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Designing Studies and Evaluating Research Results: Type M and Type S Errors for Pearson Correlation Coefficient 2022 Zandonella Callegher, ClaudioAltoè, Gianmarco + Meta-Psychology - -
Error 2022 Pastore, MassimilianoCalcagnì, AntonioAltoè, Gianmarco - - The Palgrave Encyclopedia of the Possible
Stereotype threat effects on Italian girls' mathematics performance: A failure to replicate 2021 Agnoli, FrancaMelchiorre, FrancescaZandonella Callegher, ClaudioAltoè, Gianmarco DEVELOPMENTAL PSYCHOLOGY - -
Heterogenity and factorial structure in Alzheimer’s Disease: a cognitive perspective. 2021 Andrea ZangrossiGianmarco AltoèSara Mondini + JOURNAL OF ALZHEIMER'S DISEASE - -
PRDA: An R package for Prospective and Retrospective Design Analysis 2021 Callegher, ClaudioBertoldo, GiuliaToffalini, EnricoVesely, AnnaAndreella, AngelaPastore, MassimilianoAltoè, Gianmarco JOURNAL OF OPEN SOURCE SOFTWARE - -
The Role of Raters Threshold in Estimating Interrater Agreement 2021 Nucci M.Spoto A.Altoe G.Pastore M. PSYCHOLOGICAL METHODS - -
Psychological adaptation among second-generation Moroccan adolescents: associations with sense of community and country of residence 2020 Moscardino U.Altoe G. + JOURNAL OF YOUTH STUDIES - -
PRDA: Conduct a Prospective or Retrospective Design Analysis 2020 Claudio Zandonella CallegherMassimiliano PastoreAngela AndreellaAnna VeselyEnrico ToffaliniGiulia BertoldoGianmarco Altoè - - -
Can mentoring promote self-esteem and school connectedness? An evaluation of the mentor-up project 2020 Marino C.Santinello M.Lenzi M.Gaboardi M.Calcagni A.Altoe G. + INTERVENCIÓN PSICOSOCIAL - -
Measuring Test Anxiety in Primary and Middle School Children: Psychometric Evaluation of the Test Anxiety Questionnaire for Children (TAQ-C) 2020 Marci T.Altoe G.Mammarella I. C. + EUROPEAN JOURNAL OF PSYCHOLOGICAL ASSESSMENT - -
Proprioceptive accuracy in Immersive Virtual Reality: A developmental perspective 2020 VALORI, IRENEZANDONELLA CALLEGHER, CLAUDIOAltoè, GianmarcoFarroni, Teresa + PLOS ONE - -
Data and supplemental material of the paper “Effectiveness of digital-based interventions for children with mathematical learning difficulties: A meta-analysis” 2020 Zandonella Callegher C.Altoe G. DATA IN BRIEF - -
Effectiveness of digital-based interventions for children with mathematical learning difficulties: A meta-analysis 2020 Benavides Varela S.Zandonella Callegher C.Leo I.Altoe G.Lucangeli D. + COMPUTERS & EDUCATION - -
Enjoyment, anxiety and boredom, and their control-value antecedents as predictors of reading comprehension 2020 Sonia ZaccolettiGianmarco AltoèLucia Mason LEARNING AND INDIVIDUAL DIFFERENCES - -
Incorporating Expert Knowledge in Structural Equation Models: Applications in Psychological Research 2020 Gianmarco AltoèClaudio ZandonellaEnrico ToffaliniMassimiliano Pastore - - Book of short papers - SIS 2020
Using Harter and Likert Response Formats in Middle Childhood: A Comparison of Attachment Measures 2020 Marci, TatianaMoscardino, UghettaLIONETTI, FRANCESCAAltoé, Gianmarco + ASSESSMENT - -
False memory for pictorial scripted material: the role of distinctiveness and negative emotion 2020 Toffalini E.Mirandola C.Altoe G. + COGNITION & EMOTION - -
Enhancing Statistical Inference in Psychological Research via Prospective and Retrospective Design Analysis 2020 Altoè, GianmarcoBERTOLDO, GIULIAZandonella Callegher, ClaudioToffalini, EnricoCalcagnì, AntonioFinos, LivioPastore, Massimiliano FRONTIERS IN PSYCHOLOGY - -
ssMousetrack—Analysing Computerized Tracking Data via Bayesian State-Space Models in R 2020 Calcagnì, AntonioPastore, MassimilianoAltoé, Gianmarco MATHEMATICAL AND COMPUTATIONAL APPLICATIONS - -
The brief Experiences in Close Relationships Scale - Revised Child version (ECR-RC). Factor structure and invariance across middle childhood and early adolescence 2019 Marci, TatianaMoscardino, UghettaAltoè, Gianmarco INTERNATIONAL JOURNAL OF BEHAVIORAL DEVELOPMENT - -
Mostrati risultati da 1 a 20 di 142
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