Distribuzione geografica
Continente #
NA - Nord America 5.128
EU - Europa 1.210
AS - Asia 530
SA - Sud America 58
OC - Oceania 23
Continente sconosciuto - Info sul continente non disponibili 5
AF - Africa 3
Totale 6.957
Nazione #
US - Stati Uniti d'America 5.094
IT - Italia 670
CN - Cina 363
DE - Germania 97
FI - Finlandia 96
GB - Regno Unito 74
VN - Vietnam 55
UA - Ucraina 52
BR - Brasile 48
NL - Olanda 39
SG - Singapore 39
SE - Svezia 38
CA - Canada 29
RO - Romania 27
FR - Francia 26
IE - Irlanda 18
AU - Australia 15
GR - Grecia 12
TR - Turchia 12
BE - Belgio 9
IN - India 9
KR - Corea 9
PT - Portogallo 9
CH - Svizzera 8
IR - Iran 8
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 8
ES - Italia 7
MY - Malesia 7
SA - Arabia Saudita 6
CL - Cile 5
EU - Europa 5
JP - Giappone 5
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 4
PH - Filippine 4
PL - Polonia 4
TW - Taiwan 4
VE - Venezuela 4
AT - Austria 3
IL - Israele 3
RE - Reunion 3
SI - Slovenia 3
BG - Bulgaria 2
EE - Estonia 2
LT - Lituania 2
MC - Monaco 2
MX - Messico 2
NO - Norvegia 2
PR - Porto Rico 2
QA - Qatar 2
TH - Thailandia 2
CO - Colombia 1
GT - Guatemala 1
HK - Hong Kong 1
LU - Lussemburgo 1
PK - Pakistan 1
RS - Serbia 1
RU - Federazione Russa 1
SM - San Marino 1
Totale 6.957
Città #
Fairfield 931
Woodbridge 626
Houston 394
Ashburn 392
Seattle 333
Chandler 305
Ann Arbor 304
Cambridge 284
Wilmington 263
Padova 145
Jacksonville 113
San Diego 109
Des Moines 106
Princeton 103
Beijing 94
Roxbury 83
Medford 81
Guangzhou 71
Rome 62
Dong Ket 55
Helsinki 50
Milan 50
Boardman 37
Nanjing 34
Shanghai 26
Singapore 22
Los Angeles 21
Munich 21
New York 19
Shenyang 18
Varennes 15
Hebei 14
Nanchang 14
Dublin 13
Verona 13
Jiaxing 11
Jinan 9
Tianjin 9
Cagliari 8
Changsha 8
London 8
Palermo 8
Campodarsego 7
Florence 7
Kunming 7
Asolo 6
Bologna 6
Bucharest 6
Dearborn 6
Hounslow 6
Menlo Park 6
Riyadh 6
Cassago Brianza 5
Cercola 5
Haikou 5
Redwood City 5
Saint Leonards-on-Sea 5
Sydney 5
Trapani 5
Turin 5
Vecchiano 5
Venice 5
Zhengzhou 5
Amsterdam 4
Athens 4
Edirne 4
Gwangmyeong 4
Hefei 4
Kharkiv 4
Leawood 4
Limbiate 4
Los Teques 4
Melbourne 4
Modena 4
Newcastle 4
Ningbo 4
Phoenix 4
Pignone 4
Providence 4
Tappahannock 4
Trento 4
Vancouver 4
Viana do Castelo 4
Vicenza 4
Volketswil / Volketswil (Dorf) 4
Adamantina 3
Arcoverde 3
Atlanta 3
Auckland 3
Birmingham 3
Borås 3
Bournemouth 3
Brussels 3
Camparada 3
Christchurch 3
Council Bluffs 3
Curitiba 3
Erfurt 3
Groningen 3
Grumo Appula 3
Totale 5.533
Nome #
Effects of eight weeks of time-restricted feeding (16/8) on basal metabolism, maximal strength, body composition, inflammation, and cardiovascular risk factors in resistance-trained males 244
Effects of high-intensity interval resistance training (HIRT) and pyramidal training (PYT) on some muscle and blood parameters 181
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Do lower limb previous injuries affect balance performance? An observational study in volleyball players 112
It’s a Matter of Mind! Cognitive Functioning Predicts the Athletic Performance in Ultra- Marathon Runners 111
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Differences in electromyographic activity of biceps brachii and brachioradialis while performing three variants of curl 99
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A Review of Countermovement and Squat Jump Testing Methods in the Context of Public Health Examination in Adolescence: Reliability and Feasibility of Current Testing Procedures 89
Different intensities of basketball drills affect jump shot accuracy of expert and junior players 87
Acquisition and analysis of EMG data during special slalom for comparative equipment evaluation 86
Behaviour of an instrumented anthropomorphic dummy during full scale drop tests. 84
Reducing the energy cost of walking in older adults using a passive hip flexion device 82
Short-Term Modifications of Postural Balance Control in Young Healthy Subjects After Moderate Aquatic and Land Treadmill Running 80
High-Intensity Interval Resistance Training (HIRT) influences resting energy expenditure and respiratory ratio in non-dieting individuals 79
