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NA - Nord America 7.005
EU - Europa 1.200
AS - Asia 580
OC - Oceania 6
Totale 8.791
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US - Stati Uniti d'America 6.865
CN - Cina 420
DE - Germania 323
FI - Finlandia 203
GB - Regno Unito 191
IT - Italia 188
CA - Canada 139
UA - Ucraina 138
SE - Svezia 97
SG - Singapore 64
VN - Vietnam 63
IN - India 16
FR - Francia 15
IE - Irlanda 12
NO - Norvegia 9
NZ - Nuova Zelanda 5
PK - Pakistan 5
PL - Polonia 5
PT - Portogallo 5
AT - Austria 3
ES - Italia 3
NL - Olanda 3
PH - Filippine 3
AU - Australia 1
BG - Bulgaria 1
CH - Svizzera 1
CZ - Repubblica Ceca 1
GR - Grecia 1
HK - Hong Kong 1
IL - Israele 1
IR - Iran 1
JP - Giappone 1
KR - Corea 1
LK - Sri Lanka 1
MX - Messico 1
SA - Arabia Saudita 1
SI - Slovenia 1
TR - Turchia 1
UZ - Uzbekistan 1
Totale 8.791
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Fairfield 836
Woodbridge 771
Jacksonville 720
Chandler 703
Houston 481
Ann Arbor 425
Cambridge 393
Ashburn 387
Wilmington 348
Seattle 278
Munich 195
Princeton 183
Mcallen 151
Montréal 136
Des Moines 132
Beijing 127
Medford 112
Nanjing 99
San Diego 82
Helsinki 77
Boardman 71
Dong Ket 63
Padova 63
Singapore 45
Shenyang 26
Norwalk 25
Nanchang 24
Hebei 22
Falls Church 21
New York 20
Jiaxing 19
Guangzhou 18
Changsha 16
Tianjin 14
Roxbury 12
Shanghai 11
Dublin 10
Ogden 10
London 9
Indiana 8
Redwood City 8
Paris 7
Jinan 6
San Francisco 6
Borås 5
Los Angeles 5
Oslo 5
Washington 5
Haikou 4
Hefei 4
Pinehaven 4
Rockville 4
San Salvo 4
Detroit 3
Giustino 3
Guimarães 3
Hangzhou 3
Hounslow 3
Kharkiv 3
Kilburn 3
Kunming 3
Multan 3
Phoenix 3
Portland 3
Portsmouth 3
Rufina 3
Taiyuan 3
Vicenza 3
Vienna 3
Ansbach 2
Aprilia 2
Birmingham 2
Buffalo 2
Caldogno 2
Campobasso 2
Cebu City 2
Centro 2
Due Carrare 2
Granada 2
Lahore 2
Mestre 2
Napoli 2
New Bedfont 2
Nürnberg 2
Piscina 2
Prescot 2
Romano d'Ezzelino 2
Serra 2
Taizhou 2
Tappahannock 2
Tromsø 2
Trondheim 2
Vasto 2
Venice 2
Verona 2
Yellow Springs 2
Zhengzhou 2
Albufeira 1
Amsterdam 1
Athens 1
Totale 7.317
Nome #
“Characterization, differentiation and cryopreservation of equine peripheral blood derived mesenchymal stem cells (ePB-MSC)” 509
Successful recellularization of human cadaveric tendons with adipose-derived mesenchymal stromal cells 188
Age-dependent variations in the expression of myosin isoforms and myogenic factors during the involution of the proximal sesamoidean ligament of sheep 188
Allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells improve the wound healing process of sheep skin 153
Characterization of the Myostatin Gene in the Gilthead Seabream (Sparus aurata): Sequence, Genomic Structure, and Expression Pattern 141
The natural involution of the sheep proximal sesamoidean ligament is due to depletion of satellite cells and simultaneous proliferation of fibroblasts: Ultrastructural evidence 131
Characterization of fast-twitch and slow-twitch skeletal muscles of calsequestrin 2 (CASQ2)-knock out mice: unexpected adaptive changes of fast-twitch muscles only 120
Expression and identification of 10 sarcomeric MyHC isoforms in human skeletal muscles of different embryological origin. Diversity and similarity in mammalian species 116
Fast fibres in a large animal: fibre types, contractile properties and myosin expression in pig skeletal muscles 115
Allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells improve the wound healing process of sheep skin 114
Canine adipose-derived-mesenchymal stem cells do not lose stem features after a long-term cryopreservation. 112
Cellular localisation of insulin-like growth factor binding protein-2 (IGFBP-2) during development of the marine fish, Sparus aurata 108
A novel second myostatin gene is present in teleost fish 106
Expression of CYP4 and GSTr genes in Venerupis philippinarum exposed to benzo(a)pyrene 102
Cryopreservation does not affect the stem characteristics of multipotent cells isolated from equine peripheral blood. 101
Phenotypic expression of 2b myosin heavy chain isoform: a comparative study among species and different muscles. 101
null 101
Fiber types in canine muscles: myosin isoform expression and functional characterization. 97
Genomic cloning and promoter functional analysis of myostatin-2 in shi drum, Umbrina cirrosa: conservation of muscle-specific promoter activity. 95
