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Titolo Data di pubblicazione Autore(i) Rivista Serie Titolo libro
Weak and Strong Sustainability of Irrigation: A Framework for Irrigation Practices Under Limited Water Availability 2020 Borsato E.Marinello F.Tarolli P. + FRONTIERS IN SUSTAINABLE FOOD SYSTEMS - -
Use of multiple indicators to compare sustainability performance of organic vs conventional vineyard management 2020 Borsato E.Tarolli P.Marinello F. + SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT - -
Analysis of the Water Footprint of Agriculture Products and the Related MItigation Strategies 2019 Borsato, Eros - - -
Impact of mechanisation on soil loss in terraced vineyard landscapes 2019 Anton PijlMAURI, LUCAEros BorsatoStefano GrigolatoPaolo Tarolli + CUADERNOS DE INVESTIGACIÓN GEOGRÁFICA - -
Comparison of Water-focused Life Cycle Assessment and Water Footprint Assessment: The case of an Italian wine 2019 BORSATO, EROSPaolo TarolliFrancesco Marinello + SCIENCE OF THE TOTAL ENVIRONMENT - -
Sustainability assessment of agriculture water use under water scarcity limitation and climate change adaptation 2019 Eros BorsatoFrancesco MarinelloPaolo Tarolli + GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH ABSTRACTS - Geophysical Research Abstracts
Environmental and Economic Sustainability Assessment for Two Different Sprinkler and A Drip Irrigation Systems: A Case Study on Maize Cropping 2019 Eros BorsatoMarco MartelloFrancesco MarinelloLucia Bortolini AGRICULTURE - -
Sustainable patterns of main agricultural products combining different footprint parameters 2018 BORSATO, EROSPaolo TarolliFrancesco Marinello JOURNAL OF CLEANER PRODUCTION - -
L’impronta idrica che premia produttore e consumatore 2018 Eros BorsatoPaolo TarolliFrancesco Marinello L'INFORMATORE AGRARIO - -
Per ridurre l’impronta idrica serve una gestione sostenibile 2018 Eros BorsatoFrancesco MarinelloPaolo Tarolli L'INFORMATORE AGRARIO - -
Decrease the Water Footprint using precision agriculture: a comparison between conventional and conservative agriculture 2018 Eros BorsatoPaolo TarolliLuigi SartoriFrancesco Marinello GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH ABSTRACTS - Geophysical Research Abstracts
Evaluation of the GreyWater Footprint Comparing the Indirect Effects of Different Agricultural Practices 2018 Eros BorsatoPaolo TarolliLuigi SartoriFrancesco Marinello + SUSTAINABILITY - -
Correlation of water with carbon/energy footprints for effective agricultural and livestock products classification 2017 BORSATO, EROSMARINELLO, FRANCESCOTAROLLI, PAOLO GEOPHYSICAL RESEARCH ABSTRACTS - Geophysical research abstract
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 13 di 13
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