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Nome #
Analysis of the role of current in the degradation of InGaN-based laser diodes 145
Degradation of InGaN-based laser diodes analyzed by means of electrical and optical measurements 135
Study and development of a fluorescence based sensor system for monitoring oxygen in wine production: The WOW project 135
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Reliability analysis of InGaN Blu-Ray laser diode 126
Variations in junction capacitance and doping activation associated with electrical stress of InGaN/GaN laser diodes 125
Leakage current and reverse-bias luminescence in InGaN-based light-emitting diodes 124
Adaptive multi-wavelength LED star simulator for space life studies 123
Analysis of the Diffusion Involved in the Degradation of InGaN-Based Laser Diodes 120
Effects and exploitation of tunable white light for circadian rhythm and human-centric lighting 117
Extensive analysis of the degradation of blu-ray laser diodes 115
A Review on the Reliability of GaN-based Laser Diodes 115
A combined electro-optical method for the determination of the recombination parameters in InGaN-based light-emitting diodes 111
Defects in GaN-based LEDs: Impact on internal quantum efficiency and on reliability 111
"Hot-plugging" of LED modules: Electrical characterization and device degradation 109
Reliability of deep-UV light-emitting diodes 104
Recoverable degradation of blue InGaN-based light emitting diodes submitted to 3MeV proton irradiation 104
Extensive analysis of the degradation of phosphor-converted LEDs 103
Electroluminescence Analysis and Simulation of the Effects of Injection and Temperature on Carrier Distribution in InGaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes with Color-Coded Quantum Wells 100
Reliability evaluation for Blu-Ray laser diodes 95
Aging behavior, reliability, and failure physics of GaN-based optoelectronic components 94
Laser-based lighting: Experimental analysis and perspectives 92
GaN-based LEDs: State of the art and reliability-limiting mechanisms 90
Recent results on the physical origin of the degradation of GaN-based LEDs and lasers 89
Thermal, optical, and electrical engineering of an innovative tunable white LED light engine 89
Control software for the Multi-Channel Led starlight simulator 89
Analysis of the role of current in the degradation of InGaN-based laser diodes 88
Degradation of InGaN lasers: Role of non-radiative recombination and injection efficiency 88
Degradation of InGaN/GaN laser diodes investigated by micro-cathodoluminescence and micro-photoluminescence 87
GaN HEMTs with p-GaN gate: Field-And time-dependent degradation 86
Thermally activated degradation and package instabilities of low power PC-LEDs 85
Analysis of the Role of Current, Temperature, and Optical Power in the Degradation of InGaN-Based Laser Diodes 85
Investigation of the time-dependent failure of InGaN-based LEDs submitted to reverse-bias stress 85
Defect-related degradation of III-V/Silicon 1.55 μm DBR laser diodes 85
Degradation mechanisms of high-power white LEDs activated by current and temperature 84
Chip and package-related degradation of high power white LEDs 84
Innovative methodology for testing the reliability of LED based systems 84
Degradation of InGaN-Based Laser Diodes Related to Nonradiative Recombination 84
White-light sources based on GaN laser diodes: Analysis and application study 84
Investigation of the deep level involved in InGaN laser degradation by deep level transient spectroscopy 84
Thermally-activated degradation of InGaN-based laser diodes: Effect on threshold current and forward voltage 83
Reliability of InGaN-based LEDs submitted to reverse-bias stress 83
Ageing mechanisms of 420nm GaN HBLED 82
Analysis of Defect-Related Localized Emission Processes in InGaN/GaN-Based LEDs 82
Challenges towards the simulation of GaN-based LEDs beyond the semiclassical framework 81
Degradation of InGaN-based laser diodes due to increased non-radiative recombination rate 80
Combined Optical And Electrical Analysis of AlGaN-Based Deep-UV LEDs Reliability 79
Analysis of Diffusion-Related Gradual Degradation of InGaN-Based Laser Diodes 78
Reliability evaluation for Blu-Ray laser diodes 75
Challenges for highly reliable GaN-based LEDs 74
Near-UV LED-based systems for low-cost and compact oxygen-sensing systems in gas and liquids 72
Degradation Mechanisms of High Power LEDs for Lighting Applications: an overview 71
