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È possibile migliorare i test antigenici rapidi Covid-19? Considerazioni da un'esperienza padovana 2022 MUSACCHIO, EstellaSARTORI, LeonardoRANDI, Maria L. + LA RIVISTA ITALIANA DELLA MEDICINA DI LABORATORIO - -
Extremely Old Patients Hospitalized in Internal Medicine: What about Their Anemia? 2021 Randi M. L.Bertozzi I.Lucente F.Biagetti G.Fabris F. + MEDITERRANEAN JOURNAL OF HEMATOLOGY AND INFECTIOUS DISEASES - -
Clinical effect of CALR allele burden in patients with essential thrombocythemia 2021 Bertozzi I.Biagetti G.Vezzaro T.Barzon I.Carraro M.Fabris F.Randi M. L. ANNALS OF HEMATOLOGY - -
Association of Platelet Thromboxane Inhibition by Low-Dose Aspirin With Platelet Count and Cytoreductive Therapy in Essential Thrombocythemia 2021 Randi M. L.Bertozzi I. + CLINICAL PHARMACOLOGY & THERAPEUTICS - -
Essential thrombocythemia in children and adolescents 2021 Bertozzi I.Randi M. L. + CANCERS - -
Splanchnic vein thromboses associated with myeloproliferative neoplasms: An international, retrospective study on 518 cases 2020 Randi M. L.Santarossa C. + AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HEMATOLOGY - -
A randomized, double-blind trial of three aspirin regimens to optimize antiplatelet therapy in essential thrombocythemia 2020 Randi, Maria LBertozzi, Irene + BLOOD - -
Prevalence and Causes of Anemia in Hospitalized Patients: Impact on Diseases Outcome 2020 Randi, Maria LuigiaBertozzi, IreneCosi, ElisabettaFabris, Fabrizio + JOURNAL OF CLINICAL MEDICINE - -
New data on FII, FV, FIX and thrombomodulin defects: blood keeps clotting in normal and in peculiar ways 2019 Girolami, AntonioFerrari, SilviaRandi, Maria Luigia + HEMATOLOGY - -
The Dysprothrombinemias due to Arg596 Mutations: A Conundrum With No Bleeding Tendency and Venous Thrombosis due to Antithrombin Resistance 2019 Girolami A.Ferrari S.Cosi E.Randi M. L. CLINICAL AND APPLIED THROMBOSIS-HEMOSTASIS - -
Thrombotic events in severe FXII deficiency in comparison with unaffected family members during a long observation period 2019 Girolami, AntonioFerrari, SilviaCosi, ElisabettaRandi, Maria Luigia + JOURNAL OF THROMBOSIS AND THROMBOLYSIS - -
Thrombotic events in homozygotes with a proven or highly probable Arg304Gln Factor VII mutation (FVII Padua) 1): only limited replacement therapy is needed in case of surgery 2019 Girolami, AntonioCosi, ElisabettaFerrari, SilviaRandi, Maria Luigia + CARDIOVASCULAR & HAEMATOLOGICAL DISORDERS - DRUG TARGETS - -
Contemporary management of essential thrombocythemia in children 2019 Randi, Maria LuigiaBertozzi, Irene + EXPERT REVIEW OF HEMATOLOGY - -
Systemic mastocytosis and essential thrombocythemia: Case report and literature overview 2019 Cancian M.Cosi E.Pizzi M.Giannini S.Bertozzi I.Fabris F.Randi M. L. MEDICINA - -
Heterozygous FXII deficiency is not associated with an increased incidence of thrombotic events: Results of a long term study 2019 Girolami, AntonioFerrari, SilviaCosi, ElisabettaRandi, Maria Luigia BLOOD CELLS, MOLECULES, & DISEASES - -
Genetic analysis of erythrocytosis reveals possible causative and modifier gene mutations 2019 Lombardi, Anna MCosi, ElisabettaBiagetti, GiacomoRandi, Maria L + BRITISH JOURNAL OF HAEMATOLOGY - -
Pregnancy oucotcome and management of 25 pregnancies in women with polycythemia vera 2018 Bertozzi, IreneFabris, FabrizioRandi, Maria Luigia + AMERICAN JOURNAL OF HEMATOLOGY - -
The Aspirin Regimens in Essential Thrombocythemia (ARES) phase II randomized trial design: Implementation of the serum thromboxane B2assay as an evaluation tool of different aspirin dosing regimens in the clinical setting 2018 Bertozzi, IreneRandi, Maria Luigia + BLOOD CANCER JOURNAL - -
Benefit-risk profile of cytoreductive drugs along with antiplatelet and antithrombotic therapy after transient ischemic attack or ischemic stroke in myeloproliferative neoplasms 2018 Randi, Maria LuigiaBertozzi, Irene + BLOOD CANCER JOURNAL - -
Vitamin K-Dependent Coagulation Factors That May be Responsible for Both Bleeding and Thrombosis (FII, FVII, and FIX) 2018 Girolami, AntonioFerrari, SilviaCosi, ElisabettaSantarossa, ClaudiaRandi, Maria Luigia CLINICAL AND APPLIED THROMBOSIS-HEMOSTASIS - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 221
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