Quantification of the user-wheelchair system stability based on the CoP trajectory within the base of support 78
Biomechanical evaluation of impact loads during ski boot kicks against different obstacles 77
Evaluation of muscular emg activity variations wearing ski-mojo on a skiing treadmill 77
Gait analysis before and after achilles tendon surgical suture in a single-subject study: a case report. 77
Evaluation of sprint biomechanics by means of an instrumented training sledge in soccer 76
Acquisition and analysis of emg signals during alpine slalom 76
Physiological and perceptual responses to nordic walking in a natural mountain environment 75
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Sports massage with ozonised oil or non-ozonised oil: Comparative effects on recovery parameters after maximal effort in cyclists 72
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Musculoskeletal simulation of isokinetic exercises: A biomechanical and electromyographical pilot study 71
Training the Vertical Jump to Head the Ball in Soccer 70
Personalized Tests in Paralympic Athletes: Aerobic and Anaerobic Performance Profile of Elite Wheelchair Rugby Players 70
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Time color map and histogram of electromyography (EMG) sample amplitudes: possible tools for global electromyogram analysis by images 69
Mind-muscle connection: effects of verbal instructions on muscle activity during bench press exercise 69
Determinants of Climbing Performance: When Finger Flexor Strength and Endurance Count 69
Neuromuscular taping application in counter movement jump: biomechanical insight in a group of healthy basketball players 68
Dual-tasking effects on static and dynamic postural balance performance: a comparison between endurance and team sport athletes 68
Impact of sedentarism due to the COVID-19 home confinement on neuromuscular, cardiovascular and metabolic health: Physiological and pathophysiological implications and recommendations for physical and nutritional countermeasures 67
Moderate treadmill run worsened static but not dynamic postural stability of healthy individuals 66
The ISEA Winterschool in Sports Engineering: 5 Years of Education and Team Building Experiences 65
Musculoskeletal modeling of isokinetic flexio-extension of the knee: Validation by collection of EMG signals 63
Effect of a passive hip exoskeleton on walking distance in neurological patients 63
Critical velocity in swimmers of different ages 61
Exercising Fasting or Fed to Enhance Fat Loss? Influence of Food Intake on Respiratory Ratio and Excess Postexercise Oxygen Consumption After a Bout of Endurance Training 59
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Rowing on a boat versus rowing on an ergo-meter: A biomechanical and electromyographycal preliminary study 55
Biomechanical comparison of shorts with different pads: An Insight into the Perineum Protection Issue 53
The importance of the technical execution in squat jump and counter movement jump: a biomechanical analysis 52
The Influence of Outdoor Shoe Sole Stiffness on the Metatarsophalangeal Joint Kinematics When Walking and Running in Different Conditions 52
Effects of 6 Weeks of Traditional Resistance Training or High Intensity Interval Resistance Training on Body Composition, Aerobic Power and Strength in Healthy Young Subjects: A Randomized Parallel Trial 52
Analysis of combined EMG and joint angular velocity for the evaluation of eccentric/concentric contraction in skiing 51
Active older dancers have lower C-terminal Agrin fragment concentration, better balance and gait performance than sedentary peers 51
The effect of walking speed and skill levels on elbow flexion and upper limb EMG signals in nordic walking: a pilot study 45
The effect of foot setting on kinematic and kinetic skiing parameters during giant slalom: A single subject study on a Paralympic gold medalist sit skier 45
Stereophotogrammetric Analysis of Pushing Kinematics of Wheelchair Rugby Players on an Inertial Ergometer 42
