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The 2018 European heatwave led to stem dehydration but not to consistent growth reductions in forests 2022 Carraro V. + NATURE COMMUNICATIONS - -
Radial stem growth dynamics and phenology of a multi-stemmed species (Corylus avellana L.) across orchards in the Northern and Southern hemispheres 2021 Pasqualotto, GaiaBicego, GiovanniCarraro, VinicioAnfodillo, Tommaso + TREE PHYSIOLOGY - -
Assessment of Canopy Conductance Responses to Vapor Pressure Deficit in Eight Hazelnut Orchards Across Continents 2021 Pasqualotto, GaiaCarraro, VinicioAnfodillo, Tommaso + FRONTIERS IN PLANT SCIENCE - -
Transpiration decrease in shaded hazelnuts: a green light for experimenting new orchard structures 2021 Gaia PasqualottoVinicio CarraroTommaso Anfodillo + - - Book of Abstract
Power supply circuit for sap flow probes (TDP system) 2020 Vinicio Carraro - - -
Calibration of Granier-Type (TDP) Sap Flow Probes by a High Precision Electronic Potometer 2019 Pasqualotto, GaiaCarraro, VinicioMenardi, RobertoAnfodillo, Tommaso SENSORS - -
Carbon Limitation and Drought Sensitivity at Contrasting Elevation and Competition of Abies pinsapo Forests. Does Experimental Thinning Enhance Water Supply and Carbohydrates? 2019 Vinicio Carraro + FORESTS - -
Heat wave June 2019 in the Dolomites mountains - Italy 2019 Carraro Vinicio - - -
The variation of irrigation regime in Hazelnut cv. TGL has little impact on canopy conductance 2019 Gaia PasqualottoVinicio CarraroTommaso Anfodillo + - - IX International Symposium On Irrigation Of Horticultural Crops
Quantification of uncertainties in conifer sap flow measured with the thermal dissipation method 2018 Carraro, VinicioPrendin, Angela Luisa + NEW PHYTOLOGIST - -
Summary of the Results of the growing season 2017-2018 in Narrandera and Orange (NSW, Australia) 2018 Gaia PasqualottoVinicio CarraroTommaso Anfodillo + - - -
Final Report Monitoring water relations in hazelnut plantations located in Dellapool, Narrandera (NSW, Australia) 2018 PASQUALOTTO, GAIAVinicio CarraroTommaso Anfodillo + - - -
Humusica 1, article 5: Terrestrial humus systems and forms - Keys of classification of humus systems and forms 2018 Zanella, AugustoZampedri, RobertoMenardi, RobertoFausto, FontanellaCarraro, VinicioPizzeghello, DiegoConcheri, GiuseppeSquartini, AndreaCattaneo, DinaScattolin, LindaNardi, SerenellaViola, Franco + APPLIED SOIL ECOLOGY - -
Impact of Climate Trends and Drought Events on the Growth of Oaks (Quercus robur L. and Quercus petraea (Matt.) Liebl.) within and beyond Their Natural Range 2018 Vinicio Carraro + FORESTS - -
Assessing water limitation in a productive hazelnut (C.avellana) orchard in NSW-Australia: a physiological approach to determine potential productivity 2018 Gaia PasqualottoVinicio CarraroTommaso Anfodillo + - - European Geoscience Union - General Assembly 2018
Experiencias de manejo adaptativo derivadas de la retroalimentación investigación-gestión en los Pinsapares andaluces 2017 V. Carraro + - - LOS BOSQUES Y LA BIODIVERSIDAD FRENTE AL CAMBIO CLIMÁTICO: Im pactos, Vulnerabilidad y Adaptación en España
Risposta al clima e agli eventi estremi di Cedrus deodara nel parco Bolasco, Castelfranco Veneto (TV) 2017 Castagneri D.Semenzato P.Pirotti F.Carraro V.Carrer M. - - Abstract-book XI Congresso Nazionale SISEF
Monitoring water relations in hazelnut plantations located in Cancon, France - SUMMARY OF THE RESULTS FOR THE GROWING SEASON 2016 2017 PASQUALOTTO, GAIAANFODILLO, TOMMASOCARRARO, VINICIO - - -
Ricerca in corilicoltura: strategie innovative 2017 ANFODILLO, TOMMASOCARRARO, VINICIOPASQUALOTTO, GAIA + TERRA È VITA - -
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