Plasma cortisol levels and expression of glucocorticoid receptors and oxidative stress markers in the fish Ombrina boccadoro exposed to transportation 94
Molecular evidence for genetic subdivision of Antarctic krill (Euphausia superba Dana) populations. 93
Successful recellularization of human tendon scaffolds using adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells and collagen gel. 93
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Wound-healing markers after autologous and allogeneic epithelial-like stem cell treatment 90
Wound healing improvement in large animals using an indirect helium plasma treatment 88
Genetic differentiation in a pelagic crustacean (Meganyctiphanes norvegica, Euphausiacea) from the North East Atlantic and the Mediterranean Sea. 87
Cloning and expression of insulin-like growth factors I and II in the shi drum (Umbrina cirrosa) 85
Expression and cellular localization of insulin-like growth factor-II protein and mRNA in Sparus aurata during development 85
Effects of dietary soy isoflavones on estrogenic activity, cortisol level, health and growth in rainbow trout, Oncorhynchus mykiss 85
Expression of eight distinct MHC isoforms in bovine striated muscles: evidence for MHC-2B presence only in extraocular muscles 83
Novel microsatellite loci isolated from the northern krill, Meganyctiphanes norvegica (Crustacea, Euphausiacea) 83
Proteins involved in calcium homeostasis expressed in horse cardiomyocytes 81
In Vivo Applications of Mesenchymal Stem Cells and Platelet-Rich Plasma to Improve Tendon Regeneration in Sheep. 80
Plasma cortisol levels and expression of glucocorticoid receptors and oxidative stress markers in the fish Ombrina boccadoro exposed to transportation 80
A quantitative study on myogenic regulatory factors, Pax7 and Myostatin during postnatal porcine growth 79
Myogenic potential of canine craniofacial satellite cells. 79
The sarcomeric myosin heavy chain gene family in the dog: Analysis of isoform diversity and comparison with other mammalian species 79
A quantitative study on regulatory molecules involved in the postnatal growth of pig. 78
Expression of IGF-II during development of Sparus aurata 77
Masticatory myosin unveiled: first determination of contractile parameters of muscle fibers from carnivore jaw muscles 77
Investigations of the corneal epithelium in Veterinary Medicine: State of the art on corneal stem cells found in different mammalian species and their putative application 77
Characterization of the myostatin gene and a linked microsatellite marker in shi drum (Umbrina cirrosa, Sciaenidae) 76
Overexpression of histidine-rich calcium binding protein in equine ventricular myocardium. 76
MHC-2B gene: RNA and protein expression in bovine skeletal muscles 72
A comparative assessment of the effectiveness of adult stem cell (MSCS) and platenet rich plasma (PRP) applied on tendon lesions: preliminary results. 70
Embryonic chick cocultures of neuronal and muscle cells. 69
Myostatin shows a specific expression pattern in pig skeletal and extraocular muscles during pre- and post-natal growth 68
Neuromuscular Electrical Stimulation Induces Skeletal Muscle Fiber Remodeling and Specific Gene Expression Profile in Healthy Elderly 67
Espressione delle molecole IGF-I e miostatina nel pesce teleosteo Dicentrarchus labrax. 66
Effects of innervation on myoblastic progenitor cells using embryonic chick cocoltures 66
Expression of MHC-2B in skeletal muscles of large mammals (pig and cow) 66
Isolation and characterization of equine peripheral blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells 63
Quantitative RT-PCR analysis and immunohistochemical localization of HSP70 in sea bass Dicentrarchus labrax exposed to transport stress 63
Are dog muscles different in the composition of myosin heavy chain isoforms from farm animals? 60
Productive results, oxidative stress and contaminant markers in european sea bass: Conventional vs. organic feeding 60
Myosin heavy chain isoform (MyHC) expression patternin human extraocular muscles 59
B-casokinin 10 (YGG peptide) modulates proliferation and cytokine expression in bovine peripheral blood lymphocytes. 59
Isolation and characterization of a FTZ-F1-homolog in the gilthead sea bream, Sparus aurata L 58