ESD on GaN-based LEDs: An analysis based on dynamic electroluminescence measurements and current waveforms 69
Thermal droop in InGaN-based LEDs: Physical origin and dependence on material properties 68
ESD degradation and robustness of RGB LEDs and modules: An investigation based on combined electrical and optical measurements 66
The 2018 GaN power electronics roadmap 66
Role of non-radiative recombination in the degradation of InGaN-based laser diodes 65
Thermally Activated Degradation of Remote Phosphors for Application in LED Lighting 65
Phosphors for LED-based light sources: Thermal properties and reliability issues 63
Electro-thermally Activated Degradation of Blu-Ray GaN-based Laser Diodes 62
Analysis of the deep level responsible for the degradation of InGaN-based laser diodes by DLTS 62
Current induced degradation study on state of the art DUV LEDs 62
Microscopic-scale investigation of the degradation of InGaN-based laser diodes submitted to electrical stress 61
Failures of LEDs in Real-World Applications: A Review 61
Atmospheres in a Test Tube: state of the art at the Astronomical Observatory of Padova. 60
Changes in the Mg profile and in dislocations induced by high temperature annealing of blue LEDsGallium Nitride Materials and Devices VIII 58
Reliability of High Power LEDs: from gradual to catastrophic failure 57
Reliability issues in GaN-based light-emitting diodes: Effect of dc and PWM stress 56
Efficiency and Catastrophic Failure of High-Power Blue GaN LEDs During Extremely High Temperature and Current Stress 56
Effects of Electro-Thermal stress on AlGaN deep-ultraviolet LEDs 55
Degradation analysis of Violet high power LEDs 53
Identification of the deep level involved in InGaN-laser degradation by means of Deep-Level Transient Spectroscopy 53
Degradation of InGaN-Based Leds Induced by Reverse Bias Stress 52
Analysis of the physical mechanisms responsible for leakage current and reverse-bias luminescence in green LEDs 52
Reliability oriented design of LED-based light sources 52
Characterization and endurance study of aluminate/silicate/garnet/nitride phosphors for high-performance SSLLight-Emitting Diodes: Materials, Devices, and Applications for Solid State Lighting XVII 51
Degradation processes of 280 nm high power DUV LEDs: Impact on parasitic luminescence 49
SSL Solutions for Human Centric Lighting 48
Analysis and design of extreme intensity irradiation devices for research applications 48
Photodynamic Therapy by Diaryl-Porphyrins to Control the Growth of Candida albicans 47
Electroluminescence analysis and simulation of the effects of injection and temperature on carrier distribution in InGaN-based LEDs with color-coded quantum wells 45
The role of operating conditions in the chip-level degradation of white LEDs 43
A combined µ-Cathodoluminescence and µ-Photoluminescence Investigation of the Degradation of InGaN/GaN Laser Diodes 41
New Findings in the Degradation of InGaN Green Laser Diodes: Results of Combined Stress Tests and Quantitative CL measurements 41
Analysis of the degradation of AlGaN-based deep-ultraviolet LEDs 41
Generation of defects and thermal recovery of blue InGaN-based LEDs after proton irradiation 39
Electrical overstress robustness of latest generation LEDs for general lighting 38
Study of the degradation of Deep-UV LEDs by, “Electroluminescence and Photocurrent Spectroscopy Measurements 37
Extensive Study Of Luminescence Processes Related To Localized Defects In InGaN-Based Light Emitting Diodes 37
Design of tunable white LED systems to improve physical and emotional wellness 37
Influence of CdTe solar cell properties on stability at high temperatures 37
Full Optical Contactless Thermometry Based on LED Photoluminescence 37
Improved InGaN LED extraction efficiency by means of rough ZnO transparent contacts 35
Degradation mechanisms of high power LEDs 35
Mechanisms Limiting the Performance and the Reliability of White LEDs 35
Degradation of InGaN-based laser diodes due to increasednon-radiative recombination 35
Inactivating SARS-CoV-2 Using 275 nm UV-C LEDs through a Spherical Irradiation Box: Design, Characterization and Validation 35
High-Power LEDs for Solid-State Lighting: Reliability Issues and Degradation Modes 34
Thermal-activated degradation mechanism on Phosphor-Converted Light Emitting Diode 34
A multiwavelength model to improve microalgal productivity and energetic conversion in a red-blue light emitting diodes (LEDs) continuous photobioreactor 33
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