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A global analysis of complexity–biodiversity relationships on marine artificial structures 2021 Abbiati M.Airoldi L.Hawkins S. J. + GLOBAL ECOLOGY AND BIOGEOGRAPHY - -
Innovative Strategies, Monitoring and Analysis of the Coastal Erosion Risk: the STIMARE Project 2019 Marco AbbiatiLaura AiroldiMassimo Guerrero + - - The Proceedings of The Twenty-ninth (2019) International OCEAN AND POLAR ENGINEERING CONFERENCE
Can environmental gradients promote non-indigenous species recruitment? The case study of the Ravenna channel-port 2019 Ponti M.Airoldi L.Abbiati M. + - - Book of abstracts, 54th European Marine Biology Symposium
A population genomics insight by 2b‐RAD reveals populations' uniqueness along the Italian coastline in Leptopsammia pruvoti (Scleractinia, Dendrophylliidae) 2019 Boscari, ElisaAbbiati, MarcoA. M. Marino, IlariaPapetti, ChiaraPaterno, MartaPonti, MassimoZane, LorenzoCongiu, Leonardo + DIVERSITY AND DISTRIBUTIONS - -
Mediterranean Bioconstructions Along the Italian Coast 2018 ABBIATI, MARCOBoscari, ElisaCongiu, LeonardoMILAZZO, MARCOPIRAINO, STEFANOPONTI, MASSIMOZane, Lorenzo + ADVANCES IN MARINE BIOLOGY - -
Conservation challenges in human dominated seascapes: The harbour and coast of Ravenna 2016 AIROLDI, LAURAPONTI, MASSIMOABBIATI, MARCO REGIONAL STUDIES IN MARINE SCIENCE - -
Between a rock and a hard place: Environmental and engineering considerations when designing coastal defence structures 2014 ABBIATI, MARCOAIROLDI, LAURACECCHERELLI, VICTOR UGO + COASTAL ENGINEERING - -
Caratteristiche dei sedimenti e struttura dei popolamenti bentonici in aree costiere interessate da un intervento di ripascimento con sabbie relitte 2011 Abbiati M.Airoldi L. + STUDI COSTIERI - -
SPATIAL AND TEMPORAL VARIATION OF ASSEMBLAGES IN MEDITERRANEAN CORALLIGENOUS REEFS 2009 ABBIATI M.AIROLDI L.PONTI M. + - - First Mediterranean Symposium on Coralligenous conservation and other calcareous bio-concretions.
Lower genetic diversity of populations of the limpet Patella caerulea on urban coastal structures as compared to natural rocky habitats 2009 Airoldi LAbbiati M. + MARINE BIOLOGY - -
BIODIVADR - Studio a scala regionale dell’impatto dell’attività estrattiva off-shore sulla biodiversità dei popolamenti macrobentonici dell’alto Adriatico 2008 L. AIROLDIM. ABBIATI. + BIOLOGIA MARINA MEDITERRANEA - -
Background knowledge and tools for prediction of ecological impacts 2007 Abbiati M.Airoldi L.Ceccherelli V.U. + - - Environmental design guidelines for low crested coastal defence structures
A multi-scale impact assessment of effects of north-western Adriatic gas fields on marine macrobenthos - BIODIVADR. 2007 2007 ABBIATI M.AIROLDI L. + - - CD ROM - ON LINE http://www.omc.it/index.php?id=5&L=0
Effects of beach nourishments on sediments and benthic assemblages 2007 ABBIATI, MARCOAIROLDI, LAURA + MARINE POLLUTION BULLETIN - -
Development of reproductive structures in the introduced green alga, Codium fragile ssp. tomentosoides, in the northern Adriatic sea 2007 ABBIATI, MARCOAIROLDI, LAURA + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PHYCOLOGY - -
The colonisation of human-made structures by the invasive alga Codium fragile ssp. tomentosoides in the north Adriatic Sea (NE Mediterranean) 2006 ABBIATI, MARCOAIROLDI, LAURA + HYDROBIOLOGIA - -
Positive effects of the introduced green alga, Codium fragile ssp. tomentosoides, on recruitment and survival of mussels 2006 AIROLDI, LAURAABBIATI, MARCO + MARINE BIOLOGY - -
Spatial and temporal variations of assemblages in a Mediterranean coralligenous reef and relationships with surface orientation 2006 AIROLDI, LAURAABBIATI, MARCO + CORAL REEFS - -
An ecological perspective on the deployment and design of low- crested and other hard coastal defence structures 2005 AIROLDI, LAURAABBIATI, MARCO + COASTAL ENGINEERING - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 22
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