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Industrial Internet of Things and job characteristics in production lines: an empirical analysis 2020 Ambra GaleazzoAndrea FurlanLuca VendraminelliAndrea Vinelli + - - Managing Operations for Impact - Proceedings of the 27th EurOMA Conference -
Developing operational problem solvers: the role of job design decisions 2020 Galeazzo A.Furlan A. TOTAL QUALITY MANAGEMENT & BUSINESS EXCELLENCE - -
The role of organizational context and top-down decision making on continuous improvement and performance 2019 Galeazzo A.Furlan A.Vinelli A. - - "Operations adding value to society"
Continuous Improvement: A Tension between Performance Management and Social Support 2019 Ambra GaleazzoAndrea FurlanAndrea Vinelli - - POMS Annual Conference Proceedings
Good problem solvers? Leveraging knowledge sharing mechanisms and management support 2019 Galeazzo A.Furlan A. JOURNAL OF KNOWLEDGE MANAGEMENT - -
Organizational and perceived learning in the workplace: A multilevel perspective on employees' problem solving 2019 Furlan A.Galeazzo A.Paggiaro A. ORGANIZATION SCIENCE - -
Modelli di business nelle imprese ad alto tasso di sostenibilità: un focus su b corp e società benefit in Italia 2019 De Marchi, ValentinaDi Maria, EleonoraGaleazzo, Ambra ECONOMIA E SOCIETÀ REGIONALE. OLTRE IL PONTE - -
Job satisfaction in plants of the Veneto region: how can be incentivized? 2019 galeazzo ambra ECONOMIA E SOCIETÀ REGIONALE - -
Ownership influences on corporate social responsibility in the Indian context 2018 Ambra Galeazzo + ASIA PACIFIC JOURNAL OF MANAGEMENT - -
Lean bundles and configurations: a fsQCA approach 2018 Ambra GaleazzoAndrea Furlan INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF OPERATIONS & PRODUCTION MANAGEMENT - -
The organizational infrastructure of continuous improvement – an empirical analysis 2017 GALEAZZO, AMBRAFURLAN, ANDREAVINELLI, ANDREA OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT RESEARCH - -
Systematic problem solving of shop-floor employees and learning mechanisms: a multilevel approach 2016 Andrea FurlanAmbra GaleazzoAdriano Paggiaro - - Academy of Management Proceedings 2016
Organizational context and the implementation of environmental and social practices: What are the linkages to manufacturing strategy? 2015 Galeazzo, Ambra + JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION - -
Lean and green in action: interdependencies and performance of pollution prevention projects 2014 GALEAZZO, AMBRAFURLAN, ANDREAVINELLI, ANDREA JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION - -
Understanding environmental-operations integration: The case of pollution prevention projects 2014 GALEAZZO, AMBRAFURLAN, ANDREAVINELLI, ANDREA INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF PRODUCTION ECONOMICS - -
Environmental Management in Operations: Antecedents, Strategies, Performances 2012 Galeazzo, Ambra - - -
Environmental leaders in the private sector: going beyond conventional behaviour 2012 Galeazzo, A.Tognazzo, A.DE MARCHI, VALENTINA + - - Environmental Leadership
Lean and Green in Action: Drivers, Interdependencies and Performance of Enviromental Projects 2011 GALEAZZO AFRANCHINI, VALENTINAFURLAN, ANDREAVINELLI, ANDREA - - West Meets East: Enlightening, Balancing, Transcending
Are Lean and Green Complementary? Evidence from two Case Studies 2010 FRANCHINI, VALENTINAGALEAZZO, AMBRAFURLAN, ANDREAVINELLI, ANDREA - - Managing Operations in Service Economies (edited by) Rui Sousa
Sustainable Operations and Lean Management: towards an Integrated Approach 2010 FRANCHINI, VALENTINAGALEAZZO AFURLAN, ANDREAVINELLI, ANDREA - - Operations in Emerging Economies, 21st Annual Production Operations Management Society Conference
Mostrati risultati da 21 a 40 di 40
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