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Effect of outdoor footwear bending stiffness on metatarsophalangeal joint kinematics, kinetics, and energy balance during level and uphill walking 42
Spatial Distribution And Activity Of The Erector Spinae Muscles In Cyclists With Recent History Of Low Back Pain 41
Different Gymnastic Balls Affect Postural Balance Rather Than Core-Muscle Activation: A Preliminary Study 40
Time-restricted eating effects on performance, immune function, and body composition in elite cyclists: a randomized controlled trial 40
Effect of an Endurance and Strength Mixed Circuit Training on Regional Fat Thickness: The Quest for the “Spot Reduction” 40
Split exercise training: comparison between endurance-resistance protocol, endurance-resistance-endurance protocol e resistance-endurance protocol. 38
Comparison between Indoor Sled Tests on the SkillrunTM Treadmill and Outdoor Field Tests at Increasing Sled Loads 38
Kettlebell Training for Female Ballet Dancers: Effects on Lower Limb Power and Body Balance 38
A single assistive profile applied by a passive hip flexion device can reduce the energy cost of walking in older adults 38
The relationship between clinical tests, ultrasound findings and selected field-based wheelchair skills tests in a cohort of quadriplegic wheelchair rugby athletes: A pilot study 37
Static stretching effect on blood lactate concentration after bike rectangular test. 35
Are Static and Dynamic Postural Balance Assessments Two Sides of the Same Coin? A Cross-Sectional Study in the Older Adults 35
Identification of skiing techniques with a single inertial sensor on the back: preliminary methodological approches 32
Effects of 30 days of ketogenic diet on body composition, muscle strength, muscle area, metabolism, and performance in semi-professional soccer players 29
Age-related alterations in muscle architecture are a signature of sarcopenia: the ultrasound sarcopenia index 29
Effects of three distinct protocols of fitness training on body composition, strength and blood lactate RID E-2069-2011 28
Circuit workout training in the morning or in the evening: effects on body composition and indirect maximum oxygen consumption. 27
Twelve Months of Time-restricted Eating and Resistance Training Improves Inflammatory Markers and Cardiometabolic Risk Factors 22
Influence of Trunk Position during Three Lunge Exercises on Muscular Activation in Trained Women 20
Physical active lifestyle promotes static and dynamic balance performance in young and older adults 13
Comparative Analysis of Steady and Resisted Accelerated Treadmill Running of an Elite Amputee Paralympic Sprinter 12
Neuromuscular Fatigue Affects Calf Muscle Activation Strategies, but Not Dynamic Postural Balance Control in Healthy Young Adults 11
Comparison of indoor drop landing experimental data and 2d forward dynamics musculoskeletal model simulations for early validation 10
Analysis of an Elite Amputee Paralympic Sprinter in Track Running Pilot Tests 9
Center of Pressure Behavior in Response to Unexpected Base of Support Shifting: A New Objective Tool for Dynamic Balance Assessment 7
Effectiveness and therapeutic compliance of digital therapy in shoulder rehabilitation: a randomized controlled trial 6
Different neuromuscular control mechanisms regulate static and dynamic balance: A center-of-pressure analysis in young adults 6
Totale 7.063
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all - tutte 26.645
article - articoli 23.003
book - libri 0
conference - conferenze 0
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other - altro 0
patent - brevetti 0
selected - selezionate 0
volume - volumi 343
Totale 49.991

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2018/2019334 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 191 143
2019/20201.359 152 46 42 140 128 95 124 156 153 160 104 59
2020/20211.107 38 67 97 113 70 65 18 103 173 111 135 117
2021/20221.328 52 163 167 78 55 60 103 93 78 42 150 287
2022/2023888 166 30 27 74 148 137 18 85 114 8 52 29
2023/2024896 30 72 72 62 148 68 70 91 45 155 83 0
Totale 7.080