networks 2020 M DragoT ZugnoM PoleseM GiordaniM Zorzi - - Proceedings of Workshop on ns-3 (WNS3), 2020
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