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A risk stratification scheme for synchronous oligometastatic non-small cell lung cancer developed by a multicentre analysis 2021 Rea F.Schiavon M.Negri G.Cardillo G.Ruffini E.Marulli G.Tamburini N.Ceccarelli S. + LUNG CANCER - -
Vascular involvement in thymic epithelial tumors: Surgical and oncological outcomes 2021 Comacchio G. M.Dell'amore A.Marino M. C.Russo M. D.Schiavon M.Mammana M.Faccioli E.Lorenzoni G.Gregori D.Pasello G.Marulli G.Rea F. CANCERS - -
The rarest of rare thymic lesions: A 10-year surgical pathology experience 2021 Calabrese F.Fortarezza F.Pezzuto F.Lunardi F.Comacchio G.Sbaraglia M.Pasello G.Marulli G.Dei Tos A. P. + CANCERS - -
Organ Care System Lung resulted in lower apoptosis and iNOS expression in donor lungs 2020 Calabrese F.Schiavon M.Lunardi F.Marulli G.Pezzuto F.Forin E.Rea F. + AMERICAN JOURNAL OF TRANSPLANTATION - -
Sternochondral replacement: Use of cadaveric allograft for the reconstruction of anterior chest wall 2020 Marulli G.Ferrigno P.Schiavon M.Mammana M. + JOURNAL OF THORACIC DISEASE - -
Predictors of nodal upstaging in patients with cT1-3N0 non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC): results from the Italian VATS Group Registry 2020 Marulli G.Faccioli E.Mammana M.Nicotra S.Comacchio G.Verderi E. + SURGERY TODAY - -
Predictors of behaviour in solitary fibrous tumours of the pleura surgically resected: Analysis of 107 patients 2019 Bellini A.Marulli G.FERRIGNO, PIATERZI, STEFANOLOMANGINO, IVANLaurino L.Pezzuto F.Calabrese F.Rea F. + JOURNAL OF SURGICAL ONCOLOGY - -
Thymic Carcinoma With Thyroid Transcription Factor-1 Expression: An Insidious Pitfall 2019 Monaci N.Comacchio G. M.Verderi E.Marulli G.Schiavon M.Fortarezza F.Pezzuto F.Calabrese F.Rea F. JOURNAL OF THORACIC ONCOLOGY - -
Does Induction Therapy Increase Anastomotic Complications in Bronchial Sleeve Resections? 2019 Comacchio, Giovanni M.Schiavon, MarcoAzzolina, DanilaMammana, MarcoMarulli, GiuseppeZuin, AndreaVerderi, EnricoMonaci, NicolaPasello, GiuliaRea, Federico + WORLD JOURNAL OF SURGERY - -
Extended criteria donor lung reconditioning with the organ care system lung: a single institution experience 2019 Schiavon, MarcoFaggi, GiulioLunardi, FrancescaComacchio, GiovanniDi Gregorio, GuidoFeltracco, PaoloGregori, DarioCalabrese, FiorellaMarulli, GiuseppeCozzi, EmanueleFederico, Rea + TRANSPLANT INTERNATIONAL - -
Surgical Decision Making: Thymoma and Myasthenia Gravis 2019 Comacchio G. M.Marulli G.Mammana M.Natale G.Schiavon M.Rea F. THORACIC SURGERY CLINICS - -
Vein Suturing Results in Worse Lung Graft Outcomes Compared to the Cuff Method 2019 Vuljan S.Pezzuto F.TODESCHINI, MARTAMarulli G.Rea F.Calabrese F. + EUROPEAN SURGICAL RESEARCH - -
Blood Products Transfusion and Mid-Term Outcomes of Lung Transplanted Patients Under Extracorporeal Membrane Oxygenation Support 2018 Pettenuzzo, TommasoFAGGI, GIULIODi Gregorio, GuidoSchiavon, MarcoMarulli, GiuseppeGregori, DarioRea, FedericoOri, CarloFeltracco, Paolo PROGRESS IN TRANSPLANTATION - -
Current Practices in the Management of Pulmonary Ground-Glass Opacities: A Survey of SICT Members 2018 Marulli, GiuseppeRea, FedericoCardillo, Giuseppe + ANNALS OF THORACIC SURGERY - -
Thoracoscopic wedge resection in single-lung patients 2018 Zampieri, DavideMarulli, GiuseppeComacchio, Giovanni MariaSchiavon, MarcoZuin, AndreaRea, Federico JOURNAL OF THORACIC DISEASE - -
Comparing robotic and trans-sternal thymectomy for early-stage thymoma: a propensity score-matching study 2018 Marulli, GiuseppeComacchio, Giovanni MariaSchiavon, MarcoRebusso, AlessandroMammana, MarcoZampieri, DavidePerissinotto, EgleRea, Federico EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF CARDIO-THORACIC SURGERY - -
Pushing the limits of reconditioning: Extended normothermic lung perfusion in an extended criteria donor 2018 Schiavon, MarcoZampieri, DavideMarulli, GiuseppeVerderi, EnricoComacchio, Giovanni MariaLunardi, FrancescaFeltracco, PaoloCalabrese, FiorellaCozzi, EmanueleRea, Federico + JOURNAL OF THORACIC DISEASE - -
Lung ultrasound as a monitoring tool in lung transplantation in rodents: a feasibility study 2018 DIANA, PAOLOZAMPIERI, DAVIDEFURLANI, ELISAPIVETTA, EMANUELE EMILIO GIUSEPPECalabrese, FiorellaPEZZUTO, FEDERICAMarulli, GiuseppeRea, FedericoOri, CarloPersona, Paolo JOURNAL OF THORACIC DISEASE - -
Predictors of unexpected nodal upstaging in patients with cT1-3N0 non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) submitted to thoracoscopic lobectomy 2018 Marulli, GiuseppeVerderi, EnricoComacchio, Giovanni MMONACI, NICOLANATALE, GIUSEPPERea, Federico + JOURNAL OF VISUALIZED SURGERY - -
Induction chemotherapy vs post-operative adjuvant therapy for malignant pleural mesothelioma 2017 MARULLI, GIUSEPPEFACCIOLI, ELEONORABELLINI, ALICEMAMMANA, MARCOREA, FEDERICO EXPERT REVIEW OF RESPIRATORY MEDICINE - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 144
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