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Economic complexity and income inequality: evidence from Italian regions 2024 Roberto Antonietti + - - Clusters in times of uncertainty. Japanese and European perspectives
La complessità economica 2023 Roberto AntoniettiChiara Burlina - - NordEst 2023. La mappa delle possibilità infinite.
Robots and the productivity of local manufacturing systems in Emilia-Romagna: the mediating role of occupational similarity and complexity 2023 Roberto AntoniettiLuca CattaniGiulio Pedrini EUROPEAN PLANNING STUDIES - -
Education, routine, and complexity-biased Key Enabling Technologies: evidence from Emilia-Romagna, Italy 2023 Roberto AntoniettiFrancesca Gambarotto + INDUSTRY AND INNOVATION - -
Exploring the entropy‑complexity nexus. Evidence from Italy 2023 Roberto AntoniettiChiara Burlina ECONOMIA POLITICA - -
Inward FDI and the quality of domestic institutions: a cross-country panel VAR analysis 2023 Roberto AntoniettiJasmine Mondolo ECONOMIC SYSTEMS - -
The wealth of nations and the first wave of COVID-19 diffusion 2023 Roberto AntoniettiFulvio Fontini + ITALIAN ECONOMIC JOURNAL - -
Linking FDI and trade network topology with the COVID-19 pandemic 2023 Roberto Antonietti + JOURNAL OF ECONOMIC INTERACTION AND COORDINATION - -
Advanced Manufacturing Technology and the Demand for Tasks and Skills in Emilia-Romagna, Italy 2022 Antonietti R.Gambarotto F.Pedrini G. + SR SCIENZE REGIONALI - -
Industry 4.0 and regional transformations. 2022 Roberto Antonietti PAPERS IN REGIONAL SCIENCE - -
Flussi studenteschi e mercato immobiliare: il caso dell’Università di Padova 2022 Roberto AntoniettiElena Botton REGIONAL STUDIES AND LOCAL DEVELOPMENT - -
The world trade network: country centrality and the COVID-19 pandemic 2022 Roberto AntoniettiFulvio Fontini + APPLIED NETWORK SCIENCE - -
Social capital, resilience, and regional diversification in Italy 2021 Roberto Antonietti + INDUSTRIAL AND CORPORATE CHANGE - -
From FDI to economic complexity: a panel Granger causality analysis 2021 Roberto Antonietti + STRUCTURAL CHANGE AND ECONOMIC DYNAMICS - -
Assessing the role of entropy on economic complexity in Italian regions 2021 Roberto AntoniettiChiara Burlina - - Unlocking Regional Innovation and Entrepreneurship. The Potential for Increasing Capacities
Going beyond relatedness: regional diversification trajectories and Key Enabling Technologies (KETs) in Italian regions 2021 Roberto Antonietti + ECONOMIC GEOGRAPHY - -
Quality of institutions and standard of living: a panel cointegration analysis 2021 Roberto AntoniettiChiara Burlina ECONOMICS BULLETIN - -
Assessing the relationship between air Quality,Wealth, and the First Wave of COVID-19 Diffusion and Mortality 2021 Roberto AntoniettiFulvio Fontini + - - Energy Transition, Climate Change, and COVID-19
Guest editorial: The effects of clusters on innovation, entrepreneurship and global value chains 2020 Roberto AntoniettiEnrico Carlet COMPETITIVENESS REVIEW - -
The role of industry variety in the creation of innovative start-ups in Italy 2020 Roberto AntoniettiFrancesca Gambarotto SMALL BUSINESS ECONOMICS - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 113
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