Plasma treatment of sheep skin woods in veterinary medicine 58
Quali and quantitative mRNA expression of myogenic regulatory factors (mrfs) involved in the postnatal growth of pig 56
Efficacy of conventional versus innovative therapies for treating skin wounds in veterinary medicine 56
In vivo application of autologous Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) and Platelet rich plasma (PRP) in collagenase I experimental lesion. Clinical oucomes at one and four months. 55
Functional and structural characterization of single muscle fibres of the pig 55
Myogenic regulatory factors expressed during postnatal stages of porcine development 55
New muscular models to study molecular mechanisms involved in sarcopenia: extraocular and interosseous muscles of sheep. 55
Characterization, differentiation and cryopreservation of equine peripheral blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells (ePB-MSC) 54
Molecular zoogeography of Antarctic marine organism: from species phylogenies to intra-specific patterns of genetic variation 53
Myosin heavy chain composition and functional characterization of fast and slow muscle fibres of the pig. 53
Expression and cellular localization of HSP70 in sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax) subjected to transport stress. 51
HSP mRNA expression in response to acute stress conditions in Dicentrarchus labrax 50
RealTimePCR investigations of MyHCs and myogenic factors in muscle remodeling induced by electrostimulation in young and elderly subjects. 50
Nerve and muscle interactions in embryonic chick cocoltures 50
Expression of myogenic regulatory factors during post-natal growth of pig 50
Myostatin gene characterization in Sparus aurata and Umbrina cirrosa 49
Espressione della catena pesante della miosina di tipo 2B nel muscolo scheletrico di bovino 47
Could cold plasma act synergistically with allogeneic mesenchymal stem cells to improve wound skin regeneration in a large size animal model? 47
Veterinary requirements for stem cell therapy studies of efficacy procedure to assure stem cells vitality during cryopreservation and shipment 46
Temperature effects on contractile parameters of feline muscle fibres. 46
Myosin Heavy Chain adult isoforms expression in different skeletal muscles of cattle. 46
Caratterizzazione del gene GDF-8 in Sparus aurata e Umbrina cirrosa 46
Myogenic Regulatory Factors Expressed During Postnatal Hy- perplastic Growth in Porcine Muscles 46
Epigenetic signature during differentiation of presomitic satellite cells 46
Expression of myosin heavy chain isoforms in laryngeal muscles in comparison with skeletal and special muscles 46
Biomimetic innovative application for tendon and skin regenerative medicine. 44
Insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I) and myostatin expression in the teleost fish Dicentrarchus labrax. 43
The effect of senescence and cryopreservation on adipose-derived mesenchymal stem cells. 43
Myosin Heavy Chain 2B isoform is expressed in specialized eye muscles but not in trunk and limb muscles of cattle 43
Identification of eight myosin heavy chain isoforms in human skeletal muscles. 43
Cryopreservation of equine peripheral blood-derived mesenchymal stem cells (ePB-MSC) for therapeutic application. 42
HSP mRNA expression in response to acute stress conditions in Dicentrarchus labrax 41
Epithelial-like stem cells isolated from equine epidermis show regenerative capacities in vitro and in vivo. 41
MHCs gene cluster organization and their mRNA expression in dog skeletal muscles 40
Expression analysis of ten myosin heavy chain isoforms in human extraocular muscles 40
Human skeletal muscle adaptations to neuromuscolar electrical stimulation training: a proteomic analysis 38
Relative expression of human myosin heavy chain isoforms by Real Time PCR in different muscles 38
Treating skin wounds in Veterinary Medicine: conventional versus innovative therapies 38
Isolating genes of potential interest for aquaculture: some caveat from a comparative study 37
Contractile properties of different types of dog muscle fibres. 37
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2020/20211.256 34 96 46 123 34 109 41 124 189 163 174 123
2021/20221.396 49 272 114 80 46 82 64 116 58 30 134 351
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